Healing Factor
Season 1, Episode 4
04-Healing Factor
Airdate 8/26/2013
Written by Bridgetterocks
Directed by Bridgetterocks
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This chapter belongs to Assemble!'s Season One "Rescuing the Avengers" Arc

"Healing Factor" is the fourth episode of Assemble!.


-You’re gonna let a big green guy heal me?- Agent Roger asked as Colonel Fury told him Bruce Banner was going to take care of him.

-He’s a real good doctor, well, when he’s not smashing everything- Fury laughed.

-Oh joy, - James replied sarcastically. His head hurt and he felt sore. –Let me know when we arrive, I want to take a nap.-

-There’s no time for that Agent, we already arrived. - Col. Fury replied as he parked the Quinjet on the Helicarrier’s Flight Deck.

Deputy Director Maria Hill walked to them. –Dr. Banner is already waiting for Agent Roger. – She said. –Yet I’m not fond of your idea Colonel. –

-What a big surprise! – Nick replied sarcastically. –Agent Hill, as long as I’m the Director here, you will have to do what I say. Understood? –

-I know that, Colonel – Hill rolled her eyes.

-Understood? –

-Yes, sir. – Maria Hill replied and guided James inside to Banner’s Laboratory.

-Hey! – Bruce stood up and shook James’ hand. –James Roger right? –

-Yes, doctor Banner? –

-Call me Bruce –

-You look… -

-Normal? –

-Human –

-Well, as long as the other guy doesn’t listen to you, we’re safe – Banner chuckled. –Now tell me what hurts. –

-My head, a lot. – James pressed his hands to his forehead.

-Take this – Dr. Banner handed him some pills. –One every 12 hours, not more, even if the pain is too much. Overdose can be real bad. –

-And what exactly is this? –

-If I told you, you wouldn’t take it – Bruce pursed his lips. –Trust me. –

-Am I gonna… You know, go green? –

Banner laughed. –Do as I say and you’ll be fine –

-Ok doctor, sorry, Bruce. – James corrected himself.

-It’s fine. – Banner laughed.

-Doctor Banner, - Agent Jasper Sitwell walked into the laboratory. –You may want to see something. –

Banner followed Sitwell out of the laboratory and to the control room, where the screens showed Abomination destroying buildings.

-Blonsky, - Banner said, as his eyes flashed green.

-We need the other guy, - Sitwell said.

-You will get him, drop me now. –

Agent Sitwell jumped on a Quinjet with Dr. Banner and he drove him to where Abomination was wreaking havoc.

-Nice to see you again Blonsky – Banner said as he jumped out of the Quinjet.

-Banner, - Emil Blonsky grinned.

Bruce turned into the Hulk but was immediately punched by Abomination.

-You just didn’t do that! – Hulk shouted and punched Emil Blonsky back.

-You think you have what it takes to defeat me? I’m enhanced with the Super Soldier Serum! – Abomination shouted.

-Yeah, yeah, remember Harlem? – Hulk tossed a rock at Blonsky, who evaded it.

-That was a lucky strike –

-I think not! – Hulk jumped and hit Abomination in the face with his two fists. –Why are you even doing this?! –

-Baron Zemo created the Masters of Evil and I’m in. –

-So you do it for fun?! –

-Basically. –

-Need some help Bruce? – Dr. Henry Pym walked next to Hulk.

-I can handle it! – Hulk shouted. –And I’m not Banner. –

-Whatever you say! – Henry “Hank” Pym replied and grew in size, picking Abomination up.

-Hey he’s mine! – Hulk shouted.

-Why don’t you share a little bit? – Pym laughed and tossed Blonsky to the river.

-You think that’s gonna stop him?! I want him dead! – Hulk jumped and ran to the river but when he arrived to the crater Abomination had made, he couldn’t find Emil Blonsky.

-He’s gone Bruce. –Hank said.

Meanwhile at the Raft…

-So you have Stark? – Baron Zemo asked Ebersol.

-Yes, Baron. – Fixer replied.

-That’s good. But remember Viper can’t find out about this. – Zemo answered. –Remember we want her out of Hydra. –

-Yes, Baron. – Fixer said again.


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