Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina (Earth-00157)
Magik by teemujuhani.jpg
Real Name Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina
Current Alias Balthazar
Alias(es) Illyana Rasputin, Darkchylde, Magik, Darkchild, Hex, Darkchilde, Sorcerer Supreme, Archimage, Daemon, Little Snowflake, Lightchylde, Red Flag #133, Daemon, Phoenix, Marauder, Ghost Rider, Remnant, Scientist Supreme, Little Survivor, Daemon Rider, Dracolich, Erudi-Conjurer Supreme, The Rider, Empress, Hellrazer, Grave Trader, The Unmade, Dirge, Unalive, Nonmade
Affiliation Neo Exiles
Alignment Neutral
Universe Earth-00157 (Formerly)
Gender Female
Height 7 ft. 3 in.
Weight 136 lbs.
Eyes Blue (Illyana); Yellow rimmed with Red (Darkchilde)
Hair Blonde




Homo Superior Physiology: Due to possessing the X-Gene, Ms. Rasputina has access to vast superhuman power potential which has since been unlocked within her at an early age. Finding out early on about being of a human offshoot known as Homo Superior as with her two older brother's, Illyana learned she withheld a vastly undiscovered capacity only dreamt of by the common man. Many in her family; both in her familial house and surrogate amongst the New Mutant's and the Xavier Institute, could sense she radiated with endless possibility in how and/or what way her abilities could pertain as well as manifest as.

  • Stepping Discs: Balthazar's primary post human skill relies upon the psionic capacity of crating and controlling trans-reality warps she calls her "stepping discs", which enable the spontaneous transport across universal or trans-reality expanses via an act of conscious thought. The discs are part of a dimension known as Limbo, one of nine known hell dimensions specifically owned by it's former demon lord and Illyana's old mentor in the dark arts; Balesco. Alternatively known as "Demonic Limbo", "Limbo-Belasco", or "Otherplace"; through which she normally uses as a way-point hub for whenever she wishes teleport to an alternate location be it across worlds and/or time. Illyana's Stepping Disc's are not predetermined to travel through Limbo however, as she has learned to mentally shift the in-between station to any given domain under her control if she so chooses. Realizing that it was not because of genetic predestination that drew her to Limbo when her mutant power first manifested. But because she had been spirited there as a child that she was instinctively drawn to said alternate dimension as a warp point ever since. Magik can easily transport herself & others unilaterally or remotely from intercontinental, interplanetary, intergalactic and even inter-dimensional distances if she so chooses. As is evident by how she can use Limbo, in conjunction with the sophisticated Korbinite technologies working in congruence with her techno-mystical artifacts, while on her personal ship Skuttlebutt; to mentally scan entry/exit points in and out of her private domains in order to locate whoever, wherever or whatever it is she wishes to teleport from home base down to, on other worlds. An eternity of traversing between existences both of and beyond the living plane on top of zipping in and out of eras upon eras have elevated Illyana's warping abilities to Omega-Level and potentially Beyond Omega level status, allowing for her to effect the ouranochronal pan-dimensional physics on a cosmological to quasiversal scale.
    • Space/Time Manipulation: Spending a couple of centuries honing her special abilities to the point she can freely harness and manipulate ouranochronic displacement to control, distort or bend the space-time continuum. The otherwise named fabrics of reality in which everything exists in and serves as the boundary of totality. Either separating different continuuities and timelines along with keeping them flowing properly; based on the general relativity, "manipulation of space" is synonymous with "manipulation of time", due to space and time existing as a single continuum. Through her Stepping Discs combined with control over the various infernal as well as paradisiac afterlives', Balthezar can use this fundamentally predominant effect to alter the very fabrics of reality itself, allowing her to erase existences and not just the flow of time, but also reorganize, alter and delete historical events. Initially, she had great difficulty harnessing, let alone modulating, this aspect of her powers and would often inadvertently travel through to alternate timelines and parallel universes by accident whilst only intending to teleport to a specified place and/or point in time. Magik had been told by a great many individuals that she had the potential for great feats of manipulating such constructs on a wider scale. Having spent an eon or two mastering this facet of her abilities, she possesses still a greater underlying capability to commandeer the very outline which defines set realities.
    • Meta Army Manipulation: Over the millennia Ms. Rasputina has been stalking various civilizations across the Multiverse from the beginning of time & back, she has accumulated a vast army from all across infinity & beyond ranging from man based world governments to sentient genius loci's. Either being able to command the condemned souls of the varied nine hells she had integrated into her dominion collective, myriad warrior souls pertaining to the heavenly hosts of certain sacred realms, a plethora of subsumed symbiote hosts converted into poisons through her poisoned primordial symbiote on top of having a sizable menagerie of consumed and deviated alt. timelines & parallel universes withheld in her Purgatori Force. Illyana can create, summon, or otherwise gain control to/over any/all armies, be they real, fictional or imaginary, abstract/cosmic/transcendent beings/entities, gods, demons, the living, the dead, undead, spirits, immortals, amortals, beings with control immunity/negation, and/or even armies from other series/verses outside of the users own, etc; Through such power bestowed upon her both through the Purgatori Force and her title as the Erudi-Conjurer Supreme, control over such forces, no matter how omnipotent, go unchallenged. Her skill in such an ability is such that Grave Trader can outright usurp control over the armies that are or were created and controlled by other powerful figures such as Thanos, Annihilus, The Brood, Badoon and the like with almost frightening ease.
    • Weapon Arsenal: Magik's many years roaming universe after universe collecting a sizable arsenal of battlements from a trillion trillion different worlds on several hundred thousands of parallel Earths, has created a veritable stockpile of colorful armaments stemming from mundane to biblical in proportion. Battlements of which she can summon and manipulate in a 4-D telekinetic fashion, expertly selecting any item or armament of interest for use taking and arming herself with the right one of which at the right time. Having cataloged, studied and properly named each munition in her inventory; with decades measured in picoseconds she was able to familiarize herself with each and every singular one of which in order to instinctively understand their function and capability. Allowing for their handler to know by heart which utensil of death does what and be bound to have something that fits best for the job at hand. Each and every offensive battery can range both in size and complexity in it's usage; many of which are about as substandard as a simple sharpened rock or a web shooter to as theologically compromising as Nova Force helms to the Ultimate Nullifier. Through enchantments and scientific prowess, Illyana can just as easily freely modify each and every one of these pieces of deadly killing equipment on a meta-conceptual level. Giving even the most mundane of items amongst her sizable arsenal enough power to level stars & planets with ease.
    • Trans-Realm Clairvoyance: Combining the abilities of her Stepping Discs with the navigational systems and vast reaching symbiotic extrusion of the Grendel bonded Skuttlebutt, working in conjunction with the dimensional scrying properties of the Orb of Agamotto. Magik can use her powers to peer beyond the quasi-temporal veil of other times, dimensions, and physical planes in order to view worlds beyond worlds as she travels the infinite corridor of possibility. Such a faculty virtually makes Ms. Rasputina omniscient, as she is made out to be "the repository of the knowledge of humanity, the living index of every hard earned scrap of information gleaned in our ascent from mindless savagery."

Weapon Proficiency Touch: Be it through a combination of her years of fighting and ending realities teemed by humans across infinity and beyond, her mystical abilities giving her mastery of most every combat and weapon form she lays hands on or her assimilation of a host of genetic codices of various individuals using her Hive/Grendel unison amalgem. Magik is able to turn objects/beings/things/weapons or just about anything and everything into a usable, durable and advanced personal weapon for combat. Be it for any defense, offense, support on top of an endless list of fighting purposes imaginable. Whatever it is that she touches (in the case of objects and things without powers and those beings without abilities), instantly gains an extraordinary skill, ability or enhancement for conflict and battle.

Symbiosis: Through her natural connection to her soul forged Aeon Blade, Balthezar is able to host both the All-Black and Grendel symbiotes even while they exist outside her body. Generally granting her all the natural augmentations and enhancement abilities a Klyntar naturally gives its host. Through this aspect, Illyana can physically, mentally and emotionally bond with multiple beings/entities or really any form of life in order to increase both her power and the sprawling collective of useful affiliates under her command as well. Said entities she can bring into the fold ranges from mere animals to purely mythological creatures like angels or demons.

Erudi-Conjurer Supreme: Having studied under the greatest of mystics across the infinite realms as well as assimilating the souls of a great many brightest minds across 17 galaxies has gifted Illyana not only the moniker of Sorceress Supreme of her native hell plane; or the Earth dimension which it rotates around. But has bestowed upon her a vast encyclopedic knowledge of the myriad sciences both from her birth planet of Earth and about a quadrillion other expansive study subjects ranged along various practices of science, magic, physics, healing, spell craft, robotics, biotech and the like across the endless stars.

