Hawkeyeverse-a set for television series about heroes from the comic book publishing house Marvel Comics and the fictitious universe shared by these series. In the universe, crossovers between productions are used.

TV series



Clint Barton is the son of Harold and Edith. After the car accident of the parents, he and his brother were sent to the orphanage, from which they escaped and joined the circus. There Barton acquired his skills, including in the masterly use of bow and martial arts.



Alter ego Hulk is Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, a promising young physicist. During operation and gamma radiation, it happens that there is no control.

Captain Marvel


Carol Danvers was born in Boston, where she spent her childhood. She was the oldest child and the only daughter in a family dominated by her father, so for a long time she was forced into uneven competition with two brothers. Because her father refused to give her money to study, she immediately joined the air force after graduation - as she claims, she was guided by the need for independence and the willingness to explore the world.

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