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Blue Corona

Real Name
Hyacinth Calcite
Current Alias
Blue Corona

Cat Girl, Slave #5748, Little Warrior



Young Avengers (Secretly infiltrating the Academy), Defenders Squad; HYDRA

Unknown Parents


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; Formerly Shi'ar Empire, Chandilar






Unusual Features
Cat-like appearance

Shi'ar Formerly Shi'ar

Marital Status

HYDRA infiltrator, Student; Formerly slave, warrior

Taught by those of her people, mostly warriors

Part of the Mephistioid race under Shi'ar control, though is considered a mutant sub-species thanks to her unusual appearance and secondary power


First appearance



Quote1 I burn with the desire for revenge and to rid of my enemies. Quote2
-- Hyacinth Calcite


Like most Mephitoids Hyacinth was born on Tryl'sart, though that is the current name with the Shi'ar ruling it currently. The original name is unknown. Her village was like those scattered about the jungle like planet, and her parents were deeply rooted in belief of being strong warriors despite the fact they were of middle-ranking themselves. But when their daughter was born and seemed of an unusual kind they seemed hopeful she could have a better fate then they once did. From the day she turned one her parents began to work in training and teaching Hyacinth everything they could.

But throughout these years they're raising turned out to be pretty harsh on Hyacinth who, as she got older, began to resent her parents a little. In fact she felt they were pushing too much hope in her being able to reach higher levels and maybe be part of the Imperial Guard. Something of which the young feline alien didn't want. During these years Hyacinth picked up quickly on many things, especially showing being a natural combatant, acrobatic, and athletic which pleased her parents immensely. She also learned how to use firearms, swords, and tonfas, two of which she has today that can also eject a blade along the outer sides. By the age of 13 Hyacinth was to join many of her fellow warriors in being taken to join the Shi'ar army or breeding stock to further expand the empire. But instead she decided to join in the rebelling against the Shi'ar.

For little over three years she helped in sabotaging ships, stealing supplies, interfering with trade routes, and participating in raids. Though eventually the crew she was with was captured by two Imperial ships, prompting Shi'ar warriors to arrest them. But it was at this moment Hyacinth began to fight back before her power of manipulating fire showed, this color though being a dark blue in color, causing the Shi'ar to realize she would likely make for quite the warrior. But in her anger the flames flared up, causing the Shi'ar and her supposed crew to be blasted back long enough for her to bolt.

Taking a shi'ar ship escape pod she set coarse for a random galaxy, wanting to be rid of the shi'ar rule and expected job of her parents.

My kind of Crowd

During her travels though, Hyacinth would come across the Skrull brothers Veris and Talon by chance who were fugitives of their own world. Seeing Veris immediately smitten with her, Hyacinth began subtly using her pheromones to control Veris, causing him to allow her to journey with them despite Talon's protests. Being ignored, the feline alien was soon a third member of their crew as they traveled across the galaxy before coming across Earth where they intended to stop but not before SWORD got a hold of them. Once in custody of the agents, the three were separated but by a weird chance, Hyacinth was interviewed by an undercover HYDRA agent who saw the chance to recruit an outsider for the cause.

After some convincing, Hyacinth agreed to help HYDRA and became an infiltrator under them when the three were reunited and sent to the Avengers Academy when thinking of nothing else. Though the hope was for them to be shaped into heroes, Hyacinth instead plays along to gather intel for HYDRA and making Veris her pawn of sorts to help in such goals.

Powers and Abilities


As a Mephitioid Hyacinth has many cat-like abilities, but on top of that she could be considered a mutant sub-species. She has the following powers:

  • Superhuman Agility:Her bodily coordination, agility, and balance are easily above that of the finest human athlete, actually being equal to that of an Earth cat or slightly greater.
  • Superhuman Flexibility:Hyacinth's bones are meant to move in ways even inhumanly possible. She has a particularly flexible spine that enables her to bend beyond the human limit while her joints are also able to move in odd ways usually not normal for humans without extensive training.
  • Superhuman Stamina:Hyacinth can last for longer periods of time then normal humans, enabling her to engage in physical activities for hours before fatigue toxins in her body impair her.
  • Superhuman Reflexes:Her reflexes are above the finest human athlete, allowing her a far greater reaction time then normal.
  • Superhumanly Acute Senses:Hyacinth's senses are very much like the domestic cats and big cats of Earth, being far greater then any human's. She can smell 2 miles away, and follow a scent that is a few days old. She can see with far greater clarity than most humans, even to the point of night vision. She also has sensitive hearing to being able to hear 3 miles away and certain sounds most cannot detect.
  • Night Vision:Another result of her senses to where she can see with perfect clarity at night, enabling her to move in the dark without concern.
  • Retractable Claws:Hyacinth has claws she can eject and retract at will. These are incredibly sharp and durable, enabling her to easily dig into some weaker rocks or wood and affect weak metals.
  • Pheromone Control:Hyacinth can generate pheromones for a few different purposes, most particularly for communication among her kind or to others with enhanced senses. She also generates different pheromones to affect one's mood and as a way to disguise her smell.
  • Blue-Fire Manipulation:As a mutant sub-species to the Mephitoid alien race, Hyacinth has shown she can generate and manipulate blue flames. These flames have been considered stronger and hotter then normal flames, reaching degrees at least of 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit. With these flames she can easily create blasts and streams of fire, using these streams to also grant her a form of jet propulsion for limited flight or increased speed. She also has shown to create constructs like weapons, walls, and armor and some immunity to regular fire.


  • Skilled Warrior:Hyacinth has been trained extensively in the combat forms of her people and those offered by the Shi'ar.
  • Weapon Expert:She also has been trained to use various types of weapons, from blunt weapons to blades to bo staffs and tonfas. She also is trained in how to use firearms but much prfers blades and tonfas.
  • Master Acrobat:Hyacinth has shown to be a natural acrobat, much of her skill easily rivaling a Olympic-level human acrobat.
  • Stealth/Hunter:Hyacinth also has shown great skill in stalking and stealth techniques, being able to go undetected by most humans and other species, often aided by the use of her pheromone control.

Strength level

She has the average strength of a human woman her age and height who engages in intensive exercise.


  • Despite her superhuman abilities, Hyacinth can still be killed through poison, stabbings, being shot, etc.
  • Hyacinth has some extreme anger and trust issues that can often be played against her.
  • The use of her flames can actually cause Hyacinth herself to become overheated and cause her to become dizzy, dehydrated, and even pass out from heat exhaustion.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Usually her own power, SHIELD vehicles

  • Tonfas: Hyacinth's choice in weapons consist of two tonfas that are of Shi'ar origin made from an unknown metal compound. They are incredibly durable and are meant to withstand extreme heat temperatures, especially due to her abilities which was an added feature by HYDRA. On the side is a trigger that releases blades along the sides of the tonfas to have an additional weapon in close combat.
  • May also use various other weapons


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