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Real Name
Henry Jonathan Pym
Ant-Man, Goliath, Giant-Man, Yellowjacket, Wasp, Earth's Scientist Supreme, Scientific Adventurer, Gigantus, The Mage, Big Guy, The Friendly Giant




Brad Pym (father; estranged), Doris Pym (mother; deceased), Maria Trovaya (first wife; deceased), Nadia Lincoln (daughter); Janet van Dyne (wife), Ultron (creation/"son"),
Vision ("grandson")


Base Of Operations
Avengers Tower, The Triskelion, S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier


6' 0"

435 lbs (198 kg)




Marital Status

Adventurer, biochemist, scientist, S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist, Scientist Supreme of Earth; former manager of Avengers Tower

Education Doctorate (PhD) in Biochemistry

Hank Pym is a human mutate who discovered the Pym Particles which allowed him to alter his size. Continued exposure altered his body allowing it to naturally produce Pym Particles.

Place of Birth

First appearance

Modern Comics:
Captain America Vol 1 1

Modern Comics:
Avengers 1 2

(first full appearance)


Quote1 For me, Ant-Man wasn't enough, now I'm Giant-Man... I figure if that doesn't make me tough enough, someday I'll invent another persona... And yes, I am that unstable... Quote2
-- Hank Pym

Early Years

Henry Jonathan "Hank" Pym was born in the early 1970s, having been raised in East Nowhere, Nebraska by his parents. Growing up until he finally got the chance to go to university, Hank excelled was was proven to be more proficient in almost every aspect of his subjects due to his naturally gifted genius of a mind, earning his doctorate in biochemistry while his former classmates were still undergrads, which made Pym decided to go on with his life working as a scientist at a surprisingly young age. While his professors and friends were impressed by his capacity to learn at a faster rate compared to most people, Pym felt lonely like an outcast, that no one would want to be with him because "he learns too fast," nobody could or would want to catch up with him. All of it change, thankfully, when Pym met a woman by the activist Maria Trovaya, whose altruistic ideals inspired him to become a better person while she was genuinely interested in Hank's enthusiasm in science and technology. The two inevitably became romantically involved as if opposites truly attract because of their case. When the two unhesitatingly married after just a year of blooming relationship, the two no longer felt lonely, and was rather completed being at each other's side.

The newlywed Pyms were on their honeymoon in Hungary, wherein they were unexpectedly confronted by a hitman hired to assassinate him and his wife due to him trying to escape a group of notorious guerrillas trying to threaten him into working for them by making advanced weaponry. Hank was shot and miraculously survived the assassination attempt, but Maria unfortunately didn't, rendering Hank to mourn with the greatest of guilt for losing someone he loved in this sudden tragedy, which made him developed mental disorders that often turn him unstable and indecisive at times, despite him being a genius. As a few years later went, however, he eventually met a woman and a fellow science enthusiast named Janet van Dyne while they were first working at a clandestine peace-keeping organization, whom he eventually fell in love with and decided to get married a few years later on, restarting a new chapter in his life as he leaves his painful past behind, for the better.

The Pym Particles

Back in the United States working in the worldwide peace-keeping organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D., Pym discovered a rare group of subatomic particles, which have become known as the "Pym Particles," which in definition is a particle of an extra dimensional nature, capable of shunting or adding mass and reducing or increasing scale of any form of matter, including himself. Much to his astonishment and satisfaction just like meeting Janet, Hank revealed that Pym had always been studying and experimenting his whole adult life to such a substance, thus practically making it his life's work. But being the paranoid genius that he usually is, Pym thought that S.H.I.E.L.D. might find out about the particles, making him kept both of them in a vault after realizing that he could get arrested for creating a serum without the authority and supervision from the secretive peace-keeping organization.

Furthermore, Hank considered entrusting the an initial blueprint of the Pym Particle formula to his younger friend and protege that was fellow genius Darren Cross, and unfortunately because of this, the latter only became madly obsessed with recreating his own variation of the particles for his personal gain and agenda using that very blueprint (to the point that he founded his own technological conglomerate because of it), despite the fact that Pym would later make a more updated and more stabilized of version of the Particles, something that he kept to himself in the meantime after leaving the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization with little trace, or at least he thought he did.

