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Real Name
Hazel Kathryn Guthrie
Current Alias

Angel of Death, Death Reborn, Hazel Worthington



Hell's Circle; Formerly Jean Grey School

Warren Worthington III (Father), Paige Guthrie (Mother), Warren Worthington II (Paternal Grandfather, Deceased), Kathryn Worthington (Paternal Grandmother (Deceased), Thomas Guthrie (Maternal Grandfather, deceased), Lucinda Guthrie (Maternal Grandmother, Deceased), Eimin and Uriel (Paternal Half Siblings), Guthrie Family Tree (Maternal Relatives)


Base Of Operations
Hellfire Club Hollywood Mansion, Los Angeles, California; Formerly Jean Grey School, Westchester, New York






Unusual Features
Techno-organic wings


Marital Status

Adventurer; Formerly student

Middle School level


Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 The return of Arch Angel is assured. Quote2
-- Hazel Guthrie

Early Life

Hazel's life is not extensive nor that eventful. The most eventful part of her early life would have to be when she was born, being one of the few mutants whose mutation was visible primarily from her blue skin. This brought up not only shock but concern that Angel's previous persona as Death might have some influence on the young girl. But it was something Paige told them to not speak of nor mention to Hazel since she feared putting such dark thoughts into her daughter truly might influence her mindset.

Despite this concern though, Hazel proved to be otherwise healthy and normal for the most part. Her parents both raised her like any other parent would and like most of the X-Men children she resided at the school for the entirety of her life where she learned to use her manifesting abilities and the usual academics. She was also taught from a young age how to fight and computer skills and actively took part in many clubs and events at the school. She also proved to be incredibly charismatic and out-going, matching her parents in terms of being a socialite.

And to say the least, Hazel was also a daddy's girl but also was close to her mother. And they were also her crutch when her other powers began to take a physical toll on her body, most especially the manifestation of her techno-organic wings which when they grew steadily, cut open her back causing her to bleed profusely each time. Their metallic sheen though and the eventual reveal of her energy projectiles started to cause more worry among the X-men, especially her father since there was still the possible chance that Hazel could become a new Death.

But it wasn't until around the time she turned eleven did Hazel show mood swings. Whenever someone or something upset her or she grew angered she showed signs of becoming incredibly dark and cruel, having a few times attacked school bullies without recalling the event. Frightened at this change, Paige and Warren did their best to keep such things concealed while Hazel continued her school life not knowing any better.

Following a Dark Path

Unfortunately, that would change when Hazel decided to take a trip to the mall on her own without telling the teachers or her parents. In fact, it was the same fateful day that Chris approached Kal'dara, Chatan, and Myra that Hazel herself was approached by Carey and Zuras together. They revealed that her powers not only came from her x-gene but also an influence by a great dark power, one of Apocalypse's horsemen Death that once resided in her father and passed onto her. They also explained how the Jean Grey School avoided her knowing of this influence and spun a lie in the truth of how the X-Men were keeping her from reaching her true potential. They feared what she could do and could become, the power that she could wield but was kept in check.

Believing the lie, Hazel was completely heartbroken and betrayed, leaving the mall in a hurry to return to the school and confronting her parents. Though Warren admitted they had hid the possible Death influence and change he tried to explain that it wasn't to hold her back but Hazel was too blinded by rage to listen. It would be the first time that Hazel became aware of this change in her personality and used it to attack her parents and the teachers gathered before leaving the school completely. Because of this truth and partial lie, Hazel wound up in the Hell's Circle fold with Carey having plans to exploit her Death influence.

