Impossible Man is a powerful alien being from a distant solar system. He traveled to Earth being pursued by the Chitauri but was saved by the Future Foundation. Currently, he acts as a member of SHIELD, specializing in help against extraterrestrial threats.

Powers & Abilities

  • Telekinesis - Impossible Man can levitate objects with his mind
  • Flight - Impossible Man can fly
  • Teleportation - Impossible Man can teleport from one area to another
  • Explosions - Impossible Man can generate powerful explosions
  • Fluent in Every Language, Earthly or Other - Impossible Man can speak every existing language in the universe
  • Immortality - Impossible Man has a natural lifespan of infinity
  • Regeneration - Impossible Man can heal from injuries and regenerate severed body parts
  • Super Breathing - Impossible Man can breathe in space, underwater, or in any other harmful environment
  • Immunity to All Diseases - Impossible Man is naturally immune to any disease or poison
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