Avengers Initiative

He later quit the organization without even telling his true reasons until it was later found by the organization in the form of Nick Fury himself. Instead of arresting Pym or discrediting his work, Fury and the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. were impressed about his finest works, considering it a revolutionary scientific breakthrough, especially with the effectivity of the particles and offered him another chance to rejoin S.H.I.E.L.D. once again, convinced recruiting him and his now wife Janet into the classified S.H.I.E.L.D. contract known as the Avengers Initiative, a contract that S.H.I.E.L.D. has created a long time ago to form a team of super-powered individuals.

Captain America

After locating the approximate area the crash site of the Valkyrie may have been located, Nick Fury sent a team led by Hank himself to find the crash site on Greenland. Captain America's (Steve Rogers) body was found inside the wrecked aircraft, perfectly preserved in ice. Thanks to the effort of Hank and his team, Rogers' body was later defrosted and then shipped to S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters in New York City, where he later woke up into the modern world of the 21st Century.

The Chitauri Invasion

With the world yet again being threatened, Hank and Janet was finally convinced to join the newly-established Avengers and helped the defeat of the Chitauri and Loki, preventing the worsening of the event, known as the Chitauri Invasion from taking too many more lives, and the entire Earth itself in the process. Years throughout Hank's heroic career and duty, he has acted under many memorable identities, such as the Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket, and briefly the Wasp, after Janet's journey to the Quantum Realm, otherwise known as the Microverse, and her momentary retirement after she returned to Earth which occurred later on.

Worthier Successors

Pym Earth 61615

Hank in his many heroic aliases

Unbeknownst to Hank, his habit of creating many aliases was only one of many symptoms of his extreme case of bipolar disorder, and his situation couldn't get any worse when he created the altruistic artificial intelligence Ultron with the assistance of fellow Avenger Tony Stark. As Ultron eventually went rogue and turned against the Avengers, Pym realized that Ultron ended up becoming the greatest creation that resulted from his unstable mentality and overconfidence, having to frequently create diabolical inventions which seeded from his best of intentions to help others. After defeating Ultron, Hank simply couldn't bear the deaths and destruction he had indirectly caused in his city that he had to take a break from the Avengers, which Janet and his fellow Avengers constantly comforted and supported him get well soon if he truly wants to help those who are in need, and help himself recover from his worsening disorder first with the help of his wife and teammates.

Despite retiring from being an Avenger and other heroic agenda, Hank had to take action as a "man in the chair" as he had learned that his former protege, Darren Cross, had finally recreated the Pym Particles and planned to use it to create Yellowjacket Suits based on Pym's former moniker, which Cross would then sell to morally-questionable organizations to fuel warfare in hopes of achieving peace through terror. As a result, Pym and Janet then recruited the ex-convict (former thief) yet noble-hearted Scott Lang to use the Ant-Man Suit, and steal away the Yellowjacket designs from Cross. Despite some troubles to get Scott to master their technology, Pym's plan eventually succeeded and Cross was defeated. After the "heist," Hank granted Scott to become the Ant-Man, who could feel more grateful since his new change in life was a lot better than returning to a life of thievery.

Aside from Lang, Pym would also encounter S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Eric O'Grady and Chris McCarthy who tried to use one of his Ant-Man Suits during Hydra Uprising to the defend undercover agents of Hydra from stealing samples of the Pym Particles that he securely stored inside a Helicarrier laboratory in his absence. The attempt was partially successful, but Pym was nevertheless impressed by the courage to use his with efficiency for the first time that he authorized them to have each their own size-changing suit of his own design, which they can use during times of serious emergencies. Throughout the years of what Pym thought would be his retirement, Pym's closest friends and allies realized that Hank had entrusted to succeed his many of his aliases to the most heroic of people as a way of letting go, seeing that he has progressed quite well with his ongoing recovery.

Ultimate War

The Movement Alliance conducted a series of massive terrorist attacks all over the world, which took the lives of over 1,500 people on the very first day. Consequently, all the Movement's opposing adversaries, the heroes, were united into creating their own Ultimate Alliance, in order to stop and prevent the Movement from commencing its schemes upon world domination and unified evil sovereignty, before its too late.

As the attacks all over the world have continued for days and then weeks, more and more casualties are sadly, starting to increase in numbers, due to the extreme acts of terrorism and serious devastation, continuously committed by the conflict between the Movement Alliance and its seemingly unstoppable forces against the combined forces heroes and anti-heroes of the world, the Ultimate Alliance, who are not stopping their fight against the villains until they find a way to make them pay for their irreversible actions and restore back peace in the entire world. The was so catastrophic that even a recovering Hank himself rejoined the Avengers as they handle the many threats ongoing at the cities of New York, with Hank himself choosing to go undercover as a civilian while he secretly confronts the new diabolical Yellowjacket, his old friend turned enemy Darren Cross, revealing that he had returned with a vengeance.

