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Real Name
Harold Theopolis "Harry" Osborn
Current Alias

Harry Lynman, Buddy, Hobgoblin, New Goblin, American Son



Oscorp (current CEO and president)

Norman Osborn (father), Emily Osborn (mother), Liz Allan (wife), Mary Jane Watson (ex-girlfriend and close friend)


Base Of Operations
Oscorp Tower, Osborn Mansion






Marital Status

Current president and CEO of Oscorp

Human mutated by the injection of the Oz Formula which transformed him into a Goblin like creature.

First appearance

Modern Comics: Spider-Man Vol 1 1


Quote1 That, Johnny, is why Peter is my best friend. He never gives up on me. I'm not an Osborn to him or that Hobgoblin thing. I'm just "Harry" to him... Quote2
-- Harry Osborn

Early Years

Harold Theopolis "Harry" Osborn was the son of the rich industrialist and creator of Oscorp, Norman Osborn who met Peter Parker in public school. Despite their differences the two bonded; Harry improved Peter's social status, and Peter helped Harry with his homework. He also had a brief, but regretful romantic relationship with Peter's soon-to-be girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson, but ended it since he believes that he will always love his long-time friend and crush Liz Allan, who was unfortunately dating Flash Thompson at that time, even if he knew would be no potential future for him and Liz being together. Harry, who was also tired of always being ignored and rejected by his father who was always busy in running Oscorp and working in recreating the Super-Soldier Serum, Harry switched the chemicals in the serum, causing it to explode in his face, turning his father into the villainous Green Goblin.

Green Goblin

After his father died, Harry retained his anger towards Spider-Man, blaming him for his father's death until he later found his father's secret lair, finally finding out his father became the Green Goblin. During this time, he dated Mary Jane, but she broke off the relationship after Harry became more and more unstable due to him finding about his father being a ruthless, insane, and a murderous criminal before he died. Although he found out about his father's secrets, he still hadn't ended his vendetta against Spider-Man, not until he finds out his secret identity and questions why his father had to die, instead of just bringing him in and arresting him.

The Hobgoblin

Harry Hobgoblin Earth-61615

Harry turns into the Hobgoblin and attacks Peter

Later while Harry was chilling in the manor, he became extremely curious about his father's works and decided to visit his father's secret lair once again to investigate his father's tech. Suddenly, the room was raided when a strange figure smashed into the lair's wall, revealing to be his father Norman, who was somehow alive once again holding a weakened Spider-Man on his grasp. Norman then pulls and strips away Spider-Man's mask and reveals to Harry that Spider-Man was Peter all along. Shocked, Harry was speechless after finding out that his best friend was the hero who "killed" his father, but as Peter tries to explain everything, he slowly walks backwards towards outside of the room causing for him to trip and fall into a several different reserves of the Oz Formulas that were kept in a glass shelf. Due to this, Harry unleashed his new abilities. Bursting into rage and into flame, he transformed into the monstrous Hobgoblin who unexpectedly and savagely attacked Peter.

Norman was now impressed and was "proud" of his son, then goaded and helped the now-mutated Harry to be more angrier into battling Peter, but after a lengthy battle, Peter finally explained everything causing for Harry to change his mind, who finally turned against his father and viciously fought him. The battle shorted for a while, leading destruction to several houses in the Osborns' neighborhood, but ended after Norman manages to get the upper hand on his son, after cruelly beating him, reverting him to human form. Harry was almost beaten to death by the hands of his father, until Spider-Man returns to the scene to save Harry and defeat Norman, with the help of Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives. Norman was defeated but still manages to escape the scene. From that point, Norman became a fugitive not only to S.H.I.E.L.D. and several organizations, but also to Harry, who now sees his father as a complete heartless monster.


After the incident, Harry was recovering after he was in a comatose for three days. The Oz serum that turned him into the Hobgoblin was successfully removed from his system, although it was later revealed to have already mutated his genes. Harry was visited by his friends, including Peter, Mary Jane, Liz, Flash, and Kong, finally forgiving Peter about what happened before and apologized to him because of the incident. Peter forgave him as well, becoming best friends once again. During his time at the hospital, he was frequently being visited by Liz, who surprisingly had cared and supported him from recovering. From that point, Harry started having feelings for Liz once again, the same feelings he had for her since high school.

Death of Gwen Stacy

During the events of Gwen Stacy's death, Harry decided to finally confess his feelings for Liz and tried to court her, but was interrupted due to hearing upon Gwen's death at the hands of his own father. After hearing the news, Harry didn't feel any remorse in his father's death, since he was a heartless monster who murdered his close friend.

Due to this, Harry decided not to tell his feelings to Liz for the time being. After a few months, Harry finally confessed to Liz, but Liz rejected him, saying that she did like him, but not recently, causing the two to become very distant from one another for a while. The two finally met once again after suddenly meeting at a cafe, and decided to talk it out, but was interrupted during the attack of Ultimate Ultron on New York City. During the attack, an Ultron sentry aimed at Liz and some other people at the cafe, but Harry manages to save her in time away from the blast, proving that he really cared about her until now.

After the incident, Liz talked to Harry once again at the same cafe, apologizing to him for turning him down and thanked him for saving her life, admitting that she turned him down because she still hadn't moved on from Gwen's death and was having a lot of problems (stressed out) at that time, and also realizes and confessed about her feelings for Harry as well after realizing that he really cared about her. The two then finally started dating together and had a wonderful time spending their time together as a very happy couple.

Ultimate War

Several months later, Harry decided to finally commit and propose to Liz. His friends advised him to plan a special and elegant proposal for her, but Harry decided to just make his proposal very simple and personal, and that is having a simple dinner with Liz at the same restaurant they went to when they first dated. All of Harry's friends, including Peter and Mary Jane supported Harry, hoping that Liz would accept his proposal.

