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Real Name
Henry Connors
Current Alias

Hank Connors




Wilhelm Connors (Brother)


Base Of Operations







Unusual Features
Reptilian body features, including scaly green skin and a long tail.


Marital Status

Scientist, adventurer, X-Man

Private tutoring/course/teaching and college education, accomplished master scientist, extended education after joining the X-Men via Magneto's assistance.

A Mutant, who possesses reptilian traits and physiology, that later joined the X-Men.



Quote1 You wouldn't like me if you met me when I was a youngster. I can see that your Mutant powers vary. Flashy, and amazing, yes, I admit it. But I suffered worse than all of you, except you. Being a Mutant's not easy, I know. But I think I got a nightmare being a Mutant, and it terrifies me. But now, no matter what'll happen, I'll devout myself to the justice of our kind, the Mutants. Quote2
-- Lizard

Scales of Life

Henry Connors' life was filled with horrifying moments, and injustice, mostly, due to his Mutant status, and powers. While some Mutants are lucky enough to gain powers that don't alter their physical appearance much, Connors was seemingly one of the Mutants that suffered the most due to his powers. In his family line, it's unknown if they possess X-Genes or no. But when Connors was born with his brother, Wilhelm, he's the only one who was deemed a freak. His brother was born normal, a human. While Henry, was born with... reptilian traits. His Mutant nature made him an abomination for others he tried to befriend with. In childhood, Henry never got a care as good as his brother, Wilhelm, from his parents. His parents were afraid of Henry, and had a strained relationship with him. To hide himself from the society, Henry was placed under a private tutor, but somehow, managed to become an individual of great knowledge. His brother on the other hand, was lucky enough not to be as hideous as him, but was jealous of his knowledge.

Henry was lucky enough to be inserted into a college, but due to his "insane" Mutant nature, he's an outcast. He's smart, yes, but his Mutant traits began to advance as he grew up. He became stressed out to the point that he left the college when his mutation went "out of control" that he actually grew a big tail, as well as claws. Connors went off-the-grid until he grew up into an adult, where he transformed into "the Lizard".

Another Hope

However, Connors will soon discover that he can be among other Mutants, as well. Connors, 35, was somehow "targeted" by the "X-Men" in their second attempt of "proving themselves and helping the society". The X-Men, that time, consisting of Magneto, Colossus, Spider-Man, and Whirlwind (the others were guarding the X-Mansion), were tasked by "a former neighbor of Erik" to eliminate what seemingly is a "hideous monster" (actually Connors) in the sewers near his home. Connors senses the X-Men first, and assaulted them, as he heard Whirlwind's statement of "eliminating the monster". However, Connors stopped attacking them when he heard that they all are Mutants. Connors however, told them about his "agony of being a monster". Magneto then offered Connors a place in the X-Men. After hearing that, Spider-Man said that "our fellow friends might pound on him when they see him". An argument happened for a while, but Connors later accepted Erik's offer. While his existence among the X-Men made him a "liability", he quickly became a trustworthy figure, and a chief scientist in the X-Men, deemed to be the smartest among the Mutants.

Powers and Abilities



"The reptile inside"