  • Transcendent Superhuman/Cambion Mage physiology: Balthazar is one of the the most powerful Sorceress's in the ever changing history of the multiverse. The extent her ability as a mystic is such that all-powerful beings such as Dormammu, Chthon and The First Firmament greatly fear her prowess and capability. The great many demon lords of all the hellscape dimensions she conquered, as well as the heavenly realms Ilyanna entered multiple contracts with; did not dare challenge her out of fear of her almighty power. Magik had access to Belasco's store of mystical knowledge. Magik's sorcery was a unique mix of black magic, that she learned from Belasco, and white magic, taught by an alt. reality Ororo Munroe. Coupled in quantum magic she'd learned from a prior incarnation of Adam Warlock as well as rune magics of Thor Odinson of Asgard. Her skill in magecraft and underlying raw talent made utilizing the Eye of Agamotto child's play after years of study under Dr. Strange to perfect her mastery of using it.
    • Claws/Fangs
    • Hooves/Talons
    • Wing Manipulation
    • Prehensility
      • Prehensile Tail
      • Prehensile Teeth
      • Prehensile Tongue
      • Prehensile Wings
      • Prehensile Horns
    • Science-Magic Ascendancy: Balthazar's mastery of both the outward and arcane has enabled her to Transcend both the constraining limitations of either. In essence giving her a status of godhood which grants abilities beyond the laws of science and/or magic, resulting in her acquiring a conceptual state of being pertaining to unfathomable power and knowledge. Being able to accomplish incredible feats; as her skills ins science mysticism is, for all intents and purposes, inexplicable to either side and seemingly accomplish completely illogical/irrational actions/effects to both. The potential effects she can ascertain as the Erudi-Conjurer Supreme are innumerable in possibilities, as LightChylde can do apparently anything and everything imaginable with very little exposition as to how she gets it done. The scope of this can range from slight nudges to brutal disruptions in the fabric of convexity scales.
      • Meta Magic: Illyana can use magical powers which transcends the rules under which they ragularly operate, making her an exception to those laws as well as allotting the going beyond them all together and granting total dominion over the cause and effects to the guidelines of magic by taking directly into the source. Balthazar's able to make/modify these rules, allowing her to alter or ignore the conditions and limitations of the magical systems, which can lead them down the path beyond magic itself.
      • Meta Science: Magik has scientific prowess which eclipses the decree of their varying functionality, making her either the exception to such laws or allowing her to go beyond them entirely. Bestowing the total dominion over the cause and effect to such regulations of the many fields of disciplinary education by rewriting their systems. Illyana is able to completely reformat the rules and very nature of any body of knowledge, allowing for the alteration or blatant disregarding of circumstances or impediments of scientific systems, which can lead to a higher echelon above mere science.
    • Eternal Soul: After having ascended to to divine state through the plethora of mystical and science regalia acquired over a thousand lifetimes of traversal and exploration. Illyana can to enrich her own spiritual core and now possess a soul that cannot be destroyed or take any form of damage, in addition to always existing, rendering her completely immune to all manner of spiritual alteration or destruction. Even if such defenses happen to be bypassed, her soul will instantly restore itself, forever transcending any kind of spiritual/metaphysical death. While conventionally undying in every possible sense of the word; save the physical sense. Magik can, however, re-use, remake or refashion whole new physical forms in any way she so desires by using the innate spiritual and life force mechanics of ascendance and transcendence to indefinitely produce and freely manipulate her physical form in any way she sees fit, even on the subatomic level, allowing for perfect recreation/restructuring of her prior bodies in whatever way imaginable, granting the Archimage modifiable and semi-immortal corporeal forms as a result. She is far from limited to being metaphysically immortal, as well, as such a facility of her god state allows for the appropriation of absolute spiritual force/energy production, which is used in a variety of purposes beyond most peoples ken. Examples of which include granting life to long dead souls or lifeless items of interest and even to the environment itself. Because of this, her soul is also inherently unbound due to its eternal nature and can freely travel between any realm by it's lonesome, material or immaterial alike. Because of this she can selectively interact with them as if they were physically present, even despite being a specter-like entity by nature.
      • To insure her all but absolute immortality in all shapes and forms, the Unmade would cast her own soul into multiple personal keepsakes; this renders her soulless and as a result of splitting her ascendant anima amongst her equally impervious assets. Illyana has made herself all but unkillable both in body and spirit.
    • Magical Particle Manipulation: Through her status as the Erudi-Conjurer Supreme Illyana can access the metaphysical lifestream of planets and universes known to many in the occult circles as the Dragon Lines; the conduits of energy that surround and interconnect most existences. Through them she can manipulate the ambient magical particles, a basic fundamental component of all the mystical, supernatural and/or esoteric forces in all existence, and available in the material world in its atmosphere and creation. Being able to form constructs like weapons, armor, gadgetry or simple clothing from them, absorb surroundings magical particles to increase her own orphic practices and even manipulate the magical particles to create all sorts of occult effects.
      • Dragon Line Manipulation: Using her understanding of arcana convexity particle phenomena, Magik can manipulate ley lines; also known as Lung-Mei or the Dragon Path, colloquial conduits of raw omniphysical energy that surrounds a planet and interlinks star systems across galaxies. They're able to bend the mystic forces of worlds to their whim. As well as render malleable the very same universal boundaries which cordon them from interacting with one another. Some of these, ley lines, are also associated with locations of historical or legerdemainian significance. Such as the likes of certain buildings, stone circles, standing crag, monuments, megaliths, natural ridge-tops, churches built on sacred ground, water-fords, etc. Magik and her Hive Grendel fused space ship often utilize this interconnecting flow of networks as a means of traversing realities after having finished murdering off human populations and adding them too her legion of the accursed.
    • On Earth she was formerly limited to Astral Projection, a Mystical Sense (ability to detect mystical presences), simple spells, and summoning her Soulsword. Since her tutelage under Doctor Strange, Magik has shown better control and has demonstrated more powerful spells on Earth. Such as when she used magic to summon a giant, demonic Hydra to fight for her. In the same issue, she also used a defensive shield spell from the Book of the Vishanti that she'd memorized, called the Vishanti Personal Shield of Defense, from page 422. She also used a spell she'd memorized from the Scrolls of Agamotto. The spell was an energy manipulation spell. She used it to manipulate the energy the advanced sentinels were wielding, causing them to destroy each other by redirecting the energy and exploding themselves. The spell was called, Julani's spell of energy manipulation, from the Scrolls of Agamotto.
  • Host of Zarathos' Power: Illyana would embrace the power of the Spirit of Vengeance while placating the ascended demon lord's essence into the Purgatori Force as a stabilizing component alongside her demonic mentor's spiritual center. While not hosting the spirit itself, Balthazar retains the supernatural ability to transform into a pseudo Ghost Rider at will. Either able to turn the quasiphysical aspects of it on or off whether she is in human or demonic form, initially, Rasputina would transform into the burning effigy whenever she let her demon self get the best of her. With time and great concentration, however, Illyana would grow to be able to control her flame wreathed transformations and be able to shift the unruly power on and off no matter what form she took. Due to Zarathos originating from heaven as a powerful angelic entity before his fall from grace, Lightchylde and the Spirit working in tandem also possess high octane holy energies that supposedly makes their Rider form adjacent to Heaven and all of it's sacred power. The full capabilities of which all depend how well such a union between the esoteric dynamism and it's Amortal host stands to better enable control of such a metamorphosis. Illyana can imbibe the Spirit's power to inhabit her very body, while remaining in control of which through her supplanting the esoteric driver within the Purgatori Force. But must be incredibly wary, for if she were to lose herself to her more monstrous aspect, loss of focus or control over the power of the Ghost Rider would be catastrophic, as the demon within her wouldn't waste time on moderation in the Spirit's raw might and would most likely flail around flash melting the very quantum latices of existence if left unchecked. While the Dakchilde runs the reigns of the Ghost Rider, Marauder can only influence its actions to an extent as she is relatively forced into the "trunk" while the dark side is in control of it's power. As stated by many a paranormal expert such as Doctor Strange, Johnny Blaze, and Blade; not many a mortal (or godly aspirant for that matter) can properly contain the eldritch force of the Ghost Rider, hence why a living soul acts as a built in safety to reign it in, something which severely limits the full power of the agent of vengeance. It's also stated, that whenever Zarathos took possession of the rider, the Ghost Rider's capabilities are, for all intents and purposes, boundless and "God Like." Illyana Rasputina's ascertaining already godlike power on top of that belonging to the Spirit's only fuels the unstoppable nature of the punishing fallen warrior, making it that much stronger than it already was to start with, the waiting host having been one of the most powerful beings on Earth before. Now that it is forever bound to her corporeality, the might of Zarathos has become unlimited in scale to the extent where the Daemon Rider was able to defeat the likes of Mephistopheles in pitched battle.
    • Superhuman Strength: The Daemon Rider possesses superhuman strength sufficient to lift up to 100 tons under normal circumstances, nevertheless if desired he/she/it could, given the divine/demonic nature of their powers, increase them to incalculable levels.
    • Superhuman Stamina: The mystical energy that empowers Daemon Rider prevents Illyana's muscles from producing fatigue toxins during physical activities, granting her limitless superhuman stamina.
    • Durability infinitum: Ms. Rapsutina is highly resistant to the point of being basically immune to all types of earthly or otherworldly physical damage, as she has taken blows from beings such as the Devil Hulk, had her entire head destroyed and regenerated it instantly without any discomfort, and while the Daemon Rider is in control only almighty weapons (forged by the hand of God) can harm the Rider itself. The Spirit of Vengeance is capable of withstanding great impact forces, temperature and pressure extremes, powerful energy blasts, and falls from great heights without sustaining injury. As its bodily tissues have been transformed, leaving only a skeleton, most projectiles such as bullets simply pass through or bounce off her scales & bones. Daemon Rider's body is for all intents indestructible by most conventional and many unconventional means, as she is evidently not able to feel pain and is able to survive with no apparent discomfort no matter how severe the injury (unless a weapon forged from Heaven & Hell itself is used against them).
    • Superhuman Agility: Her mystically augmented being grants the Dracolich enhanced reflexes, coordination, dexterity and accuracy. This provides heightened movements allowing her to dodge projectiles such as the Silver Surfer's cosmic blasts.
    • Godlike Reflexes
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite her out and out imperviousness to harm, objects such as weapons forged in heaven/hell's unison by the nephilim Zachariah, can actually harm the Daemon Rider to a certain extent. However, if their being is damaged, the magical energies imbuing them allows the Rider or Johnny Blaze to instantly regenerate any and all damage done, even to the point of fully regenerating lost limbs in moments, and regenerating his skull after it was destroyed in seconds without any discomfort or any evident pain.
    • Self-Sustenance: While in rider form, Balthazar lacks the need of rest, food or respiratory dependence. Whether being at the bottom of the Ocean, in the cold depths of space or even the hostile regions of the land beyond the living. The Daemon Rider can survive anywhere without worry of suffering any lethal side effects of navigating such hostile terrains.
    • Empathic Reading: Ghost Rider is able to feel the transgression of an individual she encounters by looking into their heart and soul. She can also decide whether or not a person is innocent or evil and in need of punishment. they are also capable of doing so without the process of transformation.
      • Identity Detection: Magik can also determine the identity of the individual by simply looking into their soul. However, if certain beings do not possess a soul such as a symbiote or demons, she can still identify them.
    • Supernatural Awareness: Daemon Rider possesses an extrasensory ability that allows her to detect any supernatural occurrences around her.
    • Virtue/Sin Manipulation: Daemon Rider can manipulate the immoral or serene acts known as sin and/or virtue in an individual soul. they can purify any anima, whether righteous or degenerate, from vice as well as enrich any endearing integrities. However, this effect may cause the victim to be left emotionless or fanatically devout to righteousness. Which will only backfire if the wrongs or rights of the victim cause either emotional break down or repentance. He/she/it can do a number of things with them:
      • Virtue/Sin Perception: In addition to reading the heart and souls of their victims, he can also read, feel and sense the sorts of sins/virtues the individual has committed in the rest of their life.
      • Virtue/Sin Eating: Also known as Sin/Virtue Removal. Daemon Rider can remove/absorb any sort of Depravity and/or Ethics from the individual if they so desire. The consumption of which through spiritual means usually leaves the individual at the point where said being becomes an emotionless husk of they're former selves.
    • Hellfire/Holyfire Manipulation: Also known as Infernal/Celestial Pyrokinesis. Illyana's natural affinity for controlling divine and demonic flames are magnified with the power of the Rider at her disposal. All Ghost Riders possess the ability to generate, control, and project mystical fire, or "hellfire" at will. Some are able to tap into the lighter spectrum of it's power and access the flame of heaven a.k.a the Holyfire for similar use. Both fire types are ethereal and supernatural in nature, burning the soul of a person alongside also burning the physical body of the assailant. Many hosts to the spirit have utilized these differing flames in various ways:
      • Hellfire/Holyfire Infusion: Her ability to channel supernatural incendiaries allows them to imbue objects and vehicles by choice with his mystical element.
      • Hellfire/Holyfire Projection: They can spew the fire from his eyes, mouth, hands and chest, including channeling these flames from her body into their weapons such as a shotgun.
      • Hellfire/Holyfire Forgery: She is able to construct various things such as walls, weapons and any piloted vessel.
      • Hellfire/Holyfire Telekinesis: It can also control hellfire or holyfire suffused objects through their gestalt mind.
      • Hellfire/Holyfire Attacks: In addition to projecting and infusing hellfire/holyfire, it can perform a number of attacks. Daemon can create hellfire/holyfire balls, spew out a massive flaming wave and unleash omnidirectional explosions that are incredibly powerful, capable of bringing great pain to the likes of the Hulk.
      • Hellfire/Holyfire Removal: She can cancel out and negate any hell/holyfire based attack.
      • Hellfire/Holyfire Exoskeleton: Illyana can craft a divine/demonic suit of armor not unlike that of the Promethium Armor conjured through her Aeonblade, capable of withstanding even the most grievous of supernatural attacks. This armor was completely made out of hellfire/holyfire.
      • Hell/Holy Firestorm: Dirge is also able to rain down fire from the sky directly over any enemies in the surrounding area, resulting in a devastating cataclysm pulled from the Prince of Egypt.
      • Condemnation/Salvation: Fueled by the wrath of the loss of her family, her friends, her home and her world. Illyana's main objective in this new form of unlife is to kill off as many, if not all, forms of human life throughout the whole or reality. Through the power of the Rider, she can summon hellish pyres that envelop those she deems as condemned in order to drag down her enemies straight to Hell. Which hell is usually left randomized so as to stoke the fears of those she judges as harshly as she does. In the opposite vein she can also provide salvation for those whom she see's through the souls of at their deepest core beings. To that end she can also provide sinners absolution of their damnable state of the soul and provide them entrance unto paradise by bypassing all of their many wrongs and allowing them freedom of their penance.
    • Soul Manipulation: Her demonic self is an avid carnisure of the spiritual anima that powers living flesh, through the facet of the Spirit of Vengeance; Illyanna's capacity for manipulating both living and dead souls is greatly magnified to an unlimited extent. Souls are the incorporeal and immortal essence of a sentient being, usually most obviously present in the living. At some level all biological organisms have spirits of their own, and even non-biological entities (such as rivers and mountains) possess something that is analogous to a spiritual center in their own right. After having learned to control her own soul has enabled Magik quite the capability to tap into the essence of everything alive and inanimate as well as bestow a form of sentience upon non-biological abstracts through the act of soul transference.
      • Soul Reading: As stated above, she can read the souls of her victims and judge their innocence and guilt, their sins and identity.
      • Soul Consumption: Marauder can consume souls if others whether they be degenerate and heartless or beneficent and wholesome to an extent where the victim becomes lifeless.
      • Soul Consumption Empowerment: Through consuming the souls of other living entities Illyana can galvanize herself in terms of raw power and menace. She can also garner greater knowledge from the number of spirits consumed through assimilating their life's history into herself.
      • Matter Manipulation: by controlling the soul of substance & energy. Effectively giving anything without autonomy of its own activity as though it were alive. Bestowing motion to the motionless.
      • Phantasm Manipulation: As a master of the dead; a Rider can create, manipulate, and destroy ghosts/specters and their exotic energies. Illyana can induce fear into the hearts of others, use spirits to cause great chaos and control the souls of others whether they are living or dead.
      • Ectoplasm Manipulation: By manipulating the essence of souls, Balthazar can also utilize the extra-planar energy it produces known as ectoplasm, a variable-state form of matter-energy coming from planes beyond the physical. Its form can range from raw seething energy, a misty vapor, a viscous gelatin, a bundle of fine threads, a living membrane or a fine, fabric-like tissue, that can also be solidified and used for material purposes. Because of its unstable, esoteric properties, ectoplasm reacts to normal matter/energy in unusual and useful ways, including being able to ignore most laws of physics. Illyana's specialty is coating mundane objects in the modular materia of spiritual entities in order to assist them in interacting with the metaphysical plane. Enabling her myriad weaponized crafts of man to wound and or assail elements of the supernatural whenever they're encountered.
    • Afterlife Border: Through the power of the Spirit of Vengeance as well as queen of nine hell's, the Archimage can control the movement/communication of mortal souls who cross over the border between life and death, allowing the spirits/demons/angels and the like to cross over it freely, taking them to the other side from where they are (by force if necessary), or prevent the movement to either direction, effectively either dooming the target to never die/pass on or making their death irreversible.
      • Dimensional Travel: A Rider has the natural affinity for traversing between different dimensions. Though it may have some complications due to their unfocused behavior, This also strengthens Illyana's capacity for opening vortexes to traverse other realms. The easiest for her to get to are the various afterlives her natural mutant power utilizes as midway stations for whenever she teleport's.
        • Teleportation
    • Mystical Chain Manipulation: Ghost Rider's often wield mystical lengths of chain that is capable of elongating to an infinite degree. Cutting through almost anything or anyone, and transforming into other weapons. Hellrazer can also spew and project chains from her mouth or chest at will, and control the movements of which using their mind.
      • Weapon Fabrication: Another aspect of the Ghost Rider's chains are the capacity to produce weighted battlements at the tips of her binding links. Either morphing scythes, crowbars or monomolecular blades from end to end capable of sheering and/or bludgeoning anything with tremendous force.
    • Divine/Demonic Force Manipulation: Ghost Rider's often utilize demonic and satanic diabolism to his/her/their advantage. Illyana, due to her being able to tap the angelic portion of the demonic Zarathos, actually manages to magnify her knowledge of both hellish and/or holy essence through her connection to the patron spiritual entity; greatly expanding her prevalent supernatural awareness when it comes to interacting with otherworldly figures.
    • Penance Stare: Ghost Rider possesses the supernatural ability to cause any individual who stares into his eyes to see and feel every bit of pain they have ever inflicted on anyone in their entire lifetime for all eternity. Recently, he is able to incapacitate the inhabitants of Mojoworld without locking into their eyes and still inflicting great suffering.
      • Damnation Stare: A vastly superior upgrade to the Riders prior attack, this particular demonic glare judges whether or not the individual being stared down is worthy of remaining in the mortal plane, or if they deserve to be sent straight to hell immediately. Anyone weighted down with sin and malfeasance unfortunate enough to catch it's gaze, even for the briefest of moments. The end result will leave them as a charbroiled cinder engulfed in embers, painfully resembling the Ghost Rider's own immolated skeletal state. The victim often rather viscerally spontaneously combusting into hellfire before being left as a crispy, dusty husk. The immortal souls who came under it's effect fittingly meeting a different type of infernal abyss afterwards.
      • Penance Bomb:
    • Self-Size Alteration: In the past, some Rider's demonstrated the ability to increase power and size. In the event of getting shrunken to miniature scale, they can then grow back to his or her original height through a sheer act of will. With the vast amounts of power at her disposal, Illyana can easily perform a superior derivation of this action, growing to the size of a world eater or space titan; even eclipsing the size of stars and planetoids if she so chooses. For the capacity to grow and magnify her physical semblance is limited only by the amount of will she has in her person.
    • Spiritual Enhancement: Zarathos enables Illyana the capability of increasing their combined powers by drawing strength from the faith of the myriad souls either consumed or comprising of the mighty army that the later has amassed through her jaunt across creation and finality.
    • Nature Manipulation: By the power of the Spirit of Vengeance; Illyana has dominant command over the natural forces of the world and through it, she has many abilities that would grant her dominion over the whole of the earth, sea and sky which she can impart upon a host of all-powerful heralds of whom she remotely possesses. E.i. making the ground crack open and swallow her enemies whole, create impaling stalagmites or conjuring supertropical weather phenomena to create and summon down bolts of lightning to use like a lancet/bo staff. They can also, through other proxies, expel a host of ravenous vermin through which to burn and consume the flesh and spirits of those their set upon from her person.
      • Paranormal Weather Generation: Capable of changing atmokinetic patterns into a supernatural phenomena wherever she travels.
        • Thunder Generation: Dirge can even generate massive thunderheads of biblical proportion which she can aim down at any desired target she focuses on and discharge it like a sub orbital bombardment from the sky with as much devastating power as a whisper from the Inhuman King; Black Bolt.
    • Magical Energy Manipulation: Zarathos possesses an extensive knowledge of the supernatural and can harness mystical energies to achieve any number of desired anagogic effects. Through his proxy; Illyana's capacity for arcanum is greatly magnified, better streamlining her ability for creating energy shields, conjuring powerful illusions which pass into reality, enacting all-father tier level spells to reorder the cosmos among other magnanimous feats that are at her disposal.
    • Negative Energy Augmentation: The demon within backed by Zaratho's might can further embolden itself by feeding on the negative energies of the world and its inhabitants. Evil actions, darker emotions, sinful intent the works; all of which serving to make Darkchild stronger than ever before.
    • Positive Energy Augmentation: Through their angelic connections, Illyana can also magnify the common desency in individuals around her in order to weaken the malefic powers of demons or other malefic entities by feeding into the positive energies of the world and its inhabitants. Acts of kindness, lighter feelings, virtuous actions; the polar opposite of all that the Darkchild infused Rider thrives upon.
    • Meta Possession: While acting as a conduit for the power of Zarathos, Marauder can give anything she comes into contact with the properties of an infernally enhanced apparatus. As is the nature of the Rider to transform anything and everything alongside them right along with them, using such a property upon her starship; magical items and anything else which she focuses on.
      • Skuttlebutt/Poison Grendel Linkage: Magik's supernatural augmented being, originating from her satanic conditioning, is further magnified by her connection to Zarathos. She can use her fusionistic properties upon the barge she'd acquired to develop a true bond with either her Symbiote or her Space Ship; or both, to summon her ride and the creature to do various performances with it.
        • Solid Merging: To an incredible degree, Ghost Rider can completely phase herself into and around her vessel/klyntar. Through the act of submolecular binding and untethering she can also phage her ship and other select parts attached to it into and out of objects or places at will. She usually does this to scare and attack the enemies he's facing.
          • Morphomerge: The Rider's greatest capacity is to morph alongside and change matter via transformative shapeshifting. They can fuse wholly or partially with just about anything and alter them in various ways, such as fusing with a vehicle or structured constabulary; they can radically alter the design specs, features or even what kind of vehicle it is to their liking. Turning it a car to a helicopter or part of a horizontal/vertical surface into hellcharged artillery if they felt like it. They can also merge with organic beings and alter them in various ways as well to some extent.
        • Portal Creation: In addition to her natural teleportation ability, Unmade can work her stepping disks in conjunction with hellfire and onboard facilities in order to create vastly larger portals and gateways to and from the living world and the realm of the dead.
          • Teleportation: Balthazar can make use of the morphing ability to teleport various distances. The various areas of her ship are not only linked to her ability to port from one place to another, acting as a hub in and of itself. But a great many junctures of these facilities also function as gateways to and/or from any number of hellish dominions she can banish people to if she so chooses.
        • Nether Communication: Illyana's cruiser can commune with the lost souls of the deceased. Such an effect can even lead a Rider to the individual's lineage and come in contact with them.
        • Matter Surfing: Many hell charged automatives can just as easily ride atop a body of water or soar through the void of space even while lacking such ability. E.I. they can make a land based vehicular transport treat solid asphalt that its riding on as if it were water treating it as if it were a submersible.
    • Rage Enhancement: A unique ability Daemon picked up from pooling knowledge from prior Ghost Rider's, is the ability to enhance her divine/demonic form by the rage, hate and anguish she feels fueling her transformed state and abilities. Through killing and punishing wicked people on top of the constant remembrance of how her world died due to the petty injustices of humanity, she transforms into a more powerful and even more-so demonic semblance. Thus making her that much more powerful.
    • Biblical Representations: Magik can also create creatures found in biblical scriptures in the forms of plague, pestilence or famine that helps her wipe out anything made of sin and maleficence such as locusts, frogs and water becoming blood. Such effects generated through her hellborn continence are extremely dangerous, once unleashed they are made to track down and painfully assail any and all sinners as if marked by the specific calamity unleashed upon them in any number of different ways. I.E. if it were through insect swarms they will explode upon impact or if it were ravenous hunger setting in it would be bioauditory cancer laden acoustics that whither anything or anyone struck by it's sonic waves.
    • Skeletal Form Manipulation: As a courtier of the dead & damned; ownership of the rider curse enables the mortal host complete control over bones, fossils or the skeletal remains of oneself and others. Such a facility allows for the hellrider dominion over bare or still sinuous scaffolding to the point of growing, re-shaping, manipulating the density/weight or mass of which for the purpose of creating constructs and commanding the preserved remains or traces of animals (also known as zoolites), plants, and other organisms from the remote past to act on his/her/their behalf.
  • Last Being Physiology: Due to having been one of the last living faunal forms to survive the inevitable heat death of the universe she called home. Illyana has become something akin to an eldritch horror figure due to the mutagenic nature entropy has on anything that still continues existing at the end of eternity. Such an event transformed her into a final/last entity, a rather of form of sentient being that is from or exists at the very end of time itself.
    • Amortality: Through the act of both her newly minted existential state coupled with the extracting, splitting and trans-grafting her once mortal soul onto various paraphernalia. Remnant now exists as an unborn, and individual rendered unable to die due to having never been truly alive to begin with when her universe died. Becoming something called an Nonmade or Unalive, a creature that essentially lives in a state of unbirth, neither truly living nor in actuality, deceased. This aspect of Illyana's being makes her differ greatly from a typical Immortal, as eternal life is defined as being a living creature who for all intents and purposes cannot die. As an Amortal, Unmade can ultimate never expire because she is were no longer truly alive to start with. For even ghosts of people and other undead beings or most gods themselves are not amortal as they were once living creatures.
    • Self-Origin Manipulation: Another effect of surviving up until, as well as long past, the end of time. Illyana learned she can reorder her own essential story in any given way however she wishes. Due to having her tale come to an end and yet she did not expire with everything else like all besides her. Marauder would survive with the newfound knowledge of her being which lets her essentially manipulate her own fable; her origin from birth to death, events that happened or will come to pass in her life, form and semblance, abilities along with the extent of which as well as any powers she started out with or will come to ascertain, etc. This rather odd predicament to her existential stance lets Magik choose how her whole new lease on life pans out going on nothing but her own drive and design, irregardless of outside influences. Basically, this allows her indisputable sovereignty over every aspect of her new existence as a final entity. So much so that the Archimages entire being answers to no one else save for personal mandate alone.