Proposal Gone Wrong

During their planned dinner, they were a having a great time discussing about their past and their relationship together as friends, and now, as couples. Harry decided to finally confess his commitments to Liz, but before Harry could put out the ring, a massive explosion occurred at the restaurant. The whole place was severely damaged and half of it were destroy, killing a few civilians but Harry, Liz and other civilians managed to survive and most of them were injured.

Trapped in the building, they tried to find their way out of there, until they were rescued by the Defenders. They and the rest of the surviving civilians were guided by the Defenders into the hole the leads outside the building, but as they get out they were surrounded by Hydra soldiers, who tried to shoot at the Defenders. The superhero team defeats the terrorists, but one soldier holds a plasma cannon and tries to aim and shoot at Black Cat, but Daredevil manages to save her in time, evading her from the shot. Instead of hitting someone, the blast destroys the support, causing the whole structure of the area above them to topple and collapse, but Harry gained the courage to cover Liz from the falling structure, accidentally transforming into the Hobgoblin once again. Harry did save her but the debris of the structure knocked him out and severely injured him, reverting him back to human form. He was rescued and was left to be in a comatose for a week, after the Global Superhuman War had ended.

While at the hospital, Liz was sitting beside Harry's side, who was still recovering, she found out that something fell out of Harry's pocket, she found the proposal ring, leaving Liz into tears. Suddenly, Harry wakes up, and hilariously asks her if she wanted to marry him. She immediately and happily replied "yes," before embracing her beloved fiancé.

A few months later, the two eventually got married in a very fancy wedding, thanks to Harry's fortune, attended by pretty much everyone they loved throughout the years, from their family to friends. Later on, Harry and Liz were and will always have the time of their lives together, falling in love all-over again, now that they're finally married as husband and wife.

American Son

During the wake of the Secret Invasion caused by the return of the Skrulls, a newly-formed team has emerged from the shadows, and helped the heroes and villains in participating with the prevention of the extraterrestrial threats from ever invading Earth. Calling themselves the Dark Avengers, the leader of the team, Iron Patriot, eventually had himself reveal his own identity to the public authorities in the process, to which he was actually Norman Osborn, truly shocking most of the former villain's foes and adversaries, including his son Harry, who never even knew that his father had survived death and had finally abandoned his villainy, until that day came.

Surprised and angered at the same time, Harry immediately confronted his father after he finds him standing inside the main office of the Oscorp Tower, where Harry was now working at since he became the current CEO and president of the company since his father's apparent death. Still frustrated at what his father and his past career as a villain and what he had become as a masquerading superhero, Norman calmed Harry down and told him everything about what happened to him since he almost died during Ultimate War, where he got an amnesia after surviving several shots by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents led by Maria Hill, who tried to apprehend him in the last days of the war.

Upon Osborn's recovery, S.H.I.E.L.D. have him in custody where they tried to have him recall all his past memories as the murderous and deranged Green Goblin. Nevertheless, S.H.I.E.L.D. showed him all all the outrageous and disgraceful schemes he had ever done in his years of villainy. Despite not remembering all his past sins, Osborn was still shocked after seeing all the horrifying incidents that he had caused, however, he pleaded S.H.I.E.L.D. to help him restart a new, better life, so he could finally correct his wicked ways, and from that point on, Norman told Harry how he eventually became the heroic Iron Patriot, where he helped form the Dark Avengers, a heroic team of redeemed villains turned into heroes.

Finding all about this, Harry was surprised and was disheartened at the same time to see how much his father has changed after redeeming himself, and in the end of their very first reunion, Harry apologized Norman and forgave him for his past mistakes as a villain and a stubborn father to him, where they passionately embraced in tears, now that the father and his son has finally reunited. Eventually, during their first reunion, Norman also had the chance to recruit Harry into letting him participate in one of his most special classified project. Calling it the "American Son Project," Norman has crafted a highly-advanced, specialized armored suit similar to the Iron Patriot Suit, so he could help him protect himself and Liz whenever chaos inflicts, and even others if he desired to. Harry was astonished by his father's consideration, leading him to question why would he do such a thing to make him a suit.

In response, Norman also told Harry another thing as he convince him that maybe one day, Harry might be able to join his father's Dark Avengers, but as for now, he gave him the suit in order to train and develop himself when it comes into becoming a newly-born superhero. Pleased and thankful by what his father had done for him, Harry dedicated his gratitude to Norman by going through extensive training inside Norman's secret organization for a while, where he eventually donned the suit his father gave him and officially became the American Son, one of the newest heroic figures in town. However, all the truth that his father had told Harry about having an amnesia and being a sincere hero was all a lie, and was all a cover-up in order to gain the trust of the public, while he continues to spread his villainy through his organization and his Avengers. Harry is actually and unknowingly playing into his father’s hand as he becomes the pawn Norman was hoping for, a pawn in his newest schemes.

Powers and Abilities


  • Oz Formula: The Oz Formula that mutated Harry Osborn mixed with the formula of the Super-Soldier Serum, which granted him superhuman abilities similarly to his father but at the same time it turned him into his version of a monstrous Goblin-like creature, also known as the "Hobgoblin" which grants him to have pyrokinesis, the ability to generate and control fire.
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Regenerative Healing Factor
    • Apparent Immortality
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Pyrokinesis
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Heightened stats when empowered by the Oz Formula, turning him into the Hobgoblin.


  • Skilled Leader
  • Skilled Manipulator
  • Skilled Hacker

Strength level



None known.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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  1. Modern Comics: Avengers Vol 1 89


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