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Real Name
Harold Osborn
Current Alias



Amberson Osborn (paternal grandfather) (deceased), Norman Osborn (father), Emily Osborn (mother) (deceased)


Base Of Operations
New York City





Unusual Features


Marital Status

Student, industrialist, criminal


Place of Birth

First appearance




Harry was born in New York City to the wealthy industrialist Norman Osborn, the head of Osborn Industries, and his wife Emily. However his mother died due to resulting complications during childbirth, which from the beginning put he and his father at odds. Harry would go on to have a troubled life, as he never could reach his father's high expectations, and without Emily to reign him in Norman sunk deeper and deeper into darkness. Because of Harry's part in her death, Norman could never fully "forgive" him so to speak no matter how much he tried.

Since he was a child he was friends with Peter Parker, the son of one of his father's employees Richard Parker. The two would maintain that friendship for many years, even when the two started going to different schools as Harry would be sent to the higher end private establishments by his father. Whilst Peter was not being raised by his aunt and uncle in queens after the death of his parents who could not afford to send him to such a place. Harry would ask Peter for tutoring and help on his homework which he complied with. However he didn't reveal to his prep school peers the truth and actively sought credit if not adulation for it all. Doing so in a bid to win the approval of both his peers and his father. Something that would bring him at odds with Peter down the road.

During the long-running conflict between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin, the latter wound up framing his enemy for a number of crimes. Leading as he planned to the city's disapproval of him to a boiling point. Eventually the Goblin would frame him for kidnapping his friend Gwen Stacy. Harry would hear about this and try to rescue her himself, grabbing his father's revolver from his desk. He'd eventually confront an injured Spider-Man with a gash in his leg that kept him from moving at top form. He initially attempts to stop him, but after Spider-Man reveals to him his true identity as Peter Parker he lets him go. However, he'd eventually come upon Spider-Man standing over his father's stabbed body with a blade. Peter ran away as Harry approached. He then went to his dying father who with his last breaths said, "Harry, I'm...sorry. I lo..." before passing away. Harry ultimately decided that he needed to get back at Spider-Man for what he did. And for letting Spider-Man go earlier he blamed himself for what had happened.

Harry wound up taking control of the company after this and set his sights on taking down Spider-Man. Using his resources to hire some villains to do so.

Awhile after his father disappeared a crook named George "Georgie" Hill happened upon one of Norman's Goblin Lairs in the sewer whilst fleeing from Spider-Man. Discovering that the Green Goblin was in fact tied to OsCorp. Hill approached Harry with this information and threatened to blackmail the company for money to keep it all a secret. Afraid of his family's name being tarnished and their legacy ruined Harry decided needed to kill Hill. Wanting to find the base Harry told him that he agreed, but wound up tailing him back to the hideout.

Once there Hill began to pack up paperwork and blueprints when Harry walked in with a revolver. He hesitated however and George managed to pull out his own gun. George fired at Harry, clipping him in the shoulder. Harry ducked around a corner as Hill kept firing until he wound up running out of bullets and charged Harry, leading to a physical struggle where he managed to disarm him. Harry managed to break free from his grasp and slammed into a shelving unit filled with pumpkin bombs. He saw George bolt for the gun he dropped and so he grabbed one of the bombs and threw it at him. The blast sent Hill flying across the room. Harry walked over and saw that whilst grievously burned George was still alive. Harry looked over to see a table with razor bats and grabbed one. Between gasps Hill begged for mercy and claimed that he wouldn't tell anyone. But Harry with apprehension in his eyes slashed his throat. The experience, being the first time he killed somebody, would haunt him for a long time.

After that Harry moved all of its contents to a new location and set the place ablaze. Harry then began to sift through his father's notes and examine the Goblin formula. With a newfound focus and obsession Harry's mind was sharpening. He was convinced that the formula drove his father to do evil things and rationalized a sense of innocence for him based on that. Casting Norman in his mind as a man simply in need of help who was viciously murdered. He sought to modify the formula to account for this.

During this time however Roderick Kingsley would make a power play to take control of OsCorp. After the disgrace of Otto Octavius and Norman Osborn's death the company was in decline so the high ranking executive Donald Menken sided with him. Being told that he would save the company from speculated bankruptcy and that once it was a part of Kingsley's conglomerate he'd be appointed as CEO. However, it was up to him to see to it that Harry was taken out control and thus unable to fight back against the takeover.

After several attempts Harry caught on to what was happening and decided to step-down in an agreement that would leave him with access to his financial assets. However, he put together a plan. Taking up the goblin mantle he would target OsCorp and its executives in clinical strikes that would weaken the company and thus paint him as its enemy. Harry figured out that in the new age of costumed adventurers it wasn't enough to merely have a costume and a codename. He realized that this new goblin would inevitably have a secret identity people would want to figure out and so he decided that he'd frame none other than Roderick Kingsley. Citing his corporate takeover as the goblin's motivation for the crimes, and would then make him disappear so that all of his future activities could be attributed to Kingsley. In the process he planned to kill Menken for his betrayal and use that as an excuse to step-up and take control of OsCorp once more.

