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Real Name
Henry "Hank" Pym
Current Alias

Giant Man, Mr. Paranoia, Mr.Pym


Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers

Brad Pym (father);

Doris Pym (mother);
Angela Pym (paternal grandmother);
Maria Pym (Wife, deceased) Janet Van Dyne (girlfriend)

Ultron (creation)


Base Of Operations
Mobile, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Triskelion, New York City


6' 0" (variable)

185 lbs (84 kg) (Variable)




Marital Status

Adventurer, Biochemist, Scientist, U.S. government super-operative;

Doctorate (Ph.D) in Biochemistry

Hank Pym discovered Pym Particles which allowed him to alter his size. Continued exposure altered his body allowing it to naturally produce Pym Particles.

Place of Birth


First appearance

Marvel Ultiverse: Ant-Man #1



Henry "Hank" Pym is Ant Man, a superhero with the ability to shrink to incredible sizes while retaining his full mass, making him a formidable combatant. He's also a member of The Avengers, where he gained a great deal of respect from his peers. Aside from his crime-fighting career, he is also one of the world's top scientific minds, with extensive knowledge in various scientific fields including biochemist. He is capable of shrinking to subatomic sizes, and explores the universe on a frontier unknown to any other man.

Early life

Dr. Henry "Hank" Pym, is an American biochemist with extensive knowledge in various scientific fields. He was born and raised in Pennsylvania, Harrisburg and is the son of Brad Pym and Doris Pym. A prodigy from birth, he spent his time creating fantastical and fun inventions encourage by his grandmother. He attended a university where his own professors discouraged Pym's use of his own imagination and inventing things for fun by being told that he would never invent anything that would impact the world. This inspired Hank to prove them wrong. He excelled better than any of his fellow classmates, earning his doctorate in biochemistry while his friends were still undergrads.

Pym Particles Discovery

Hank would later be working at S.H.I.E.L.D. for years prior to Nick Fury taking over and starting the Avenger initiative. Pym was a veteran of Project: PEGASUS, which is where he first realized the beginnings of what would become his life's work--the miraculous "Pym Particle," This was when he also met a smart and beautiful young woman named Maria Trovaya who became Henry Pym's first wife. They would then go on to create Hank's Cybernetic Helmet together, built to communicate with primarily ants and perfecting what was known internally as the "Ant-Man" suit. Years later, his wife was mysteriously murdered during Hank's honeymoon with her, Devastated by the loss of his wife, Hank suffered his first mental breakdown. After recovering, He decided to focus his scientific work on things that could help him battle inhumanity and injustice. He eventually began teaming up with other scientist and inventors to create new technogly to help the world. He made great new friends such as Reed Richards and grew a very close relationship with Janet van Dyne. Hank Pym first met Janet Van Dyne when her father Vernon Van Dyne, noted astrophysicist, approached Hank to see if he would collaborate on a project he was working on. He reveled to him that his daughter is a mutant with insecticide physiology, he ask him if he could create a material that could alter anything in size, much like when his daughter shrank and Hank gladly accepts the challenge. Hank first needed to find a way to replicate her mutant powers. This new focus eventually lead him to discover a rare group of particles known as the Unstable Molecule, or the Pym Particles. These Particles could be used to alter someone's size.

Thus Pym Particles were discovered. He created a size-altering formula and a reversal formula, testing them on himself. Reduced to the size of an insect, he becomes trapped in an anthill before he eventually escapes and uses the reversal formula to restore himself to his normal size. Back at the lab, Hank revealed to Janet that he created the formula and Hank's new discovery. Keeping his discoveries a secret, Hank Pym and Janet began a career of crime fighting in their costume identities known as Ant-Man and Wasp, fighting all kinds of menaces to keep their world safe.

Creation of Ultron

Hank would later start creating his dream project; Ultron. Ultron was intended to be an interactive artificial consciousness with holographic peripherals, an operating system; It was his "greatest creation yet". After perfecting Ultron, Ultron was finally functional and uses it as his operating system for Hank's lab.

Kree Invasion

Continuing with his desire to help protect the world, Hank Pym and Janet accepted an offer to join the Avengers, a S.H.I.E.L.D.-sponsored superhero team, as Ant Man to help stop a global alien invasion. S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury told Pym that shape shifting aliens known as the Kree and they have invaded the Earth more than once before, with insisting on Captain America, Thor,Iron Man, Black Widow, and Hawkeye and billionaire Tony Stark. In the first few days since the Team's creation, Tony Stark and Hank Pym developed a rivalry relationship due to their egos and intelligence. Their first mission was a complete failure because Pym refused to follow Captain America's orders, after Fury fired Hank for his arrogance, he storms off, ordering his wife to leave with him. Hank and Janet would join the fight against the Kree. They fought them off as long as they could until Thor managed to send their meta bomb towards a Kree mothership from beyond. The destruction of the alien vessel also caused the invading Kree from around the world to either collapse or retreat. Saving the day. Hank and the rest of the superheroes gain the public's trust and were honored at the White House. Thou Hank help start "The Avengers" he would go back to work with Janet to do more experiments with The Pym Formula. Hank was finally able to reverse the shrinking and was finally able to grow into a giant. Janet also had the same ability but preferred to shrinking. For his new ability, Hank created a new identity named "Giant Man."

