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Real Name
Ian Van Patrick
Current Alias

Scarlet-Spider, Super-Soldier



Heralds of Proteus; formerly: Avengers, Scarlet Spiders (Team Red), Initiative

Abraham Erskine[1] (great-grandfather, deceased), Brian Van Patrick (Quasar, father), Michael Van Patrick (Scarlet Spider, twin brother), KIA (clone), Abigail Boylen (girlfriend, deceased)


Base Of Operations
Camp Hammond






Marital Status


High School

Lifetime of experimental diets and isometric physical training.

Place of Birth


First appearance



During his research into what would ultimately become the super-soldier serum, Dr. Abraham Erskine outlined a special Brazilian revolutionary diet and isometric exercise regime that he theorized would create a super-soldier. However, because the diet and regime required a lifetime of adherence in order to produce the desired results, this research was rejected by the US government, and when Erskine was assassinated, it was passed down through his family, finally ending up in the hands of his grandson, Brian Van Patrick. When his sons Ian and Michael were born, Van Patrick decided to test out the diet and the exercise regime on his boys to see if his grandfather's theories were right. As it happened, the theories were right, and within twenty years, Ian and Michael Van Patrick became the greatest student athletes in the country, earning scholarships to the University of Kentucky. However, when reporters discovered that Michael and Ian were the great-grandsons of the man who created Captain America, they came under heavy scrutiny. Though the testing all showed that their abilities were due to training, Ian and Michael lost their scholarships, and nearly lost every award they'd ever received.


Brian had discovered that people over at Camp Hammond were interested in his boys becoming heroes. Ian was more interested in going than Michael, but he was convinced. So they both pressured their dad into allowing them to go to Camp Hammond. He gave them his approval and they were off.

At Camp Hammond, he and Michael broke the course record for non-speedsters, impressing most of the other trainees and SHIELD members. They were immediately put on a Team Red. After lasting though more training, Michael, Ian, and a girl named Felicity were dubbed the Scarlet Spiders.

Scarlet ian

As apart of Team Red.

While Michael began a romantic relationship with teammate Felicity, Ian found love with a girl named Abigail Boylen. An incident occurred during a training exercise, where Armory's Tactigon went out of control. Team Red was sent in to contain the situation. Michael saw a beam from the Tactigon heading towards Abigail and he tried to protect her. He was to late, by the time he had Abigail, she was already dead. Ian came over and pushed him out of the way. He blamed himself for Abigail's death because he could have moved faster and saved her life. Ian fell into a deep depression afterwards.

Two nights later he left a suicide note in the spot where Abby died and then he went to the Camp's armory to retrieve the Tactigon. He began hitting it, in an attempt to destroy it. Ian punched the Tactigon so hard that he sliced his hand open and his blood dripped into the device. This caused it to activate and fire. Ian jumped up and grabbed onto the ceiling before the beam hit him. It tore down the nearby wall and went clear across the camp. He tried to shut it off, but he couldn't, so he ran away.

Ian was tackled by his brother, who preceded to punch him. Ian explained what happened and that he was sorry for it. Then the armory disintegrated and a someone that looked like the brothers emerged wearing the Tactigon.

The man fired a beam from the Tactigon at Michael and Ian. Ian was pushed out of the way by his brother. Then Michael began to run towards the man. He narrowly missed being hit by another beam. Before he could get up, the man slammed the Tactigon onto Michael's head. Ian tore a pole out from the ground and threw it at the man. The pole impaled his chest, but he just stood there. Then the pole seemed to be absorbed into his body and his wound had healed.

Their fight had attracted the attention of other trainees and faculty. The man with the Tactigon turned his attention to the crowd at fired at them. Felicity was tending to Michael, when she saw her mentor being killed by the man. She tried to run after him, but Michael grabbed her ankle. She wouldn't be able to stop him, they needed a plan first. Felicity helped Michael to his feet and they regrouped with Ian.

The Scarlet Spiders were on their way to fight the man destroying Camp Hammond. They had formed a strategy to distract him, while the two others attacked. Michael sprayed webbing onto the man face and slammed him into the ground. He ripped a piece of concrete out of the ground and used it as a shield. While the man fired upon Michael, Ian and Felicity snuck up behind him and they began their assault. Ian tied up the Tactigon with webbing and Felicity attacked him at close range. The man was randomly firing the beam to try and hit them. To stop him, Felicity webbed his arm up to and held it back. Michael joined his team and did the same thing. They pulled together in an attempt to tear the Tactigon from his arm. When they did this the man fired a beam at the same time and it went through his head.

His body fell to the ground motionless. His death was an accident, as Team Red planned to only immobilize him. The entire camp was destroyed and everyone was dead. One aircraft survived the destruction and the Scarlet Spiders took it to find help.


KIA lives

The return of KIA.

The man who had apparently died by his own hand, had actually survived. Because he was a creation of the Tactigon, he could not be killed by it. Technically he was a machine and Ian only served as a genetic template for him to form his body. He was filled with the anger that Ian felt at the time of his accidental creation. He was killed in action, so he took that as his name as he searched for the ones responsible for his early demise. The world had already been taken over by the cosmic being Proteus (more...[2]), so he formed an alliance with him. During an attack from the Resistance, also known as the Avengers, KIA spotted Spider and felt that he was his creator.

