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Hammer X-Teens

Official Name
Hammer X-Teens

Team Identity


Base Of Operations
Hammer X-Teen Mansion

Team Leader(s)
Black Prince

Current Members
Razor, Scales, R2, Combust, Dark Creature, Mask

Hammer Avengers, H.A.M.M.E.R., New Offenders


First appearance



In a secret alliance with White Prince, Torraxe, and Ezekiel Stane, Westly Osborn decided to give White Prince his own team of mutants. Iron Avenger soon showed White Prince his team of X-Teen he has chosen for him. Scales, son of he famous Mimic, he is able to turn his skin rock hard also giving him very powerful strength, also has the power to grow wings. Combust, son of the famous Pyro, unlike his father he is able to make fire and control it in any way he pleases. Mask, sister and daugther of Mephestio, she has all the powers of her brother including shapeshifting and shooting lasers out of her eyes. And finally Dark Creature, a counterpart being from another universe, has the same powers as her counterpart. He soon arrived back at the Hammer Avenger Tower and the two had an arguement about the team. White Prince was upset that he didn't get to chose his own people for the job. Finally they came to an agreement that Iron Avenger would let him pick at least two people to join his group. White Prince decided and chose Razor as their Howl. And their next team mate took them to a lab under Atlantis were they met R2, Marine's clone. Later after chosing White Prince soon changed his name to Black Prince and called the group the Hammer X-Teens.


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