During his hit on one of OsCorp's buildings the Hobgoblin would happen upon another saboteur. Another costumed adventurer known as the Black Cat. Initially they battle, in part because they don't understand each other's motives and because she initially mistakens him for the Green Goblin. Harry takes an interest in her and after investigation discovers that she is in fact Gwen Stacy. He eventually confronts her about it and it is revealed that she had been taken advantage of by Miles Warren whilst working as a lab assistant under. Warren having been brought in to replace Octavius after his turn to villainy. He offers her to team-up with him saying that in the end she'd be able to have her vengeance and she agrees. By this point Warren was working closely with Menken

Spider-Man would naturally come to interfere with the Hobgoblin's plans. But during his encounters he'd leave red herring hints for him that he was Kingsley. And eventually he'd make his attack on Menken.

Powers and Abilities


  • Hobgoblin Transformation: Due to the combination of his super-soldier serum and the goblin force that Harry injected into himself, Harry has the ability to partially tap into the Goblin Force. As a result, Harry undergoes a physical transformation, becoming the Hobgoblin (as pictured above). In this form, Harry gains access to various powers.
  • Superhuman Strength: Harry becomes superhumanly strong hence he possesses an extreme strength capacity potential. So with that said, Harry, as the Hobgoblin, can easily overpower humans by sending them flying and lifting them up with one hand or by hurling them around, and can also lift extremely heavy objects, crush and break through wood panels and templates, can bend metal, and can punch through glass without gaining injury.
  • Superhuman Speed: Harry can run and or exercise as well as operate at superhuman speeds hence his overall body equilibrium is also heightened although he isn't nearly as fast as speedsters. With his speed, he can outrun vehicles.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Harry can operate or maintain continuous physical motion in activities or simply in his movements for prolonged periods of time without getting tired or weary in the process.
  • Superhuman Durability: The transformation fortifies all of Osborn's bodily tissues, making them far tougher and more resistant to injury than normal humans. While Osborn can be injured by something along the lines of a knife or small conventional bullets composed of conventional material, he is very resistant to great impact forces and blunt trauma. He can withstand powerful impacts, such as falling from several stories or being repeatedly struck by a superhuman enemy, that would severely injure or kill a normal human with little to no injury to himself.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: If Osborn does sustain injury, his body's increased metabolism allows him to heal damaged tissue much faster and more extensively than a normal human is capable of. While not nearly as efficient as the healing powers possessed by Wolverine, he can heal from injuries that would prove lethal to an ordinary human.
  • Superhuman Agility: The Hobgoblin's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: His reflexes are similarly enhanced and are superior to those of the finest human athlete.


  • Genius Level Intellect: Aside from his physical advantages, the serum also greatly enhanced Harry's average level intellect, making him a true genius capable of making progress in advanced areas of genetics, robotics, engineering, and applied chemistry that most professional scientists can scarcely comprehend.
  • Expert Marksman: As the Hobgoblin, Harry uses various hand-held throwing weapons such as explosives and razor projectiles which he will throw with great aim rarely ever missing his target. He is also a skilled sharpshooter with various firearms.
  • Skilled Combatant: He is a skilled unarmed combatant that is capable of using most weapons proficiently.

Strength level

10 tons


  • Mental Instability:Osborn's mental condition is unstable. The Goblin formula greatly increased his intelligence but cost him his sanity, that can lead him to make irrational decisions.



  • Hobgoblin Armor: His armor suit provides Harry some moderate protection from physical trauma.


  • Goblin Glider: capable of great maneuverability and speeds of up to 90 miles per hour. It was capable of supporting about 400 lbs including Norman's weight (and far more for very brief periods of time). Top speed and a full normal load would exhaust the fuel supply in about one hour. The main microprocessor assisted manual controls were behind the head of the glider, and later modifications added voice-activated radio-linked controls integrated into the Green Goblin's mask. The goblin glider was steered primarily, however, by the weight and attitude of its rider. The Hobgoblin's boots locked into the stirrups of the glider electromagnetically.


  • Explosives: The Green Goblin created and utilized various concussive, incendiary, and other specialized explosives in his career, most in the form of miniature jack-o'lanterns. The Goblin usually carried these in a shoulder bag, nicknamed his "bag of tricks". The Hobgoblin inherited these weapons.
  • Incendiary: The incendiary grenades ignited almost soundlessly and released enough heat to melt through a three-inch thick sheet of steel.
  • Smoke/Gas: He also carried a variety of smoke and gas-emitting bombs, which were surrounded by a light plastic mantle that fluttered like a wraith when the bomb was thrown. Other gas bombs emitted hallucinogenic gases, and others released a specially concocted gas that could neutralize Spider-Man's spider sense for a limited period of time.
  • Flying Razor Bats: The Hobgoblin sometimes threw razor sharp bat shaped projectiles which could slice into or ram and impale themselves into opponents.


  • In traditional folklore goblins are traditionally malevolent beings. While the original meaning has become less known and darker definitions for the term have arisen over time, hobgoblins were originally said to be a goblin breed that were more good-natured and playful rather than evil. An interesting connection to the fact that this Hobgoblin while starting out a supervillain, goes on to redeem himself and become a superhero.


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