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Real Name
Heather Douglas
Current Alias

Madame MacEvil


Arthur Douglas (father);
Yvette Steckley (mother, deceased);
Pamela Douglas (cousin)


Base Of Operations






Marital Status

Adventurer, priestess, philosopher, scientist and warrior

Human was taught by the Eternal monks of the Shao-Lom Monastery on Titan after she was rescued by Mentor.

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 Once he was Arthur Douglas, a so-so jazz musician, as I recall. He ended up dying next to a burning car in the desert between Vegas and Reno. He was my father. I was with him that time, also. But Death wasn't the end for dad, just the terrible beginning. There was this cosmic entity named Kronos who needed a champion to keep Thanos in line. He grabbed my dad's soul and used it to animate his hero. So pop became the lumbering behemoth known as Drax the Destroyer. I guess even back then part of me still loved the guy. Quote2
-- Moondragon

Early life

Heather Douglas was the daughter of Arthur Douglas, whose reanimated corpse was made into Drax the Destroyer. When Heather was still a girl, her father was driving her and her mother through the desert when they accidentally happened to see the spaceship of Thanos land; the space villain didn't want any witnesses, so he blew their car up. Heather was thrown clear off and survived, but her parents were killed. She was found by Thanos' father, Mentor, who took her to his home world, Titan, to be raised. While there, Heather studied the Titans' ways and gained her mental and physical powers. However, she came under the influence of a powerful entity called The Dragon of the Moon; she believed she had resisted it, which filled her with pride, and she took the name Moondragon as a result.


She first returned to Earth under the guise of "Madam MacEvil" for the purpose of developing means to combat Thanos; this led to the creations of some villains, like Angar the Screamer. She then revealed her true identity. Moondragon was one of the three candidates to be the "Celestial Madonna" who was prophesied to give birth to a universal savior.

Powers and Abilities


Psionics: Heather Douglas was one of the most powerful human born telepaths ever. Douglas has repeatedly demonstrated mental psionic energy usage far in advance of all human and human mutants including that of the world renowned telepaths such as Professor Charles Xavier, Emma Frost and Jean Grey.

Unlike human mutants such as Xavier whose powers operate as part of their biology, all of Douglas' mental powers originate from her supreme level of mental discipline, hence her concentration and ability to focus on the accomplishment of that task. All of Douglas' mental process are largely maintained subconsciously as the power and its effects will continue if she is rendered unconscious or falls asleep as done when her control of an entire planet's populace. But she must always consciously initiate the process for it to be done.

If Douglas is distracted or unable to focus her mind to accomplish an event, she can be rendered completely mentally powerless.

Douglas' mental psionic powers include:

Telepathy: Douglas possesses the ability to contact sentient minds both organic and mechanical based, as well as cosmic beings such as Galactus. Her telepathic abilities include mind-control, mental attacks, mental shielding, personality alteration, memory erasure, memory modification. Douglas' telepathic range is virtually limitless, as she is able to contact minds scattered throughout a solar system without enhancement devices such as Xavier's Cerebro.

Telekinesis: Douglas's telekinetic range is low to moderate as she can only levitate herself and one or two others at the same time. Douglas can "push" her telekinetic ability on herself to attain flight or against another a single person as effective concussive blasts.

Dragon form: For a time, Moondragon gained the ability to assume the form of her namesake: A superhumanly strong and durable dragon, capable of faster-than-light speed travel and surviving in outer space without air. It is unknown whether or not she retains this ability.


  • Genius Scientist: Douglas is an expert in various advanced Titanian sciences as well as Earth human sciences. She has been able to give powers to Ramrod and Angar the Screamer.
  • Master Martial Artist: Douglas is a superb alien hand-to-hand combatant, trained by the Titanian monks of Shao-Lom who were veteran practitioners in martial arts. Douglas is well versed in pressure points.
  • Aviation: Douglas is a skilled starship pilot.
  • Nervous System Control: Mental and physical disciplines gave her improved control over her autonomic body functions, including those of heart beat, bleeding, breathing, and pain reception.

Strength level

Douglas possesses low level superhuman strength (punch through steel with her bare hands), endurance and stamina all due to her mental conditioning. Douglas can not maintain these levels without her concentration however. If she is not able to focus her mind to force her body to higher levels, she will adapt the levels of her base human levels as maintained through intensive regular exercise.


All of Douglas' superhuman abilities are based on her ability to concentrate. Her human body while brought to the peak of its potential without enhancement, still needs to sleep, eat and breathe. She cannot maintain those levels without rest and replenishment such as when she forced herself to endure open space travel without protective suits only for a short period of time to save her life.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Various including the Starship Sensia.
Weapons: Douglas uses conventional weapons such as staffs and bullet guns as well as exotic weapons such as plasma weapons.


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  • Douglas is not naturally bald. Douglas shaves her head preferring to be bald, though has worn short hair in the past.

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