Hurricane Man is a Super Hero that exsist in Multiple Universes and Dimenstions. He was created by Lee Eric Etchisen though other superheroes might have the same name.


He was born and raised aboard space colony Epsilon and had a loving aunt and uncle take care of him. It is said that both his parents died in combat. Around 2055, he was on a mission and crashed on earth near the arctic of Alaska. He then was frozen in the pod for 50years before he melted and found Himself in a cart. He then pounded his way out of the ship and found that he was in the city of New Ben. He then found his way around town but discovered that he had supernatural abilities due to experiments on the space colony on him and his aunt. He then brought a suit and a cape and named himself Hurricane Man.


Hurricane Man is a kind, caring, Superhero who always wears a smirk on his face. He likes to go read while sitting in the park as his secret identity as Mark-Johnson, a worker for a writing company for fictional books. He likes reading and enjoys a good cup of coffee from his butler Tyrone.

Powers and Abilities

SuperHuman Intel: He was educated like those in china and learned from his high I.Q Aunt and Uncle

SuperHuman Speed: He can fly up to M.O.C 7

Super Human Power: He can lift 5000LBS with his Right arm (He is Left Handed)

SuperHuman Durability: He can last long in a fight and can stay near Radioactive material for 24-48Hours

SuperHuman Vision: He can use his X-Ray vision

SuperHuman Abilities: He can Summon Lightning to strike his enemies


Plasma: He cannot go within 10 feet of plasma, or he will die

Pyrophobia: Fear of Fire

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