Poisoned Grendel Symbiont Collective: After the destruction of her universe resultant from the transmoded absorption of which, Illyanna would harness the powers and abilities that mutant omnilinguist Sapna and human/klyntar hybrid Dyllan Brock's souls in order to suborn the power of a primordial symbiote dragon which once served the ebon anti-god called Knull. She would establish a remote symbiotic link to this primordial symbiote through use of her Soulsword and monopolizing the remains of a decedent apex predator whose sole purpose is the consumption of Symbiotes. Illyanna bound the Grendel to her will indefinitely by resuscitating the dead and damaged remains of the Poison Queen, bonding the broken Hive empress to the ancient monstrosity in order to sap the ferocious consciousness of its more malignant will. Making the fused entity subservient to her ultimate design of wiping mankind and the petty principality or law enforcement teams who abetted, profited off of or outright ignored the history of atrocity and persecution across several lifetimes of hypocritical cruelty committed by those same ignorant beastly peoples. By infusing the creature with the power of the Purgatori Force and subsuming it's motor skill/cognitive functionality through the supplementation of her All-Black infused Aeonblade backed by the Transmech Virus. Balthazar now has the ultimate weapon in converting and weaponizing the consumed entirety of deathless hollow shells that were once voluminous scores of heroes and villains alike from across an infinite number of parallel earths. To signify her own unison with such a frightening combination and all of the assimilated codices of an endless cadre of superpowered and/or exceptionally skilled individuals whom the Poison's had assimilated into the hive; Ms. Rasputina would manifest the nega divinities spiral sigil mixed with an X-Gene like brand within her Eye of Agamotto. Even her demonized form and Soulsword would take on a much darker, more maleficent appearance; assuming more draconian features such as scales and talons in place of cloven hooves. She would grow more pronounced and numerous horns out and around her scalp, even protruding an acidic poisonous razor like stiletto at the end of her demon tail to signify the primal klyntar's influence upon her. Due to the Grendel's fusion to the Poison Hive, Darkchylde's connection to the demonic Chthon through the Darkhold in her possession and herself as a transhuman/demonic divine hybrid bestows it power far beyond that of either a typical primordial symbiote or a queen poison has no matter the number of assimilee's under its leathery wings. After bonding the massive Klyntar to the even more impressive technological apparatuses of the spaceship Scuttlebutt, Illyana's connection to the Queen/Grendel/Sentient Ship magnifies both it and her own godly power greatly. Her blackened annihilablade now having a more dracolich like appearance and emanating horn/skeletal like protrusions, dark pauldrons and a star pentagram like hilt ornament at the butt end of her sword handle. The blade itself glows with a menacing eldritch hue resembling the energy that Knull's first symbiote used as it's ranged attack, the handle of which now resembles a pair of buttwings just beneath the base of the blade with pointed tips at the end and bends of which. Her remote symbiosis with this uber symbiote grants Illyana the following powers:

  • Superhuman Strength:
  • Superhuman Durability:
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Regenerative Healing Factor
  • Parasitic Inheritance
  • Techno-Mechanical Manipulation: Through the symbiotic mass of the Grendel, Illyana can transfer the taint of her transmech virus through touch or bites and slashing from it's claws and fangs. Via the properties of the transmode virus she can transmute both organic and inorganic elements her symbiote affects into excess techno-mechanical mass through which she can further increase bot its, and as a consequence, her power to greater heights. With the vast techno interfacing abilities of the various A.I. collectives on her ship; Illyana can essentially transmech whole new facilities and battlements out of anything and everything her Symbiotes touch. Effectively transmorphing eldritch orgamech environments out of anywhere she touches down on. Adding it as both an extension of her far reaching demonic domains and into a living biome through which she consolidates even greater power by tapping into planetary force grids.
  • Genetic Memory:
  • Fangs and Claws
  • Phalanx Society Control:
  • Constituent-Matter Generation:
  • Shapeshifting:
  • Symbiotic Expansion and Psychic Control:
  • Constituent-Matter Manipulation:
  • Symbiote and Codex Absorption/Augmentation:
  • Hive Genetics:
  • Loyalty Based Power Replication:

Arcanum Augmentation: After exposure to the Purgatori Force; the sizably malignant and corrupting power created from the Odinforce blent with the souls of other apocryphal entities on top of being touched by both the Darkhold and Book of the Vashanti. Illyana Rasputina was able to vastly overclock the power and resilience of the ancient Symbiote in her corner and as a result of being empowered in such a way. The Hive Grendel was now all but impervious to fire and sonic's, as well as making it immune to the primal light which dawned upon the beginning of the multiverse that once stymied it's creator Knull.

