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Hood's Gang

Official Name
Hood's Gang

Team Identity



Base Of Operations
New York City

Team Leader(s)

Former Members
Slug Skrull (faux affiliation) (deceased)

Place of Formation
New York City

First appearance


Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 (Trachodon56)

At some point, the Hood started a crime syndicate from New York's supervillains. The Wrecking Crew had went on rampage through the New York subway system, which was the incident that revealed the Skrulls' prescense on Earth to the superhuman community. The Hood sent the Ani-Men to steal intel from the Skrulls after learning of a secret complex underneath the San Diego Zoo.

Hell's Kitchen

The Ultimate Alliance soon tracked down the Ani-Men to an abandoned area of Hell's Kitchen, and found a number of the supervillains employed by the Hood. Everyone was soon defeated, but it's soon revealed that the Slug has already been replaced by a Skrull, having been trained with strong mental blocks to protect his mind from mental detection by the Hood. The Skrull tries to contact help, but is discovered by the Hood and killed. In the confusion, Hood manages to teleport him and the gang out of the base.


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