Later on during the non-stop skirmish on New York, the Cross eventually led his Yellowjacket army in order to decimate all of the defensive forces from the U.S. Army, the New York City Police Department, and many more in order to infiltrate to the secured evacuated areas. Unluckily enough, the authorities started to become defenseless overtime, and eventually they had no other choice but to retreat back as they tried protecting all the civilians, having the Yellowjackets' power extremely surpassed and destroyed most of their defenses effortlessly, like they were nothing. When Cross and his men were prepared to massacre the entire place, a hooded man from the crowd suddenly stood up, revealed to be Pym himself, undercover. Seeing Hank Pym, Cross slowly walks towards him and taunted him what kind of heist he was planning at the time. Smiling at Cross' specific question, Pym told him that the heist they were working on this time was for stopping whatever his scheme was once more, followed by Pym giving Cross a hard fist to the face for the second time. Cross tried to grab his throat, but Pym suddenly shrinks down, revealing that he has finally returned into taking on the mantle of the Ant-Man.

As the result of his return, Cross shrank himself and the two finally engaged in a duel. While fighting Pym in a level match, Cross then called and ordered his men to keep surrounding the place and proceed to killing the civilians, only for their plan to be immediately foiled by another three men from the crowd, revealing themselves as the other Ant-Men: Scott Lang, Eric O'Grady, and Chris McCarthy (Black Ant). The three battled the rest of the Yellowjackets, resulting in their eventual victory, freeing all the evacuees inside the area to safety, before proceeding to help a weakened Pym against Cross, who was close to getting killed by the villain. As the four Ant-Men engaged in a final duel against Cross outside the city, which was also currently a final battleground between the Movement Alliance and the Ultimates, the heroic four neared towards defeating the villain, right until Cross unexpectedly took the battle towards a higher level and activated all of his suit's full capabilities, continuously releasing an unstable energy pulse from his suit's stingers, giving him the upper advantage against the Ant-Men.

Having no other choice but to go full subatomic, McCarthy unthinkably tried to shrink his suit, only to be stopped by Pym and Lang, explaining that he couldn't survive without the proper suit needed to enter the Quantum Realm. McCarthy, who was still hesitating on whether he would truly go subatomic or not, was unluckily shot by Cross' stingers in a split-second, hitting him straight in his heart, fatally injuring him. As Cross prepared to murder a weakened Lang, O'Grady, and and an unconscious Pym to torment his defeated foes and gain an accomplished and rewarding victory in this Movement, the Iron Avenger himself, Iron Man suddenly flew out of nowhere in order to save the Ant-Men and shot Cross from the back of his titanium armor using his powered repulsor beam, extremely damaging the internal mainframe of the Yellowjacket Suit. Realizing that the internal mainframe had been permanently damaged, Cross screamed in horrific pain and doubting that he could get out of his suit, one last time before the suit then collapsed into itself, smashing the glass in his helmet and crushing his limbs until Cross' body was completely destroyed, causing Cross to shrink fatally into the Quantum Realm, finally killing him.

Completely surprised and bewildered by what just Stark has unintentionally done to Cross, Stark asked Pym and the Ant-Men what the hell just happened, confidently telling him that he was a big fan of his. Realizing that he didn't get any information from what actually happened to Cross, Stark awkwardly accepted Lang's handshake before telling Pym that they should both discuss what happened to Cross, after the end of the conflict. Stark then flew off, still confused, continuing to help in ending the ongoing conflict across the city. After their eventual victory, S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopters arrived at the scene, who helped him and the Ant-Men rendezvous at a Helicarrier and meet the rest of the Ultimate Alliance as they realized their triumph, and celebrated in saving the world from the hands of the tyrannical Movement.

Hope Not Lost

Nadia Pym Lincoln Earth 61615

Hank Pym suddenly discovers and meets his daughter, Nadia

While his wife Janet was currently gone on her travel and journey to the Microverse to study the nature of the quantum realm after the events of Ultimate War, Hank was on his own at their residence and their home laboratory, wherein he began to secretly investigate the recent cases of variations of the Pym Particles being sold in the black market based on Darren Cross' new formula (which is also based on Hank's initial formula), being bought by criminals and organizations across the country after some of his were presumably reverse-engineered and mass produced by an unknown organization, similar to how Darren had done and tried selling it to Hydra in the past, only this time, the worst fear of Hank's work being replicated (albeit not perfectly) has truly come into an unexpected reality.

