Illyana Rasputin, a.k.a. Magik, is a member of the popular mutant team X-Force, named after the controversial and mysterious X-Men. She was born in Russia, but when she was still an infant her family moved to New York to avoid anti-mutant protestors in Russia. After a brief period as a student of famous sorcerer Dr. Strange, she was able to better control her mutant powers. Her twin brother, Peter, has been mentioned a few times and is set to appear sometime soon.

Powers & Abilities

  • Magic - Illyana was born with a strange connection to the supernatural. Several paranormal happenings occurred everywhere she went, and her parents soon discovered that she was actually a mutant with the ability to cause and manipulate paranormal and supernatural activity.
    • Illusion Creation - Illyana can cause people to see things that aren't really there.
    • Precognition - Illyana has sudden and uncontrollable visions of the future.
    • Communication with the Dead - Illyana can see and communicate with the spirits of deceased people or animals.
    • Portal Creation - Illyana can open portals that she can send herself and others through.
    • Luck - Illyana can alter the luck of herself or others for better or worse.
    • Communication with Animals - Illyana can hear the thoughts of animals and any other nonhuman creatures.
    • Resurrection from Death - Whenever Illyana is killed she can resurrect herself, but still keeps any visible damage she gained during her death.
    • Empathy - Illyana can manipulate the emotions of others.
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