Powers and Abilities


  • Anger Empowerment:When angered, stressed, or upset, Hazel's abilities become affected as well to being enhanced to greater levels than what they currently might be at. This also grants her access to further abilities she has yet to unlock unless she is in this state, which has also been dubbed her "Death" enhancement.
    • Physical Enhancements:The most obvious change by this empowerment is that her physical capabilities reach superhuman levels rather than peak human. This allows her speed to increase to Mach 2.5 at the moment, lift two times the human limit, and giving her superhuman stamina and durability.
    • Partial Energy Form:In a similar state of her father's Life-Force Manipulation and Psionics, Hazel gains a half energy state to where her wings become pure energy and she gains a plumage of energy "hair", energy talons, and energy emanating from her eyes and hands.
      • Enhanced Concussive Blasts:In this state, Hazel's energy blasts become far stronger, being capable of denting steel or destroying stronger metals and other materials.
      • Energy Feather Projectiles:Hazel can create projectiles she launches from her wings in the shape of feathers, giving her a greater range and distance than her concussive blasts.
      • Energy Weapon Creation:Hazel can manipulate this energy she makes into various kinds of weapons, being able to make them solid enough they can do physical damage, such as cutting someone or bludgeoning them. Usually, this is limited to weapons she has seen or at the very least studied to some degree to make them realistic and work properly.
      • Energy Absorption/Channeling:Hazel can absorb moderate levels of energy, allowing her to convert it to use with her own energy or channel it back at an opponent. But higher levels of energy become far more difficult to redirect and absorb, even eventually overpowering her due to her body being incapable of containing it.
      • Energy Shield:Due to her wings being pure energy, Hazel can manipulate their size, density, and shape in order to better cover and protect herself or extend to protecting more than just one other person from moderate levels of energy/elemental attacks.
    • Poisonous/Acidic Feathers:Hazel can trigger a latent chemical compound in her wings that allow her feathers to take on poisonous or acidic properties. These toxins can be minor with paralyzing someone to making them weak or severely ill while the acidic properties are enough to melt through organic and inorganic objects.
    • Avian Telepathic Link/Control:Hazel gains another ability of being able to make telepathic links with birds within the area allowing her to know what they are thinking and feeling. By extension, she can also bend their minds to her will, allowing her to control them with a simple thought.
  • Aerial Adaptation:Inherited from her father and possibly traits passed down from the Guthrie family line, Hazel's body is adapted for flight from mainly her bones being hollow like that of a bird's and a greatly enhanced lung capacity that allows her to take in greater amount of oxygen. She can withstand low air pressures at high altitudes, her limit being 10,000 feet and being able to fly little over 9 hours at any time. So far, she has shown to have peak human strength, durability, and stamina due to her mutation, but this is expected to increase as she gets older since her mutation is relatively new.
    • Techno-Organic Wing Manifestation:Due to having a trace of her father's abilities when he was formerly Death and granted by the Life Seed Hazel ended up growing a pair of Techno-organic feathered wings. These wings are 14 feet long when fully spread and appear organic almost, save for the metallic sheen the individual feathers give off which are razor sharp and durable. They allow her to fly at Mach 1, durable enough to endure bullets, impact forces, and knocking a full man off his feet, and allowing her to use them as a kind of shield or to torpedo into places much like Angel.
      • Feather Projectiles:The individual feathers in these wings can be fired like projectiles that can easily penetrate rocks, stone, brick, and steel. They are razor sharp and regrow automatically each time they are fired.
  • Energy Blasts:Hazel has shown she can fire energy projectiles from her hands and sometimes from her eyes. These blasts are currently strong enough to knock a person off their feet or easily destroy stone.


  • Computer Programming/Operating:From her mother, Hazel has learned to operate computers and programming, such as working with computer codes.
    • Amateur Hacker:Because of her computer knowledge Hazel has began trying to learn how to hack computer systems but still only has limited knowledge.
  • Decent Close Quarters Combatant:Between both her parents Hazel has been taught from a young age how to use close quarters combat but still has room to grow. But due to her father's teachings she also is an adept aerial combatant.

Strength level

Hazel is capable of lifting the maximum weight for a human woman her age, height, and weight but this can increase to superhuman levels when using her Anger Empowerment.


  • Due to influences from her father's Death persona being passed onto her Hazel does tend to go into a darker, more sadistic version of herself when angered or upset.
  • Hazel is still quite young which means she has yet to recognize the full extent of her abilities and is also an easier target among her teammates.
  • Though it was discovered that in her angered state Hazel can access the powers she has yet to fully realize and becomes more powerful she does face a great backlash from each one. Not to mention many of the abilities themselves being subconscious and not in her full control.
    • From the physical enhancements and energy state she becomes exhausted to the point she passes out or becomes extremely lethargic, thus she must rest for several hours or a few days to regain most of her strength and eat large quantities of food.
    • Still in her energy state, Hazel can only withstand moderate levels of energy and elemental based assaults and can still be struck by physical forces.
    • The poisonous and acidic properties of her wings are also only subconsciously accessible in this "Death" state, otherwise the chemical compounds in the wings remain dormant at this time.
    • She also cannot access her telepathic link and control of birds unless she is in this state.
    • Though she is capable of accessing these abilities, she cannot access her avian telepathic link/control, physical enhancements, and poisonous/acidic feathers when in her partial energy state and vice versa.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Her wings, Hell's Circle Jet, Hell's Circle jeeps
Weapons: None known.


  • Hazel is an What If idea if Angel and Husk were to ever have a child.


  • She is currently the youngest known member of the Hell's Circle, being only 13 years in age.

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