"I'm just not into science as much as you are, Dad."
Harry Osborn is the only son of wealthy industrialist and scientist Norman Osborn, the owner of Oscorp. Being a child of wealth, Harry has had to fight against the lofty expectations of both his father and of society almost since birth, expectations that he has struggled to live up to, lacking his father's intuitive brilliance. Despite this, Norman seemingly cares for Harry more than anyone else, even if he has trouble showing it.

Due to his mother leaving Norman early in life, Harry was mostly raised by governesses and attended boarding schools much of his life, only seeing his father over spring and summer breaks and still not being able to spend much time with him due to his father's work. Despite this, Harry seems socially well-adjusted, so the transition to a public high school (at his father's insistence, due to wanting to instill a work ethic in young Harry) was a relatively easy one. Harry began attending Midtown High in his freshman year, making friends easily and becoming a well-respected player on the school's basketball team. He was at least marginally aware of Peter Parker's existence, though not close to him in his sophomore year. Harry was last seen being told by his father to get to know Parker more, as maybe some of his good knowledge of science could "rub off on him."

Powers & Abilities

  • Athletic Ability: It is stated that Harry has some modicum of athletic ability, having played for the school's basketball team in the past. Despite his appearance, Harry also has earned a reputation as a bit of a fighter, leading some to think he's taken boxing lessons in the past.


Harry possesses no special abilities or powers that would protect him from harm. Unlike his father, Harry doesn't seem to possess an especially keen mind for business or science. While he is certainly not an idiot (and indeed, his father makes him work for what he earns), he is not nearly as intelligent as Norman is.

Film Details

Harry Osborn appears in the following films within the Earth-11584 continuity. In all cases he is portrayed by actor Chandler Riggs.

  • Spectacular Spider-Man (2017)
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