Psionic Shields: Darkchild has impenetrable psionic shields, most likely a result of the time she spent in Limbo and the effects of her partially demonic soul. As such even powerful telepaths such as Charles Xavier, David Haller, Emma Frost, and Rachel Summers could not mentally read Illyana's thoughts nor could they sense her psionically.

Purgatori Force: Illyana, since her acquiring the Asgardian hell realms belonging to the Death Goddess of said theology, has learned to tap the incredible quasiphysical powers that once belonged to both Odin Borson and Thor Odinson; the Odin/Thor Force. Power which she would rechristen by transplanting the metaphysical quintessence of her teacher and slaver Balesco's eternal soul; along with the consciousness of a few others, within it to tithe and bind both it's raw quasiphysical eminence and her teacher in the Dark Art's vast knowledge to her immortalized being known as the Purgatori Force. This almighty power is orders of magnitudes greater than the greater energies belonging to an All-Father of Asgard, the Skyfather of Olympus, Universal Power of a World Eater and whatever other unique forces belonging to most others amongst the cosmic communion. Due in part to having been bound to other absolute forces and supported by the sentience of certain primeval individuals of insurmountable menace. Dynamics such as Powers Cosmic & Primordial, the Negative Zone's equivocal Opposing Force, Zarathos's considerable demonic menace as the spirit of vengeance, the corrupting quintessence of the abstract entity; Le Bete Noir and the cataphysical causticity of the Røkkva's antilife. Making Illyana's arcana source equal parts magic, science, negative source and something else all together. Power which she uses for a plethora of all but limitless purposes and effects. Through the infinite, godly, cosmic energy and power source primarily wielded by the planet eater Galactus. This allows Illyana to employ the available absorbed cosmic energies within her and without universes, multiverses and quite possibly quasiverses to produce nearly any effect she desires, including size-alteration, the molecular restructuring and transmutation of matter, the teleportation of objects—even entire galaxies—across reality, the creation of planetary to universe spanning force fields, interdimensional portals, telepathy, telekinesis, and cosmic awareness on a metaversal scale. She has even tinkered with the underlying capabilities of creating sentient life and augmenting her resurrecting abilities and manipulation of mortal souls. Expanding it into remaking dead worlds and their adjacent populations territory. Having taken notes from an individual known as the Time Eater, The Unmade would focus the collective comsic force energies shorn up for over countless millennia to enable her and her forces the capacity of literally consuming the entirety of universes in and of themselves. Mainly by supplanting and devouring their relative space/time and gradually, the respective reality they are adjacent to. Absorbing it into her symbiote dragon whom then shores it over to the Phalanx horde back within their depleated home dimension. To which they/she/it can freely reorganized their respective continuua in order to fabricate more loyal vassles for her legion of totallity.

Lightchylde can bypass the draining effects of the Odin Force assimilated into her meta energy by using the Power Cosmic's ability to absorb and tap ambient universal force into her body at will, and expel those energies violently on command, upending the need to rest for a 24 hour period by supplementing her cells with voluminous quantum juice which vitalizes her body and soul indefinably. Through such a process she can channel beams of energy through her hands with sufficient destructive force to destroy star quadrants, wield it with such finesse as to restructure the particles of reality to change its particle architecture. Rearrange matter to create other configurations and can even transmute elements (such as turning a steel napkin holder into solid gold or tons of rock into harmless gas). Other uses of this bullwarking energy have included the ability to phase through solid objects; accelerate the evolution of life forms (even on a planet wide scale); see across history by peeling back the layers of time; achieve time and trans-dimensional travel; the manipulation, absorption and discharge of any form of element be it energy or matter; and, granting smidgens of her quasi-mystical powers to others.

Remnant can even reweave her dynamystic power to negate or suppress the supertorpical abilities of other beings; be they mutant/inhuman/enhanced/alien/demonic or even divine in nature, either making them temporarily (or potentially permanently) unable to use their abilities. Dracholich often uses the Power Cosmic portion of the Purgatori Force to bolster her teleportation and transportation abilities; having refashioned it into a type of hyperspace streamlining across all universes and to all points of history across all of space & time at once; practically eliminating the distances she can teleport by herself without usage of the Scuttlebutt's utilities as well as bypass any kind of temporal, spatial or even reality based blockades that would normally cordon off instantaneous travel to and from any given location she may desire. Because of her full physical and mental mastery of the forces at her command, the Hellrazer's near perfect control over her phenomenal cosmic power cannot be taken by siphoning entities no matter how powerful they are. Illyana learned that her emotional state can enhance or diminished the Purgatori Force through the Power Comsic, remembering her losses and the faces of those whom took it all away is enough of an energy booster that her enraged state grants herself almost "godlike" state of being giving her personal mystic source near infinite cosmic power in scale. While through the collective Power Primordial, the lingering remnants of the genesistic forces of the Big Bang responsible for creation. Magik can experiment and broaden it's particular usage of personal proclivity based effects which lay beyond the augmentation of attributes (strength, durability, speed, intellect), transmogrification, creation of energy constructs, interstellar to trans-realm teleportation and numerous other abilities used by the Elders. She's also found that incorporating this power into the Purgatory Force can modify and galvanize any singular obsessive compulsion of hers and/or others whom practice and develop its potential in themselves or focus it to varying degrees upon bestowing tools, resources or certain paraphernalia she/he/they hold closest to their particular vest. Anything or everything one might particularly afforded the the greatest affection towards or feels to best symbolize the ideology which represents them and their way of life. Even things that are largely ignored as irrelevant or detrimental to their pursuits can be supercharged by the force on a subconscious level either because of a stray thought, a sense of resentment regarding such subjects or even merely because it's what came to mind at the time. The antipathic opposite of the Power Cosmic known as the "Essence" or "Opposing Force", which hails from the Negative Zone. Grants the Daemon greater superhuman abilities which act as a cancerous antithetical equivalent to most forms of positive matter and/or energy. With the Opposing Force at her beck and call, Remnant's Purgatori Force can be used to weaken any physical elements comprised of Quantum Foam as dark elements sap the power out of items spawned from the brighter spectrum of totality. One part of the mirror's edge steadily eroding and consuming it's bright side in a rather entropous manner; Illyana can guide and project this indescribably negative quintessence for the express purpose of annihilation, degradation, deterioration and dehumanization; reducing entire planets and their populaces to a state of hollowed out shells of their former selves before they crumble and fade away. Powerless while alone against the malfeasance of that which gradually causes the very laws of physics themselves to whither and decay into nothingness, blasts conjured and emitted from the Essence charged Purgatori force are so potent that not only do glancing blasts of energy can rip apart island universes with just a passing emission, Nonmade is capable of putting down and seemingly killing even the most powerful of cosmic entities this side of eternity himself in one go. Through the parasitic and corrupting entity Bete Noir, Unalive can channel evil entities incalculable power of defiling negative energy towards the purpose eroding the character of those affected by it's dark. This enables Archimage to grow in power through the tainting of everything and everyone around her for the purpose of feeding into her own power. Eventually contaminating everyone and everything across all worlds on a universal scale. Once all life on said worlds had been corroded and drained the worlds are then destroyed, feeding their strength into her semi-cognizant energy in order to further mature it's raw essential drive thus making Illyana's dark metamystisicm all that much more powerful, through the individual sentients the Purgatori Force takes over she can innitiate a meta-possessive drive which turns the affected into unwitting hosts of her own core personality; allowing her to use them as meat puppets channeling portions of her power in order to see her designs through. After a while the Noir anima eventually burns through whomever she overshadows, causing the ravenous facet to discard its host/outer shell and move onto the next after having transferred all the energy accumulated towards Hex herself. With the power of The Røkkva, the mystical entity manifest of antilife, the very touch of Illyana's almighty power is invariably fatal to mortal and immortals alike. Such a galvanizing applicant of which increases the Purgatori Force's natural infection and consumption based qualities; practically turning it into a kind of meta cancer which eats at the underlying layers of reality. it is an unholy force of corruption with enough power to blacken even the purest of beings into soulless, evil versions of themselves. Those fully corrupted by the Røkkva become effectively invincible, unable to be harmed save by weapons fashioned from the sacred white wood of Fiererheim. The Purgaroti Force imbued Røkkva circumvents this using both positive and negative aspects in order to further empower it's anti-life properties to absurd heights, often coming in the shape and/or form of writhing, goop like black tentacles which caustically poison and contaminate without means of preventing its spread. Illyana can pace it's hinter/killer like tendencies by giving it more monstrous visages, creating horrifying offshoots of it's negative substance to hunt down prey.


Xenolingual: Illyana spent her eternity traversing the infinite expanse of reality meeting and assimilating differing cultural knowledge. Time spent sampling the linguistics of various continua have given Balthazar a omnilegence of dead and foreign tongues which she can speak in fluently with little effort. Her years with re-acquainting herself with Doug Ramsey was a golden opportunity to trade on litany and pronunciation techniques which served to broaden the range of her spellcraft considerably.

