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Real Name
Herbert Edwin Doe
Current Alias

The Man Who Broke the Hawk, Ultimate Huckster, The Hulking Huckster, The Berserker, The Ultimate Beast


Confederacy of the Sovereign States (formerly)

Doe Family Lineage (ancestors; mostly deceased), Kenneth Doe (father; deceased), Unnamed woman (mother; deceased), Tara Isley (step-mother), Neal Doe (son)


Base Of Operations
Utopian Isle Institute for the Criminally Insane, Utopia Isle; formerly Cosmopolis, New Troy, Atomic City, and the entirety of the Confederacy of the Sovereign States





Unusual Features
Immense bulk and muscle mass. The features of the Huckster's face are distorted as a result of the transformation process, giving him the appearance of having a permanent sneer.


Former professional criminal, mercenary, terrorist, fugitive, confederate general, and confederate soldier

First appearance

Modern Comics: Squadron Supreme's Nighthawk
Vol 1 1


Quote1.png I broke your back once, little bird, and that was the only the beginning of what I can do to little vermins like you ... If you don't wanna let me do it to you, ever again... I warn you, for this second time... Stay out of my way while you still can... Kyle... Quote2.png
-- Huckster

Early Years

Born in the unconventional confederate capital state of Montgomery, Alabama, the ruthless and ravenous man named Herbert Edwin Doe who would be known by his infamous pseudonym called the Huckster, first spent most of his early childhood living with his step-mother, Tara Isley, and his father Kenneth Doe, who was a powerful, arrogant, and corrupt, confederate politician of the Confederacy of the Sovereign States, who also repeatedly disowns his own child after knowing the possibility that Herbert was his son from one of the female slaves whom he previously had slept with and possibly, fell in love with. As Herbert grew up during his childhood years, his depressed father desperately suddenly committed suicide, without anyone else knowing the real reason, including his own son, who was seemingly the actual reason he intently ended his own life.

Additional information regarding the Doe family lineage that was about to be revealed later on, similar to his own personal beliefs, Herbert Doe's known ancestors were also known to be powerful figures of the Confederate community, who were mostly racially biased and has loyal favoritism towards white supremacy and has a continuous suppressing hatred towards the ideologies of the Union States. Little did Herbert knew, that he was one of the very people he and his family had looked down to as nothing but slaves and an inferior race. After his father's death, Herbert's hatred towards the "blacks" and other opposing races grew more and more as he aged.

As a rebellious and devious orphaned teenager who was living his life as a trained war criminal and an elite mercenary of the C.S.S., he voluntarily participated to the clandestine military experiments of the C.S.S. where he was exposed to a steroid like substance called the Source. His anger, willpower, and determination has enabled him to survive, where most of the test subjects did not. Years later during the Great American Secession, the modernized follow-up conflict (after the American Civil War) between the Confederate States of America and the rest of the country or the Union, Herbert was finally unleashed by the confederate military as a literal, living biological weapon, a walking tank perhaps, in order to mercilessly combat the defense of the United States Armed Forces and destroy everything that tried opposing their way.

The Great American Secession

At the first few weeks after the Huckster and the C.S.S. had unleashed its chaotic, devastating, and reckless attacks towards the towns and the cities of the formerly Union States, the Confederacy manages to extremely gain their upper advantages against the Union, having the power to convert additionally thirteen union-favored states into confederate states, all thanks to the mighty strength of the Huckster and the rising power of the Confederacy. The Huckster was so powerful even the desperate and the frightened President of the United States was too close into having the troubling decision of surrendering to the Confederacy by secretly turning the entirety of America turn into a Confederate country before he had the plan to announce it to the public, due to the momentary absence of Earth's most known powerful hero, Hyperion.

