Beast Hal McCoy Marvel
Henry "Hal" McCoy is an External, an immortal mutant under the leadership of Carlos Javier, in an alternative variation of 1602. His bestial mutation manifested much faster than on Earth-616, and Hal suffered a transformation into a beast with strong predatory instincts, and a much more animalistic appearance similar to Disney's Beast in appearance. Having been alive for 417 years, he has fought alongside several generations of witchbreeds, his mutation has reached its fourth stage, and he is a recurring opponent of Mister Sinister.

Powers and Abilities

Due to an increased and accelerated mutation, Hal McCoy has increased superhuman abilities in comparison to his other counterparts. Beast has surprisingly vast omega-level superhuman strength, comparable to that of superhuman heavyweights such as Wonder Man, Hercules, Ares, Gilgamesh, Iron Man, Colossus, Rockslide, and Captain Marvel. His vision and other senses are amplified to a near-mystical level, on par with other wielders of animalistic senses. He has claws which, although not composed of Adamantium, are hyper dense and extremely sharp. He has superhuman agility and speed on the same level as Wolverine or Sabretooth.

His greatest superhuman ability, however, is the ability to instantly genetically adapt to any superhuman powers or skills he faces with an equivalent or opposing superpower. He can fight superhuman strength with even greater strength; fire with ice; energy blasts with complete and total invulnerability; claws and fangs with a hyper-accelerated healing factor, even to the point of regrowing limbs; psychic powers with equivalent powers; and sorcery with similar magics, making him the ultimate survivor.

Hal is a genius able to match and even surpass the intelligence of Hank McCoy, having a genius-level I.Q. of 140+, as well as a photographic memory. He uses his intelligence to compliment his extraordinary powers.


  • Hal is a bodybuilder, despite already being naturally muscular, with over 272 lbs of pure muscle. He is also a health fanatic, avoiding food that doesn't have proven nutritional value, and exercises frequently, often running over twelve miles a day.
  • Hal is often surrounded by women who are extremely aroused by him, although this has nothing to do with pheromones like his other counterparts. Rather, it is a result of his natural charisma and desire to embody true beauty in every way: physical, spiritual, and emotional.
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