Combat Specialist: Having spent eons traversing worlds & time erasing most human lineages and whatever deified or costumed types stood in her path gave Darkchild ample time to spruce up on H2H martial skills. Even without the use of her Soulsword or most any kind of weapon on hand. Illyana is an equal match in tactile fighting ability to any of the greatest martial artists whom ever lived; having battled and bested the likes of Iron Fist, Ares, Daredevil, Thor, Captain America, Kly'bn, Elektra, Silver Surfer, Mister X, Chapion of the Universe, etc.

Arcane Expertise: Magik is highly skilled in the magical arts, be it the dark sorcery of Limbo granted both by Belasco and his patron Chthon, white magic taught to her by the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth as well as gained from study under Storm and the Oshtur patron's of her lineage. Illyana is also highly skilled in ancient weaponry, typically axes and swords. Even without her Soul Sword, she led an attack on hordes of rebelling demons using only an axe without suffering any injuries and succeeding in quelling their rebellion.

Super-Genius Intelligence:

  • Electronic Engineering
  • Ocultologist:
  • Arcaneologist:

Weapons Master: Having Incorporated dozens of powerful and ancient weapons from across her depleted universe and several of the more lively ones, coupled with the experience of having used a great many of which to massacre anything and/or anyone whom stood in her path, has gifted the Darkchylde with an insurmountable capacity for closed quarters, ranged and various other forms of armed assault and battery. Easily being one of the most adept weaponer's across the multiverse.


Purgatori Force Expenditure

Mysticism Limitations

Demonic Half

Stepping Disk Burden


Eye of Agamotto:

Krakoan Biotech

Orb of Agamotto:

Transmech Virus:


Boltzmann Brain's


X.S.E Combat Utilities

Book of the Vashanti

Cosmic Control Rod



Enchanted Vibranium

Symbiote Slayers


Nova Stars

Noh-Varr's Diplomatic Envoy Equipment


Ultimo Virus:

Altar of Resurrection

Onducium: A rare xenomineral shaped and used as arrows for the Bow of Gabriel, a form of programmable smart alloy which can be input with the various marker statistics of their intended aim. That being biological information, coordinates and operational directives.


Skuttlebutt: Formerly belonging to the Korbonite spacefarer Beta Ray Bill; after the universe collapsed and he was assimilated into a Phalanx Dominion, Bill's sentient warship eventually fell into Marauders hands. To which she would outfit to handle and modify the slew of mythical reliquary in her galla of supernatural artifacts to better increase it's performance as a trans-dimensional transport. Using it's onboard Pico-Tech to facilitate infinite expanse tesseract technology supported by Pythagoras Dupree's quantum computer engineering to project pocket realities seen from the minds of various beings projected over the subspace they happen to inhabit.

  • Weapon Plus Facilities
  • Mother Mold: Feeling the idea of murdering human history would feel more savory if using a bit of high irony. Magik would procure the knowledge of advanced Sentinel production design for the purpose of gearing up an army of mutant killing automatons tailored specifically towards murdering mankind and it's various common ancestry using the onboard facilities of Skuttlebutt. Originally conceived of by the long defunct Orchis cabal, Mother Mold is a computerized head piece with the inherent function of adapting and evolving its own series of self-evolving sentinels and creating other sentinel production facilities such as the Master Mold's. Having been inputted with the Warp Ship/Grendel Symbiote amalgam which is all slaved to the Trans-Mech virus installation Illyana has through her Aeon Blade; through the Mother Mold she can commandeer any number of Sentinel drones slaved to the hive computer conclave both she/it and the subservient phalanx community intelligence to act on the vengeful pirate empresses behalf.
    • Template Relay: Utilizing the vast computational power of the Mastermold/Nimrod biomechatronic amalgamated sentinel program known as Template; a creation of former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Mainspring, Magik would slave the machine human hybrid synthezoid that used to be Bastion to the core processing of the Mother Mold in order to facilitate a proper coarse navigation's tool in order to cartograph and properly traverse the Multiverse through it's direct interaction with the Orb of Agamotto as a scrying device and omniphysical compass. Template also works as a pan-universal broadwave splice apparatus thanks to the transmech virus which allows it to technoform most any and every sophisticated mechanical, electronic or computerized system in the world; on any worlds. Allowing for the Empress to broadcast her genocidal intents to the local populations of Earth's on a global scale. Through which, Illyana can just as simply commandeer all of the worlds infrastructure and architecture whether it be modernized via technological innovation or not. Infecting and supplanting a universes very mechanical energy flow in order to transmogrify then derezz the techno-active reality segments she had Template infected to her specific dign.
  • Body Shoppe: What was once Spiral's bodily enhancement facility bequeathed to her by Mojo using his dominion verse's technologies. Marauder would find and acclimate all Earthborn facilities the mystically enhanced scientist had created to facilitate her own personal business, her Bodyshop's were often front companies specializing in using techno-sorcery to biophysically modify people in a host of ways either changing them into cyborgs, eugenically enhancing them bereft of bionic upgrades, chimeric genome implementation through a krisper like process for further anatomic resilience, etc. She often uses these mechanics to find new and intriguing ways of modifying her Poisoned and Undead soldiers with entirely new practicalities to make them more dangerous while in the heat of battle. In some universes, Illyana offers her modification services in exchange for payment to willing recipients for turning them into something more/less than whatever it is they initially started out as. Magik often sells her body mod pitch via the tachyon potentiality enhancement projectors, showing any waiting customers just what it is they can become with the right upgrades.

Daemoneous Mantel: Equal parts stylish mage wear and lethal mystical arsenal by it's lonesome. Ilyanna would fabricate her personal attire by combining multiple useful magical items owned by other Sorcerer Supreme's and various magic affiliated hosts of the modern marvel earth. The mantel combines various relics ranging from the Cloak of Levitation, Coat of Tiboro, the Shadow Cloak, Angelic Ribbons and the Darkforce Dimensional Cowl; all of which serving as an arsenal carrier as well as alternate means of transportation in the event her mutant powers or mystical abilities are inaccessible.

  • Through Cloak's tarp, Illyana's body becomes a portal to the Darkforce Dimension, a world of strange ebony energy linked to a cabaret of other realms via pocket dimensional breaches. This connection enables the Mantle and Magik herself to absorb the life forces of other beings; this also allows her to channel Darkforce to create blackout fields in her general vicinity. Usually using her cowl as a focal point to manipulate said darkness, though it can spread well beyond the confines of the cloak. People enveloped by Darkchyldes darkness feel numbing cold and experience terrifying visions of their own greatest fears and nightmares. Overlong exposure to the darkness can drive people insane. Unprotected victims trapped in this dark realm are gradually drained of their life force, and presumably die unless Illyana chooses to free them. Light from the Lightforce Dimension negates the normally caustic effects of such deep darkness, and it's deadening effects can be further weakened by those whom can extend said light to protect others whilst trapped within it if necessary. She can teleport by entering & exiting the Darkforce dimension, moving a short distance within it and emerging back anywhere a great distance from her starting point of origin. A span of miles on Earth can be traversed in only a few steps via shortcuts through the Darkforce. Marauder can teleport other people or objects along with herself in this fashion, too, a feat usually reserved for her dead and/or enthralled armed forces since most beings cannot safely traverse the Darkforce. Ilyanna can use her mantle to teleport hundreds of thousands across worlds and from between dimensions with relative ease. This effect of her garb also usually renders the wearer intangible, though she can solidify through an act of will, or by absorbing enough "light" to saturate her physical form if need be. Unmade can pass through solid objects and items (like ballistics, missiles, lasers) pass through her while wearing it. The Daemoneous's intangibility makes her very hard to hit.
  • The Cloak of Levitation grants the user the ability to float and fly, in a much more effective way than using flight spells. This red cape is was only capable of reaching subsonic speeds but with Cloaks darkforce robe boosting it, Illyana's mantel now has the inherent capacity to traverse through space itself. Thus shortening trips between long distances without the effort of actually moving from point a-b, such an effort requires conscious compulsion and no small extent of magic in the wearer to properly function. For if ever truly drained of her quintessence force which powers her arcana, Nonmade will plummet out of the sky without much of anything to keep her aloft, the Cloak aspects have been modified to some extent thanks to Tiboro's interaction. Having applied a steady mesh of Adamantium/Magicked Vibranium polymer alloy to it, her mantel is now virtually indestructible. Plus it can change and alternate its shape and physical rigidity to become anything it's wearer desires, such as imparting a piece of its fabric that expands into something Magik can stand on, similar to a flying magic carpet. Morphing a shield out of it, using it like a razors edge protruding monifilament like fibers from it's linen composition, even alternating physical appearances in order to have it pass off as some other kind of wardrobe like a kimono or cloak or fancy galla dress. The cloak also came with special sash like tassels strewn along it which can hyper-elongate at the users wishes, often worn and tied around the waist of the wearer, Unmade can utilize said extensions to lash and bind or walk upon
  • The Shadow Cloak; a powerful teleportation/courier transport item which a great many sorcerous individuals used as a means of conveyance as well as a means of mystic item acquisition and storage. With this fusee to her mantel, Illyana can change its shape & form, have it act as a magic portal to wherever she wants it to go and can utilize it too pick up weaponry and equipment from extradimensional armories (her own or from other store caches across time & space) as easily as she can use it to transport herself or others to alternate places, outright exiling them to hostile environments if so desired. Like a great deal of her mage wears abilities, this faculty of her cowl functions through mentally controlling it, enabling the enaction of its major special powers to defeat  and exile powerful opposition or oncoming threats to an unknown penal dimension which she and only she truly knows inside and out. Through further training using her shall, Magik later learned she can use it as a summoning tool as well as a means of banishment; where she can tactile conjure up parts of fallen adversaries to attack her enemies with. E.I. summoning the proboscis of Fin Fang Foom to attack with his dragon fire or transmogrification vision or conjuring up a small yet semi-sizable army from her personal hell among hell's. Another interesting attribute the shadow cloak gives the Daemoneous Mantel is the ability to infuse different summoned properties into her personal arsenal, magic work or with her very metamorphic garment itself. Blending and melding whole new powerset's into conjured municipals by amalgamating different items called forth through her long coat at the time creating whole new items or fission/fusion type characters which she can wield like a deadly new battlement.
  • The multi-armed coat of Tiboro, referred to by many amongst the occult circuit is a technomagical long jacket which generates a host of supertropical battlements and equipment via pulling them out using a sextet of extra appendages reaching into the numerous pockets of the coat. Each sack containing a pocket space of it's own which teamed with a host of magical weapons, gadgets and facilities among other such artifacts, each of which containing items of power capable of binding the likes of Sentry level threats. Said dress wear also possesses the inherent ability of flight, Magik uses the Tiboro shoal as a more tactile means of conjuring and producing, from just about any producible spots on it's person (long sleeves, coat lining, from within as well as without), her vast collection of magical items and advanced mechanical apparati from her personal vessel or from within the Darkforce dimension and even the vacuous living abyss from her Primordial Symbiote. The extra limbs make Illyana's usage of multiple articles at once much more prominent; enabling her to wield more items on hand than simply her Aeon Blade at a time with little effort. Another attribute of the coat Illyana picked up upon is it's underlying ability to use it's multitudinous arms as a type of recombinant master forge. Each of the appendages it generates has the ability to blend, defuse, unravel and alternate the unique mystical properties of most anything they lay hands upon in order to customize and remake them even better than ever. It was through these properties that she was able to fuse so many powerful relics into her Soulsword, off. & def. wise; Magik can also use these magic hands and gold fingers in order to better manipulate the ambient mystical energies within the atmosphere to craft and fabricate more powerful spells or means of protection or assault. Quite literally pulling great magic out of the ether in the atmosphere in order to create material-energy battery's which have their own unique qualities dependent on whatever enchantment Ms. Rasputina has cast upon such works.

