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Real Name
Harriet Garcia
Current Alias

Spider-Girl, Goggles



Stewart Martin (grandfather), Mateo Garcia (father), Alice Garcia (mother), Mandy Garcia (little sister)


Base Of Operations
New York City






Marital Status


King High School

First appearance

Slinger #1


Quote1 Big fan, really big. Couldn't give a crap about the other Avengers, but you I can give every crap about! Quote2
-- Harriet to Spider-Man

Early Life

Harriet had a relatively normal childhood. She didn't stand out too much and had relatively good grades. She never knew what she wanted to do or be until one day when she discovered Spider-Man, witnessing him save a group of people from the villain Rhino. She became obsessed with the hero, buying everything she could that had his face on it. Leading from his example, she began speaking to more people and became far more extroverted. This led her to meet her best friends, Elliot Masters and Greg Fassbender.

Becoming a Hero

Ever since first seeing Spider-Man, Harriet has wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a hero. Her mother wasn't too supportive of this dream, but she was never disheartened. Eventually, while in high school she began work on a secret project that she eventually revealed after several months of work. The project turned out to be a few gadgets that mimicked the abilities of Spider-Man, which she showed off to a few of her friends, the first of which was Elliot. She began using her tech to fight crime just like her hero, taking down small thugs around the area.

It didn't take too long for her to encounter her first super-criminal, as a man in blue named the Speed-Miser began robbing people all around the city. Her first encounter with Speed-Miser didn't go too well, as he was so fast he could make it seem as if he was in two places at once. He used this ability to sneak up on her multiple times and eventually to escape. After this, she went to Greg for information on him, as Greg knows almost everyone in the neighborhood. Greg told her about a cat burglar who had a temper problem that was caught and suddenly disappeared from prison, revealing the burglar's name to be Mike and that most likely he is Speed-Miser.

After finding this out she came up with a plan and challenged Speed-Miser to another fight, during which she exposed Speed-Miser's identity to all of New York which caused Miser to go into a rage spiral and begin fighting erratically. This gave Harriet the upper hand, as Speed was no longer planning out his moves and was far easier to defeat. After doing so, she caught the attention of multiple different people who wanted to know who she was. As an answer to this question, she came up with her current hero name: Slinger.

Menace of Mister Nemo

Shortly after the defeat of Speed-Miser, Harriet encountered a large robot that was easily destroyed by her. This was quickly followed by another robot, which was harder to destroy but was still defeated. Finally, she encountered an incredibly hard to beat robot that she managed to short circuit. Due to the strange amount of robots showing up, she had Elliot track their location, finding out they were all first spotted near a group of warehouses. She ran down and spotted a man named Mister Nemo, who spotted her and attacked her with one final robot, this one the biggest and the hardest to kill.

Sadly, she lost her fight with the robot, as it smacked her extremely far away and left her for dead. Harriet luckily survived the crash, but had crashed on top of a car and threw out her back. She took the next few days to nurse herself, finding out that the robots were still attacking and were getting bigger and harder to beat, slowly working their way up from lesser known heroes to the big ones. To make matters worse, Nemo had threatened to unleash an army of robots on to the city if it is not handed over to him.

After witnessing this, Harriet very painfull popped her back in place before suiting up and heading after Nemo, who had created a small group of robots specifically designed to take out certain heroes. Thankfully, they were preoccupied and she managed to sneak into Nemo's base, which was a small prison he had taken over. The two fought for a small amount of time, but Nemo brutally beat Harriet before revealing that New York's time is up and he's going to launch missiles at it. Unfortunately, the thought of losing her friends and family sent Harriet into overdrive, as she beat Nemo so hard he dropped the launcher, which she then stepped.

Shortly after this, Harriet was helped by a small group of doctors, who informed her that Spider-Man would like to talk to her. Harriet, awestruck by his presence, didn't say a single thing while Spidey gave her some encouraging words, ending in him giving her a thumbs up. This simple action caused Harriet to unload all of her thoughts on him all at once, ending in her hugging him before leaving to go home.

Powers and Abilities


Harriet has no superhuman abilities, relying on her intelligence more than anything else.


Genius Level Intelligence: Harriet participated in a test in Grade School that determined everyone in her class' intelligence. Back then it was 120 and it is currently sitting at 170.

Hand-to-Hand Combat (basic): Harriet has never been trained by anyone other than herself.

Strength level

Without any enhancements or technology, Harriet has the strength level of a normal human girl.


Harriet is completely powerless, meaning she is harmed by anything that harms a normal person.



  • Strength Enhancing Skeleton: An exoskeleton so unnoticeable she is able to wear multiple layers of clothing on top of it. She is able to lift ten times her body weight with it but if it ever breaks she'll lose this ability. Due to this fact she must repair it every other night.
  • Spider-Sense Goggles: A pair of goggles on Harriet's head that flashes red whenever she is in danger as a way of mimicking Spider-Sense.
  • Adhesive Gloves: Red gloves that are able to stick to any surface. These were apparently the hardest to get right and had many failed prototypes.


  • Slugger: A bike given to her by her grandfather.


  • Grappling Hook: Harriet's main weapon and what she uses in place of a web-shooter. According to her, it is extremely hard to use and she can't use it to swing around the city like Spider-Man. She has considered replacing it but she has an odd attachment to it.


  • Harriet's school, King High School, is named after Jack "The King" Kirby.


  • She is currently 17 years old and discovered Spider-Man when she was 12.
  • Ironically, she is terrified of spiders.
  • Harriet is extremely willing to give out her real name, though she doesn't tell strangers and enemies for obvious reasons.
  • She is bisexual and has only ever dated one person.

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