That decision was eventually averted, all thanks to the help of the newly-emergence of heroes, led by New Troy's brutal, crime-fighting hero and vigilante Nighthawk. During the final battle between the heroic Nighthawk and the Huckster, the last Confederate rebel standing, the Huckster has unfortunately defeated the Hawk and as the coup de grâce, he mercilessly broke his back and left him nearly-paraplegic, thereby having been the only man to have "Broken the Hawk".

Although Nighthawk was helplessly paralyzed by the Huckster during the battle, the persevere hero himself was not yet finished in dealing with him, and with it, he still had his back-up plan ready to finish the now-weakened and exhausted Huckster and knock him down and the rest of the Confederacy of the Sovereign States' attempted invasion once and for all. Unleashing another hulking weapon of his own invention, he released and remotely-controlled his powerful and mighty suit of armor, he named the "Golden Eagle." As the remote-controlled armor clashes with the Huckster, the overpowered suit of armor was able to single-handedly defeat, repeatedly & brutally beat, and knock him out at the last second of almost losing, ending the greatest known threat that almost made the Confederacy win all over the country, once and for all.

In the end of the Great American Secession, which lasted for a few months, most of the Confederacy of the Sovereign States finally surrendered to the U.S. Government, with the Huckster and the rest of the confederate army being held imprisoned at the Utopian Isle Institute for the Criminally Insane. Although he was defeated and imprisoned for the very first time by the Hawk, the Huckster's ruthless and unstoppable strength and his hateful and savage personality towards the Hawk for several years of their next future encounters, has made him one of Nighthawk's greatest and most dangerous enemies from time to time.

A Painful Vengeance

Though he was defeated and was currently imprisoned at the side of the country he hated the most, he was able to escape captivity and manages to came back some time to get back at the heroic Nighthawk in few several encounters, always craving for the opportunity of vengeance, whenever he gets the chances to meet him, face-to-face. At some point earlier since he had first escaped, Herbert was able to figure out Nighthawk's true identity, much to Kyle's surprise, since Herbert's real name, origins, history to everyone else still remains a great mystery left unsolved, even to the Hawk himself, for the time being.

Later on, Herbert was able to return to the last of the surviving faction of the C.S.S., secretly located at the city of New Troy, later with a plan to secretly continue their assault in taking over the country once more. It was revealed letting the Huckster rejoin the C.S.S. was nothing more than a mere diversion so that the scientists could recreate a stronger version of the Source serum, and use it on their newest test subjects.

Along with it in order to trigger Herbert real bad, his step-mother Tara, who was one of the surviving leaders of the C.S.S., also told that his father was nothing more than a depressed failure to their fatherland and revealed his true maternal lineage, explaining that his true mother was just a slave of his father's, where he actually did fooled around and fell in love with her in secret, leading to his unexpected birth. As everyone told Herbert the hard, painful truth of his origin, his point of view in his life has entirely changed. Feeling deeply lost and broken to be betrayed by his own loved ones, comrades, ideologies, and beliefs his whole life, Herbert breaks down not in tears, but in unstoppable wrath and rage.

With no one else to stop him, the leaders of the C.S.S. had no other choice but to release their newest, five successful test subjects, known as the Juggernauts, in order to take down and kill the Huckster, without any hesitation. At first, was overwhelmed and was almost defeated by the Juggernauts whom he clash with, until he had the chance to get a sample of the new version of the Source. With all his full strength and might powered by the newly-improved version of the serum, the overpowered Huckster manages to brutally tear and mangle every single Juggernaut into pieces, killing them in the most painful and savage deaths imaginable.

Same Past, Different Paths

Now that his hulking foes were killed, he smashes throughout the last known headquarters of the C.S.S., unintentionally engulfing the entire base on flames trying to find his step-mother, the last survivor, apparently killing most of the last surviving members of the infamous rebel state, dissolving the league of the Confederacy of the Sovereign States, one last time in the most ironic way possible. Miraculously, Nighthawk and the New Troy Police Department was able to arrive at the scene in time while the Huckster devastatingly rampages throughout the burning headquarters, still trying to find his step-mother. Herbert did find his step-mother, at the hands of Nighthawk.