Naglefar Beacon:


Aeon Blade: A magical sword initially forged from the lost innocence of Illyana's very soul and recast using the remains from a plethora of weaponry scavenged and assimilated throughout a myriad of universes. The Soulsword's primary functionality was disruption and negation of magic, arcanum or sorcery in it's entirety; stemming to cast spells, enchantments, curses, the wounding and slaying of mystical beings, etc. While it initially had no effect on normal people untouched by the either concepts; regularly only effecting any malignant effigy's possessing them or severing whatever means of control over the afflicted that they have without harming them. But with the fusion of multiple ancient weapons and equipment into her symbiotic armament has well and truly supplanted this limitation.

  • Limbo Control: Magik’s Limbo, also known as Otherplace, was not a void as such, but rather a small pocket dimension that is tenuously connected to True Limbo, where time does not pass in a physical sense and as a result, no one can age or die. The matter within Magik’s Limbo could be shaped and transformed by the thoughts and emotions of the sorcerer who is its master.
  • Promethean Armor: The more Magik uses her magical power on any occasion, the more mystical armor appears on her body. The nature and origin of this armor is as yet unknown. Along with the armor, Magik’s appearance would become more demonic including horns, hooves, or a tail. The mystical armor is a natural power of whoever rules in Limbo.
  • Anima Assimilation: Due to her demonic nature reflecting upon her enchanted incisor. Ilyanna can siphon the the immortal souls of other beings, whether they be mystically tinged or not, into her soul cleaving blade and assimilate their knowledge and capabilities. Feeding even further into her demonic powerset and inherent mystic ability by consuming whatever lingering knowledge/power the consumed possessed in earlier life.
    • Sapna: The soul of a little mutant girl possessed by the unholy entity known as the World Eater and later Slain by Illyana as a mercy killing. Sapna's power as Homo Superior is osmosian omnilinguism; she could psychoactively acquaint herself with the historical akahashic record of most any place and all which resides in it that she comes across. Through her Soulsword; Marauder can adaptively inquire true knowledge about anything and everything through its passenger's talent of absorbing, translating and fully understanding the languages of anything and anyone around her. As was the case when her powers first manifested while in Limbo, prompting her to absorb all the magical knowledge from the realm and utilize mystical know-how to which she was largely unfamiliar with before.
    • Dylan Brock: Another recipient whom was, more or less, a survivor of Illyana's broken universe after the Enclave of Knull and the Dominion imperative. As he was dying when the Phalanx came to assimilate the Earth, Lightchylde would instead stave off his T.O. encroachment by drawing his soul into her Soulsword at the time, thus giving her access to his unique proclivities and an in-depth understanding of such using Sapna as her guide. Dylan is a humanoid symbiote hybrid begotten from the klyntar known as Venom. Over the years he would familiarize himself with what such conditioning entailed thanks to tutelage under the malefic anti-divinity Knull, creator of the symbiote race. Dylan's abilities allowed him Command any and all Symbiotes to do his bidding; ranging from repelling a symbiotes attempting to bond to him, forcibly control them against their will or outright kill any/all symbiotes that are threatening him in any way. It is through this that Unalive can control the All-Black klyntar bonded to her sword and through it, control the Poison augmented Grendel Symbiote with such supreme finesse.
  • Mystic Right: The Soulsword is a physical manifestation of Magik’s magical powers as well as the limbo dimension she rules. As the Soulsword is the living embodiment of Illyana Rasputin, whomever owns the sword is considered to be the ruler of Limbo (Otherplace). Only the ruler of Limbo can wield the sword and only the wielder of the sword can rule limbo.
  • Strike the Supernatural: The Soulsword has been shown to only harm magical creatures or objects -- it rarely injures non-magical beings or items.
  • Maim the Ethereal: Intangible and ethereal beings can also be struck, such a practical usage of the Soulsword has proven quite handy against immaterial foes like Shadowcat, Ghost or even Vostock can painfully attest.
  • Counter/Break Spell: When Magik uses the Aeon Blade to strike people, places or things which are possessed, enchanted, or otherwise magically controlled or transformed the sword will be able to counter or break the hexation powering such states of being.
  • Stepping Disc Control: The Soulsword can be used to control Limbo's 'stepping discs.'
  • Spell Sword: To any whom withhold the soulsword, they gain the inherent knowledge 'drawing' spells, curses and other arcana from the sword through the use of arcane symbols which flow into them from the blade itself.
  • Sword Summoning: Magik can store her Soulsword in nothingness and summon it whenever she desires.
  • Magic Augmentation: Any sorcerer or wizard whom uses the Soulsword instantly has their mystic abilities boosted by having it in their possession.
  • Ebony Blade: The Ebony Blade, forged from a meteorite by Merlin, possesses a number of unusual properties, some innate to the metal, and others due to magical enchantments cast upon it. The sword had been ensorcelled to be all but unbreakable and the unique brand of special tapering that went into the forging enables its edge to cut through anything. With it incorporated into her Aeon Blade; Illyana can deflect, disrupt, absorb or penetrate most any kind of energy imaginable. Including and especially mystical or divine energies. It is also immune to most magical affliction. The ebony blade also grants its users immunity from death except from weapons carved of the same Starstone that it was crafted from. Likewise, it forms a mystical bond with the rightful wielder allowing him/her to transport themselves through arcane ritual across space and time to its current location if separated from the blade. The spirits of people slain by it's edge often become trapped within a personalized astral realm linked to said skein (contained within the sword itself). The sword also once carried a horrendous curse which slowly corrupted its handlers, amongst other unpredictable side effects if it were used to shed blood. Having negative mental or physical effects on its wielder because of the such a hexation. Usually compelling its user to seek more bloodshed whilst turning the wielder into an all but unstoppable monster known as the Bloodwraith; whilst in this state. Illyana can control her aeon blade in a telekinetic fashion, able to make her mystic cleaver fly around and attack enemies remotely if it were ever to leave her hand. It also allowed her to channel potent eldritch force blasts through it's edge, making it a deadly flying salvo emitter when used this way. Due to it's heavy mysticism, Magik can sense wherever her soul cutting sword may be. When enough souls of the slain have been sucked into the blade, it causes Marauder to grew incredibly large turning her into a near mindless behemoth with likewise vastly expanded powers and abilities. In such a state; her strength and durability reach incalculable levels making her near unstoppable.
  • All-Black: The relatively first of Knull's shadowed children, the oldest and most powerful symbiote ever made by the dark god which was put to even better usage by the mortal Gorr than it's creator. As with all of the Klyntar race, All-Black's purpose was the evisceration and annihilation of all divine characteristics for purpose of the malefic deity's silencing the light. This primordial symbiote was integrated into her soul sword in order to give her greater control over the Grendel in her possession, the transmorphic qualities of said entity transformed her mainstay weapon into a powerful shapeshifter weapon able to recombinate all the differing powers of various arcane battlements fused into it by the Daemoneous Mantle without fear of shorting out due to the inherent genetic memorized fear to fire and sound. Using the godslaying super klyntar, Illyana was able to slaughter Hela; goddess of the dead when the universe collapsed after the Dominion Imperative got underway. Assimilating the power of the Odinforce/Thor Force as a consequence when New Asgard fell and died. The main property of all Knull's symbiotes is power over the Darkness itself; none other than the All-Black entity had greater control over the living abyss and as a result. The jet black blade's main substance is as much primordial darkness as it was comprised of the blood of a billion slain gods. Marauder can conjure and wield this advanced darkness at will, using it in conjunction with the Darkforce power of her personal veneer, able to reshape said abyss into whatever kind of semblance or form she could possibly imagine. Such as it a shadowed armor resiliant to the power of the cosmic and the divine, create wings for flight, tether's or snares able to entrap mountainous or singularity spanning creatures, weapons and even semi-sentient to fully self-aware entities with portions of the shadow blades power which act on her whim. Like all symbiotes; once bonded to her Aeon Blade, Illyana's natural physical aspects were augmented to the point of rivaling the most powerful of divine and other incredibly sturdy cosmic entities. Darkchild easily used these assets to rip through the armies of the various hell's she razed, carving a bloody swath through armies of undead and demon alike before slaughtering and embalming the powers of deathly deities, uber powerful demon lords and even high end cosmic abstracts; such as the likes of Hela, Galactus, Belasco, Thanos, the One Below All, The Stygian Witches, Mephistopheles and others with near ease. Giving her might and menace enough to best galaxian creatures who could wrestle black holes for sport, move and fly at or beyond light-speed to overtake her prey, was tough and reactive enough to resist both the physical and mystical onslaught of various divine lords and all their heavenly armies, all on top of accelerated recovery ability which could heal her body from the most insidious injuries. Another facet of the symbiote species is their ability to steal the powers of the all-mighty; taking notes of how a rogue Wakandan Emperor once used his 'Other' in order to steal the divine title and all the power which entails for himself. Illyana having used this dark klyntar to subsume the lions share of a great many supreme figures powers and abilities for herself in the past. The Annihilablade also bestows the ability to project and manipulate or greatly enhance any inherent ability for energy casting as was the case with both Gorr and Knull when they wielded it. Illyana often makes use of the creatures capability to do so in order to magnify her magical powers and innate abilities as a mutant. To further placate on the anti-divinity abilities of stealing and negating the abilities of gods and monsters, the Aeon Blade's edge could now be honed from quenching the inexhaustible life-force of divinity in order to feed both the symbiote and its users power. The more gods slain using the Necrosword and its collage of fabrications, the more powerful it's weaponer became as a result. Initially such a facet of the WMD was finite, needing the constant killing of gods in order to maintain itself at peak levels. Thanks to withholding the Naglefar Beacon however; which summons and commandeers the necrotic cadavers of dead gods across realities, Ilyanna has an endless supply of holy ichor to constantly empower her mega weapon with. But the main and primary function of All-Black is the ability to kill just about anything and everything it come across, be it slews of higher beings worshiped as preeminent, the very metaphysical concepts of the cosmos given humanoid form as well as all the armies of which whom follow them no matter what enhancements or augmentations given that makes them impervious to harm and defies the effects of mortality. Whenever she decides to get serious, Magik can unbind the true form of terror that represents All-Black's ultimate power. The malevolent Klyntar can transform into a massive, mighty cleaver powerful enough to cleave stars and shatter planets or raze entire quadrants of space.The most probable and catastrophic aspect of the All-Cleaver, is it's infinite ability to spread and infect any and all things using it's vast darkness. Illyanna at the peak of her powers can use her Aeonic Necrosword to bind herself, consciousness and all, to a universe in it's entirety. Effectively becoming the sum totality of the cosmos through her symbiotic blade, transforming the klyntar and herself into a sentient necroverse. Everything that is and or will be within a set cosmos she is apart of all becomes one massive extension of herself; becoming as the stars and planets, galaxies and singularities it comprises of. All of which is geared towards slaughtering enemies. Working this facet in conjunction with her Boltzmann Brains to create pan-reality affliction bombs that flood unsuspecting realities with Symbiote extensions which rapidly expand and consume entire existences adding them to her ever expanding arsenal of necro-realities she can make proprietary use of later on.
  • Bow of Gabriel: The bow that once belonged to one of Galactus's most favored of heralds allows Nonmade to harnesses the ambien cosmic energy of the universe to produce arrows used to terraform entire planets and modulating the indigenous species inhabiting it. Having been used for changing the very planetary substance and minerals into flavorful elements which accentuates Galactus's pallet, as well as psychophysiologically altering the planets various species in any manner of ways; either rendering docile and ready to be consumed or manipulated, turned into veracious homicidal monstrosities that will act on the users bidding or merely alternate their racial propriety to change one species into another. All as dependent on the user of the Bow's desires. To put it in another way; Illyana's Aeon Blade can transform a planet of warmongers, arms traders and slavers into docile sheep whom do naught to resist the whatever intentions she has for them. Or an entire race of peaceful, god fearing folk living as mere farm hands, cattle herders and goods traders into hideous aberrations with new mutagenic abilities and mined slaved loyalties for better serving under their new master. The quivers cocked by Aeon's handler never miss their mark and the bolts fly faster & faster the further along a line of targeting it travels. Once fired into a planets surface, these cosmic quivers phase into the worlds core, changing it from the inside out through the onset of torrential cosmic energy called the Dark Tide; which immediately goes to work by reshaping everything on the biosphere according to how it's programmer wants it to be; atmosphere, soil, architecture, infrastructure and the like to whatever the shooter intends it to become. Illyana often uses this mighty shooter in conjunction with her meta-corruption inducing Purgatori Force using all the comsological forces at her disposal to taint select portions of the cosmos at an accelerated rate. Often firing it's quivers into specially made portals using her mutant powers to convert entire star sectors into whatever it is she needs at the time.
  • Time Sword:
  • Edge of Reality:
  • Bloodaxe: The primary weapon of the fallen Asgardian; Skurge the Executioner, whom spent millennia honing his warrior skill utilizing its foul power. So deadly is he using his weapon of choice that much of his malignant persona ebbed into its edge, giving newfound world shattering power to a great many users whom come to wield it's edge. Enabling them to tear down cities with but a single stroke and lay low even the mightiest of giants amongst men. Similarly to Thor's enchanted hammer; Mjolnir, the powers of it's namesake are transferred while in the hands of other wielders. Granting the current handler of thr Bloodaxe many powers and skills naturally afforded to an Asgardian deity to the one using it, as well as a coupled unique abilities held within the arsenal itself. Because Skurge spent so many eons wielding it, said hatchet has become accursed with the Asgardian rogues evil and wickedness. The more one uses the axe or the longer they hold onto it, the more and more driven by the cruel malice behind said utility they become. Whosoever makes use of Skurges keepsake, runs the risk of incurring the insatiable bloodlust poured into it by the former owner. Inevitably, immediately ramping up the murderous rage of those withholding it to homicidal extremes. Driving them to kill and maim on a whim against their will, though it can be channeled; this instilled fury inevitably corrupts its handler.
  • Technoactive Virus: Through all-black's connection with the Poison Grendel, Balthazar has vast technoforming capabilities bestowed upon her using her almighty mystic weapon. Able to virtually transm-mechanize anything or anyone whom she cuts with the Aeon Blade into perfectly malleable technomass which she can articulate and utilize for impressive recreationally inventive uses for it. Able to spike her creations with science-mystical know-how in order to forge whole new battlements and equipment out of everything she comes in contact with on the fly. More to the point, she can even remotely transfer her virus over to anything or anyone via clairvoyance or other scrying techniques in order to beam the trans-mech viral strain into an objects very quantum structure. Transforming whatever it is the formula hits into polymorphous technomass which she can refashion into whatever given shape Marauder desires or establish a remote technoformative wi-fi link with any/every mechanical, digital or cybernetic apparatus within splicing range. Allowing for Illyana to commandeer technology be it man made or biological in nature through nothing more than sheer willpower and imagination.