Luckily for Hank, he didn't have to involve domestic security, especially S.H.I.E.L.D., in dealing with his personal yet world-threatening dilemma, as he incidentally crossed paths with his Ant-Man successor Scott Lang, who also investigated the crime thanks to his newly-founded X-Con Security Consultants, redeeming his past activities as a cat burglar. Together, the two faced a mysterious size-changing criminal named Nadia Lincoln, known by the codename of the Red Queen, who was affiliated with the small organization that mass-produced the new Pym Particles and illegally sold it for profit. Hank and Scott would later discover that Nadia was the step-daughter of the enhanced gangster Tombstone. But as the situation was already as it was, Hank would be overwhelmed later on to find out as the Red Queen's adoptive mother Shay personally revealed Nadia was his lost biological daughter with his first and late wife, Maria Trovaya, having to first adopt her when Shay was still a nurse at a hospital somewhere in Hungary.

While Scott was focused to take down their adversaries, Hank was distracted at the moment, as he could only feel extremely uneasy to process how such an impossible yet real situation as this could happen. While it was fortunate that Hank and Scott have thwarted the further production and transaction of the replicated Pym Particles across the country by the end of their mission, with the last second help of their daughter who had a change of heart, Nadia herself still wasn't prepared to reconciled with her old man, considering how different she was growing up without him. Hank respected his daughter's decision to give herself some time for herself whether she'll be coming home to him and her step-mother Janet (which she secretly adored as the Wasp), or remain living as a lone irredeemable criminal, since that her local authorities are now after her, which Hank assured his support that he would be protecting her at all costs. Nadia was genuinely grateful by her father's over-protectiveness, but she nevertheless went on her own terms in the meantime, much to Pym's sorrow.

Powers and Abilities


Size Manipulation: With the Pym Particles, Hank can reduce his size down to less than one inch tall and increase his size above normal, approximately sixty feet tall and above. As Ant-Man and Yellowjacket, Henry Pym possessed the power to reduce himself to the size of an ant, approximately one-half inch in height, by means of the subatomic particles known as the Pym Particles. However, while as Giant-Man and Goliath, Pym amazingly discovered that his particles could also enable him to grow to gigantic heights once his mind and heart strongly wills his body to do so.

  • Size Enhancement
    • Enhanced Durability
  • Size Reduction
  • Size Addition
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Entering Other Planes of Existence
  • Mutated by Pym Particles
  • Insect Manipulation
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Heightened stats when empowered


  • Scientific Genius-Level Intellect
  • Skilled Combatant
  • Multilingual

Strength level

Class 17+ (Variable)


  • Mentally Unstable
    • Dissociative Identity Disorder
    • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    • Bipolar Disorder



  • Ant-Man's Suit
    • Cybernetic Helmet
  • Toolbot
  • Avengers Identicard
  • Yellowjacket Suit
    • Cowl Communicator
    • Wasp Goggles


  • Ants
  • Rover Airship
  • Quinjet


  • The Stinger


  • The multiversal extraterrestrial race known as the Beyonders were impressed by Hank's super-genius level intellect that they labelled him as the "Earth's Scientist Supreme," and despite them acknowledging fact that there are a few contenders whose intellect is also on par with Hank's genius mind, the Beyonders have seen that the "creative chaos" that Hank has makes him the epitome of a true "scientific enthusiast," whose inventions are more known to be more groundbreaking to the world than those of the secretive Reed Richards and the mostly arrogant Tony Stark, who were also two of the smartest beings on Earth besides Hank himself.
  1. Modern Comics: Avengers Vol 1 1


  • Hank is an atheist, seeing gods and deities that he either heard of or witnessed as higher form of beings and does not see them as someone who needs to be worshiped, just like any other extraterrestrials across the vast universe.
  • Hank is at least eleven months younger than Janet, unlike their Earth-616 counterparts in which the case there is the opposite.
  • One of Hank's greatest fears is that fact that his unstable mentality could end up harming others with the "palm of his hand," especially his wife Janet. This is a nod to the controversial issue of Avengers #213 released in 1981, which portrayed Earth-616 Hank accidentally striking Janet out of personal suffering which eventually ended their marriage, thus most of the industry mistakenly labeling him as a "wife-beater" in future appearances.

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