He fired his Tactigon at the only member of the Scarlet Spiders left. Spider narrowly missed being annihilated by the beam and he looked shocked to see the man once more. Spider kept fighting, but could not focus his attention on KIA, who relentlessly attacked him. As KIA used the Tactigon more, it began to cover his entire body until it was fully coated with the Tactigon itself. Spider was eventually overrun by Proteus' forces and KIA prepared to kill him. Ian's mask was shredded and covered in his blood like the rest of his armor. He closed his eyes, knowing there was nothing he could do to stop his death. The voice of a young man commanded KIA to lower his weapon. Ian lifted his head and saw Proteus' newest herald, the Silver Surfer. The Surfer placed his hand on Ian's head and converted him into another Herald of Proteus.

World's Collide

Main article: World's Collide

When brought before Proteus, Spider was told that he would be the one to kill his father. He stood by his master's side, as he revealed his plan to conquer the cosmos and rule it as he wished. The only resistance that stood a chance at angering Proteus was the Avengers. The ensuing battle would have one certain outcome, the deaths of all who opposed Him.

Powers and Abilities


Naturally Enhanced Physiology: Due to a lifetime of a special revolutionary diet that was obtained in Brazil and special exercise, Ian Van Patrick has strength, endurance, and agility comparable to Captain America.

  • Peak Human Strength: Van Patrick's physical strength is enhanced to the very peak of human potential. As a result, he is as physically strong as a human being can be without being classified as superhuman. Scarlet Spider had been seen bench pressing 500 kg (1,100 lbs) which was consistent with his strength level, as benching was easier than military press lifting. He can snap steel handcuffs and chains, and is capable of break wood walls and steel doors with a single kick.
  • Peak Human Speed: He can run at speeds of up to approximately 30 miles per hour (48 kilometer per hour), and has on occasion run a mile in little over a minute when under duress (which would roughly be a little less than 60 miles per hour).
  • Peak Human Stamina: Van Patrick's body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing chemicals in his muscles, granting him exceptional endurance and lung capacity. He can exert himself at peak capacity for an hour without rest and before showing any signs of fatigue.
  • Peak Human Agility: His agility is greater than that of an Olympic gold medalist.He can coordinate his body with balance,flexibility, and dexterity. He also has the ability to leap 50 yards out in a single bound and 20 ft into the air without a running start.
  • Peak Human Reflexes: Van Patrick's reflexes border on superhuman level. His reaction speed is 20 kph, which makes it possible for him to dodge gunfire even in short range from multiple gunners at the same time.
  • Peak Human Durability: His bones and muscles are denser and harder than normal, to the highest human potential, which makes him very durable compared to a normal human. He is durable enough to the point that if a person beats him with a thick wooden stick, the stick would eventually brake and Van Patrick would show little discomfort.
  • Peak Human Metabolism: Van Patrick's healing speed and efficiency is at the highest limits of human potential, which means he can heal faster than most humans. The white blood cells (WBCs) and the SSS in his body are efficient enough to fight off any microbe, foreign body and others from his body keeping him healthy and immune to most if not all infections, diseases and disorders.
  • Peak Human Mental Process: His mental performance has been greatly enhanced, allowing his mind to operate in the most efficient and rapid manner possible. Van Patrick also possesses a near-eidetic memory, meaning that he never forgets anything and has perfect recall.
  • Peak Human Perception: Van Patrick's senses are at the highest possible limits of human potential. He once said that he is able to dodge bullets because he can see faster than them.


  • Initiative Training: Ian received combat training as part of the Initiative. He excelled in the area of gymnastics.

Strength level

Peak-Human Strength


None known.


Equipment: The Iron Spider Armor

Iron Spider Armor: Fabricated with advanced protein-scale nano-technology and exotic materials handling, LEP skin display, impact sensing armor integrated life support ant all-spectrum communications powered by a hybrid opto-electronic computer and using super conducting, high performance plastic throughout.

  • Waldoes: The Iron Spider Armor possesses four mechanical spider-arms, or "waldoes," that can be used to see around corners (via cameras in the tips) and to manipulate objects indirectly.
  • Liquid Metal Nano-Fiber: The armor is composed of a liquid metal nano-fiber and can more or less disappear when not needed. It responds to neuro-chemical impulses, as well as blend into a variety of backgrounds. He can give it the shapes and colors of different costumes for instance.
  • Gliding: The armor incorporates mesh webbing that grants the suit mid-range gliding capabilities on wind currents, similar to the suit of Spider-Man 2099's.
  • Bulletproof and Heatproof: The armor is both bulletproof and heatproof, thanks to it being composed of a heat-resistant Kevlar micro-fiber that can resist small-caliber bullets.
  • Built-in Emergency Scanner: The armor possesses a built-in police, fire, and emergency scanner that allows the wearer to listen to police, fire, and/or emergency broadcasts through radio-waves.
  • Audio/Visual Amplification: The armor possesses audio and visual amplification, enabling him to see in the infrared and ultraviolet portions of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Carbon-Filtering System: The armor possesses a carbon-filtering system in the mouth area that enables the wearer to breathe in toxic environments by filtering out toxic particles in the air. It also grants the ability to breathe underwater.
  • Short-Range GPS Microwave Communication System: The suit possesses a short-range GPS microwave communication system that enables Scarlet Spider to communicate with others over short distances.
  • Costume Detachment: Part of the costume can detach it self from the wearer to cover an object too dangerous to touch, such as a radioactive asteroid.
  • Adaptive Camouflage: Allows Scarlet Spider to appear to be wearing any costume, or to copy any nearby clothing. Ian prefers to wear the black and red stealth-version.
  • Web-Shooters: The twin devices worn on his wrists are able to shoot thin strands of a special "web fluid" at high pressure.

Transportation: Web slinging
Weapons: None known.


Lost scholarship due to the fact his great-grandfather was the man who created the Super-Soldier Serum and the fact that Ian's powers might have been derived from said serum.


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