  • Reptilian Physiology: Henry's X-Gene grants him reptile-like physiology, and body form. The X-Gene horrifically mutated Henry's body, drastically changing him into a reptilian creature. This physiology granted Connors claws and a prehensile tail, fangs, and superhuman physical attributes. Not just that, Henry gained an advanced type of superhuman healing that can only be stopped by acid. Connors sometimes referred to this Mutant power as a curse. However, recently, Henry has been shown to be just alright with his powers.
    • Superhuman Strength: Due to his Reptilian physiology, Henry is granted with a great amount of superhuman strength. He has been shown to be able to lift up to 15 tons. While not the strongest in the X-Men, his strength can overwhelm a lot of enemies. He has been shown to be able to toss a car within a great range with ease, snapping a sewer lid in half with his bare hands, and busted through concrete as they're nothing. His strength also extends to his jaws and legs, allowing him to nearly pierce through most conventional materials (with the help of his fangs) and jump farther than normal humans.
    • Superhuman Stamina: As of his physiology, his body produces less fatigue toxins and eliminate most fatigue toxins present, allowing him to exert himself in physical activities longer than normal humans.
    • Superhuman Durability: Connors' thick and scaly reptilian skin provides him with a degree of resistance towards various types of trauma. He can survive high-caliber bullets, being struck by beings stronger than him, survive being blasted by powerful energy beams, and being rolled over a bulldozer (only for him to flip over the bulldozer).
    • Superhuman Senses: Henry's 5 senses are enhanced to superhuman levels, allowing him to see things more clearly than any other normal humans, smell things farther and more accurately, detail an object's taste with precision, and others. His touch is so acute that he can actually detect objects and beings from "another side" (an example is when Connors touched a sewer wall, and detects the X-Men on the other side of the wall). His senses are akin to those of reptilians, like snakes.
    • Superhuman Speed and Reflexes: Connors' physiology grants him speed levels greater than a normal human. He can react faster as well, and run faster than several vehicles. He has demonstrated his speed by keeping up with Spider-Man, who is said to be the fastest X-Man in the initial X-Men lineup.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: The greatest power Connors possesses is his extremely advanced healing factor. His healing factor can be compared to those of Wolverine. He can heal from damages within seconds, and can regrow his limbs within minutes. Although it's powerful, it does have a weakness. It's weak to acid, and it can be slowed with the said substance. Still, it's powerful enough to let Connors heal after being nearly disintegrated by a powerful energy beam.
    • Fangs: Due to Connors' reptilian nature, he possesses razor-sharp fangs that are strong enough to destroy or penetrate and pierce most conventional materials, such as wood, metal, and bones. Even with his fangs, Henry can puncture through beings seemingly stronger than him.
    • Claws: As a part of his Mutant traits, Connors possesses claws that can be used in conjunction with his strength to deal more damage. It has been shown to be able to crush and pierce through concrete with ease.
    • Tail: Connors have a considerably large tail due to his reptilian nature. His tail can be used to crush bones and some materials, or whack enemies. The tail is strong enough to actually knock out a normal human and send someone as strong as Knightress flying.


Henry is a master scientist, even considered as the smartest member of the X-Men after he joined the team (previously, Spider-Man was deemed the smartest one next to Magneto himself). He's an expert biologist and physicist, and sometimes, inventor. While Connors isn't an accomplished combatant, he uses the technique of street fighting to use his powers to full extent.

Strength level

Connors' lifting strength has a range of 15-20 tons.


While Henry's regeneration is advanced, it can be slowed down using various types of acid. Depending on the amount of acid "placed" on Connors, the acids can slow the regeneration to the point that he could not regenerate anymore, eventually, harming Connors. Also, while the healing is stopped, Connors can't regenerate his limbs, and gets his pain tolerance level lowered.


Equipment: Miscellaneous scientific equipment provided in the X-Mansion, his lab coat.
Transportation: The X-Jet.
Weapons: His claws and tail.


Connors was 35 when he joined the X-Men, making him the oldest member in the initial X-Men lineup.


  • Connors was the latest addition to the Magneto's X-Men roster. Due to Connors, Magneto's X-Men no longer "unaccepted" adult Mutants to enter his team and school (discounting Magneto, who's an adult and the founder of X-Men).
  • At first, the X-Men roster idea in Earth-4045 included Beast (Henry McCoy). However, he's replaced by Lizard. Still, to pay a tribute to the original Beast, Lizard's real name is an amalgamation of both Beast's front name and Lizard's last name.
    • Lizard was chosen instead of Beast to add more unique-natures to Earth-4045. In the comics, both Connors and McCoy were somehow similar, in terms of how they got their powers (Beast gained his second, iconic blue-fur mutation after experimenting on himself, and Connors became the Lizard by doing a similar thing).
  • Lizard's the only original X-Men member who doesn't wear any kind of "uniform" (while the other members do possess personalized costumes, it's provided by Magneto by their request, and Connors on the other hand, only wore a lab coat and pants).
  • Lizard was noted to be "the most disliked X-Man" once he joined the X-Men, because his "disgusting nature". However, over the time, he became a wise figure to the other X-Men.
  • Lizard does not possess the ability to communicate with other reptilian creatures in this universe. However, he's not weak towards extreme temperatures. However, acid still can harm him.

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