Historia Regum Britannia
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 Homeworld Earth
Titles & Aliases
 Real Name Historia Regum Britannia
 Current Alias God of Healing: Asclepius
 Editorial Names
 Base of Operation
 Status Active
 Identity Public
 Citizenship English
 Marital Status
 Occupation Hero
 Species Human
 Gender Male
 Eye Color
 Fur Color
 Hair Color White
 Unusual Features
 Universe Earth-888
 Place of Birth
First Appearance

Historia Regum Britannia is a young aged man, a teacher at the Xavier Institute and one of Xavier's most trusted colleague and friend. Due to his power and capabilities, he's known as the God of Healing: Asclepius.

Powers & Abilities


Historia's super move, Divine Healing.

Faith Healing: The mutant power of healing that's said to be more powerful then any form of healing power. Faith Healing is Historia's power to heal anything almost instantly; from wounds, broken bones and even recover stamina and mentally recover others on the cellular level. However by the name of the power, the strength itself relies on the faith people have. The strength and quality relies on how much "faith" one has on Historia. Historia upon activating his mutant powe, releases a source of light from himself, slowing building up to release a near-blinding light in all directions, and depends on the faith of individuals, may heal moderatly to being fully healed. How he use it is up to him, for he can release his healing light from the palms of his hands, allowing him to simply place his hands on someone to heal. Unlike heal however, Faith Healing uses Historia's stamina over then the one being healed, as such more faith indiviuals has him, the more powerful and effective the healing, but also more stamina cost to Historia himself.

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