Super Adaptoid:

Punisher's Arsenal:

Odinsword Ragnarok: As with it's darker adversary Twilight, the ancient Odinsword was too grand a weapon for Remnant to infuse into her Klyntar powered soulsword. Instead deciding to store it away within a Boltzmann Brain fabricated sub-universe through which to channel and harness it's insurmountable level of enchantment's place upon it by Ragnarok's creators. Considered to be far, in excess, more powerful than even Gungnir and/or Mjolnir in terms of ability; the Odinsword is tremendously old and precariously powerful. Forged in ways now lost to the annals of time and capable of withstanding any impact and cut through all known things, be it Celestial armor or even the very conceptual beings themselves. This mighty edge while gigantic in scale can moderate its size along with the wielder according to their wants and will, Illyana often uses this cosmic channeling tool as a focus to channel and magnify the energies with the Purgatori Force whenever she needs to charge up for incredibly powerful spell craft. Her immense mysticism being a prime force behind its phenomenal power. Another source of power the Odinsword comes from the cursed item that it was created from known as the Nibelung Ring; a potent and rather ancient cursed antique which is said to grant supreme might at the cost of personal moral fiber, driving it's user to commit malfeasance and atrocity for the sake of power and plunder.

Twilight Sword: Being too vast and too powerful for her to assimilate into her soulsword; Ilyanna would instead keep the magical blade of Surtur's craft within a personalized hammer space dimension alongside it's opposite skein; The Odinsword. With this mighty cleaver; Illyana's already impressive magical abilities are vastly propelled to moreso incomprehensible heights. The sword acting as a catalyst for radical magic energies even older than that of the Odin Force, increasing its user's power while also doubling as a shield to protect from external foreign magic from harming it's handler to a degree. By channeling it's phenomenal quintessence through herself into the Soulsword, Twilight's main ability is to cut through anything he or she wishes. Be it physical objects, the barriers between realities or even the untouchable ethereal abstracts like ghosts or cosmic entities. Having already bathed the it in the Eternal Flame of Asgard; Darkchild has bestowed it and herself even higher cataphysical capabilities; allowing her to end whole cosmoses and accomplish a greater deal of many other apocalyptic feats. Ranging from shredding universal representations, channeling and magnifying tremendous amounts of energy, as well as sheering through all manner of barriers and obstructions be they magic, science or cosmological in scale.

Destroyer Armor:

Ares's Arsenal:


Hammer Arsenal: On a parallel earth not too different from Darkchyldes own, a Thor whom she had vanquished withheld a plethora of variable effect hammers which the Prince of Thunder possessed that bore myriad enchantments and special abilities catered to their specific, individual design. The prince of the blood having taken to wielding a wide arrangement of enchanted hammers for different tasks in the time when Mjolnir was lost to him, each withheld special magics bequeathed by Odin himself to provide Thor with the same abilities Mjolnir did. initially, these mallets were manufactured with lower grade Uru and were prone to breakage on a regular basis, but thanks to Illyana's superior science/mystic refitting their forging has enriched both the spellwork powering them as well as vastly enriched their elemental lunar metals using other rare and resilient ingots. Giving these newly refurbished hammers vastly augmented substance, mysticism and the ability to reformulate themselves in the event that they are ever destroyed. The slew of cudgels & gavels pilfered from realities included:

  • Hulk-Smiter
  • Bomb Hammer,
  • Binary Solaris

Iron Legion Armory:

Nova Helmet:

Ultimo Android:

Mandaley Gem:

Captain America's Shield:



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