Hulk Unleashed is a comic book about the Hulk taking place in Earth-606.


Vol. 1 - This Man, This Monster

Issues: #1-7

Plot: The origin of the Hulk is retold. Bruce Banner is hired by SHIELD to develop a new super soldier serum, much like the one that created Captain America. When they find the real Captain America submerged in ice, Bruce uses his blood for the serum, unwittingly causing a chain reaction. When Bruce is forced to test the serum out on himself, he is transformed into a large, grey-skinned beast, and goes on a rampage. However, he soon calms down, and is transformed back into his human form. He goes into hiding, and becomes a wanted fugitive.

Introduced: Lieutenant Ross, Betty Ross, Rick Jones, Samuel Sterns, Clay Quartermain

Villains: N/A

Vol. 2 - Joe Fixit

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