the Hulk of Earth-20080522

The Hulk of Earth-20080522 was nearly the same as his Earth-616 counterpart (though his appearance was different) until he joined the original incarnation of the Revengers, made up of himself, the Wasp, Iron Man, Thor, and Hornet. He stayed on with the team even after he learned how uncomfortable his teammates were with him around after their battle with Space Phantom. More recruits soon joined, including Captain America (later Captain Anarchy). The Hulk remained and fought Earth-616's She-Hulk during the Revengers' battle with the Avengers of Earth-616, but fought alongside her and the other Avengers against an insane Captain Anarchy.


Earth 20080522's Bruce Banner injecting himself with the Hulk Serum


  • the Hulk of Earth-20080522 retained the intellect of Bruce Banner when in Hulk form.
  • Earth-20080522's Bruce Banner required an injection of a serum infused with gamma radiation to become the Hulk.