Enraged that the Hawk might kill Tara even before he could, he roared at him to let his hands off her and stay out of his way, implying that dealing with her was Huckster's own problem, not Nighthawk's. Nighthawk sarcastically told that he had a point, however, dealing with sickening criminals like him was also the Hawk's own problem, with him adding that killing her won't even solve anything, or even help him for that matter. As they fight, the Huckster would compare how similar he and Kyle's childhoods were, but always ended up taunting him for being the coward that he was that day, dressing up as a bird to try and overcome his fears and failures, while Herbert conquers his by conquering those who tried to conquer him once before.

However, Kyle begged to differ, believing that even though they might have experienced the same tragedy, he was the one who was able to accept and use his special skills and abilities for the greater good, while Herbert was the one who got lost in the abyss, miserable and desperate to find the missing thing on his life, and yet nothing would ever make him as satisfied as he was before. During the finale, the Huckster continuously battled Nighthawk to the death, who, despite even more abuse given to the Hawk and the Huckster being too much empowered by the addicting Source serum, finally managed to easily subdue the villain, all by his own.

In the end, the memories of the defeated Huckster had been left damaged by the over-extensive use of the Source's upgraded version, which had secured his identity once again. Though Herbert might still have retained a large portion of his intelligence and memories later on, remembering the secret identity of Nighthawk was not one of them. Nighthawk left the villain unconscious and strapped downwards and was later apprehended following the his defeat and recapture by the New Troy Police Department. Herbert's step-mother, Tara Isley, was also arrested for her past crimes afterwards, serving her justice just as well.

The Havoc of Hyperion

While he and other detained superhumans were being transferred to a new facility located in Alchemax Asylum through a highly-secured, power-dampening transport truck, he and his captors were unfortunately in Cosmopolis in the midst of the alien Scoundrel's devastating attack on the city with the Terraformer, battling the superhero that was Hyperion. As the Scoundrel attempted to terraform the Earth into a new version of their late home planet, starting with Cosmopolis, a mentally-impaired Doe witnessed the Terraformer destroying and "re-creating" everything downtown first-hand, impulsively fearing that some of the falling debris might kill him out of nowhere.

Unfortunately, Doe's fearful hunches proved to be a reality, with the latter almost getting himself killed by several building fragments the Scoundrel tried throwing at Hyperion. The same debris had collided with most of the trucks holding Doe and some other superhuman inmates, disabling the power-dampeners within the vehicles and killing half of the criminals in the process, while miraculously sparing some including Doe. The confused but still powerful Huckster nonetheless breaks a hole through the walls of the now damaged truck that imprisons him and escapes to whereabouts that has yet to be unveiled, not until he was discovered by someone a week since his disappearance. The last witness to see him was the spy and hero Harold Danforth, who spotted him visiting a hospital, continuously staring at an infant named "Baby Doe," from time to time.

Powers and Abilities


The Source: Any and all superhuman attributes that Doe has are due to consuming a formula of the C.S.S. Military's own design specifically to transform him into a superhumanly powerful being. The chemical process is hormonal in nature, causing the cells of his anatomy to instantly manufacture mutated hormones that induce a physical transformation encompassing his entire figure. Herbert's usage of the super-soldier steroid, Source, allowed him to temporarily enhance his physical functions to superhuman levels, particularly his strength, endurance, and speed.

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Accelerated Healing
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Most powers are empowered into greater levels, with the exception of his intelligence, which would begin to diminish as he succumbs into being addicted using the Source. In the intelligence grid, Doe's original level is 5, while 2 was his lowest point after experiencing the side-effects of his addiction.


  • Genius Level Intellect
  • Escapology
  • Bilingualism
  • Tactical Analysis
  • Martial Arts

Strength level

Class 65+


  • Diminished Intellect
  • Drug Addiction


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • No special notes.
  1. Modern Comics: Squadron Journey Vol 1 1


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