War with Hydra

With the rising threat of HYDRA, the Avengers team was officially reassembled and embarked on several missions to thwart HYDRA's plans for world domination. Avengers' next mission together was to recapture Ronan's Universal Weapon from Baron Von Strucker's HYDRA Base. Ant-Man took position on Hawkeye's Arrow, giving his approval and was propelled through the air and subdubed Strucker before he managed to get away with the weapon containing an Infinity Stone.

Fighting the Thunderguard

Pym built an army of droids for the Avengers dubbed "The Iron Legion", used primarily to guard and protect civilians when the Avengers are fighting perilous battles in populated areas. When the Thunderguard attacked the United States, he ordered the droids to aid the Avengers while Ant Man used the suit to become Giant Man to help fight back against the ThunderGuard.

"More To Be Added!"


Egotistical and arrogant, Hank Pym is still a man who is willing to go to the deep end in order to protect those closest to him and use his mind and technology to protect the world he inhabits. Henry was also known to hold a grudge against Tony Stark.

Powers and Abilities


  • Pym Particles: Hank is able to reduce himself to the size of an ant, approximately one-half inch in height, by means of a rare group of sub-atomic particles, the source of which is as yet unknown, which he is able to contain in magnetic-field "canisters" (the shape of the magnetic lines of force were made visible by the confined particles, whose concentration caused them to behave like a gas)
  • These particles, whose wavelength is in the mental range when released, allow Ant-Man to will himself and other objects to reduce in size or enlarge. The mechanics involved having most of the mass of the nucleus of each affected atom convert into energetic particles which take up orbit around the nucleus - thus, although gravitons do not affect these particles, the mass of the original volume remains intact.
  • This means a punch delivered by the half-inch high Ant-Man would feel like the blow of a normal-sized man. Ant-Man's reducing particle has no time limit to its potency.
  • Entering other Planes of existence:Pym can use the Pym Particles to shrink to sub-microscopic stature. When 99.99 + % of his mass was extra-dimensionally shunted, he was sent into a "subatomic universe" or "microverse," one of countless alternate universes accessible to Earth only by the mass-shunting process.


  • Genius Intelligence: Henry Pym is one of the world's foremost biochemists and also possesses considerable expertise in numerous scientific fields such as subatomic physics, robotics, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, programming and entomology. During his career, he created Ultron intended to be an interactive artificial consciousness (A.I.) with holographic peripherals, an operating system. He stated that Ultron is "his greatest creation yet".
  • Experienced Combatant: Hank is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant using special styles of unarmed combat depending on his size. If he is small, he takes advantage of the opponent's larger form by assaulting points of his/her body that they would not expect and move to another before they detected him.

Strength level

Pym has the normal human strength of a man his age, height and build who engages in moderate exercises. He retains this level of strength even at insect-size.


  • As Ant-Man: When reduced in size, Hank is more vulnerable to damage despite his higher muscle density. As Ant-Man, it is far easier to damage him due to his tiny size.
  • As Giant-Man: It is possible to use Hank's own size against him. Giant-Man can lose his balance in small spaces when supersized, and it is more damaging if he falls over when giant, because of his greater mass. When giant, Hank also makes a very large target.



  • Ant-Man suit: The Ant-Man suit was created by Henry Pym. It utilizes a rare group of subatomic particles, which have become known as the "Pym Particles." Pym tested the reducing serum on himself and discovered it was more powerful than he had expected: it reduced him to the size of an insect. And the suit itself is made from unstable molecules.
  • Cybernetic Helmet: Pym succeeded in creating his first "cybernetic helmet," which would enable him to communicate with the ants or insects through transmitting and receiving psionic/electrical waves.He could broadcast to a range of about one mile (1.6 km), depending on the materials surrounding him. His helmet also contained sound amplification equipment which also shifted the frequency of his voice so that he could be heard by normal-sized humans despite his diminutive size, as well as providing its own oxygen supply.


  • Ant-Man's Ants: Ant-Man customarily rode flying ants for transportation.


  • Ant-Man's Wrist Gauntlets: Ant-Man's wrist gauntlets enabled him to fire bio-electric blasts of adjustable force.
  • The Pym Discs: Their devices used in conjunction with Ant-Man's Suit, both created by Hank Pym himself. They are boomerang-like discs filled with Pym Particles. The devices can be thrown easily and are activated when they hit their target. The discs effects vary on the type of disc: Red discs shrinks the target, while blue discs enlarge the targets.


  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of Marvel Ultiverse and is an adaptation of Hank Pym/Ant Man. The original character was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Jack Kirby and first appeared in Tales to Astonish #27 as Hank Pym and Tales to Astonish #35 as Ant-Man.


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