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Real Name
Hal Moriarty
Current Alias



Former Prosecutor, Ally of Moon Knight, former assassin for Divinus Faustus

Marie Brasco (mother, deceased)
Unnamed Father (unknown)


Base Of Operations




Red, (usually buzz cut)

Unusual Features
has scars all over his body


Marital Status


trained assassin and educated by Divinus Faustus

Introduced to the secret organization Divinus Faustus, Hal trained vigorously to become an assassin in the organization's "Sinkiller" program.

Place of Birth

FaKeRoBiN46, okiegolf55

First appearance

Apathy #1


Early Life and Training

Hal Moriarty was born to Marie Brasco and a father that he never knew. His mother was killed in front of him when he was 4. He was sent to a Catholic orphanage, where he was taken in by one of the priests there, Father Bruce. Bruce then introduced him to the secret organization Divinus Faustus. He was trained vigorously by Father Bruce. The leaders of Divinus Faustus, only known as The Trio, noticed his potential and decided to train him for him to become part of their ’Sinkiller’ program. He was trained along side childhood friend Mark Goldblum. He was given the nickname ‘Apathy’ and Mark was given the name ’Sanctus’. They were vigorously trained and then tortured by ‘Ravencroft’, which drove Mark insane. Hal survived the training and was granted a ‘Blessing’ by Divinus Faustus, who later gave him a new assignment.

Time on The Island

Meeting Brock Rumlow

After being dropped on an Island owned by Divinus Faustus (supposedly) via plane. He quickly came to realize that he wasn’t alone on the island as their were SHIELD agents on the island who were working on WMD’s. He is attacked by one of them He also figured out that the island didn’t even belong to Divinus Faustus, but to a group only known to him as ‘AIM’. He later ended up finding an old camp site, whereas he was attacked by a man in a skull mask. Hal turned out to be a skilled match for the man, as he nearly defeated him. The man defeated, but he didn’t kill, Hal. He instead introduced himself as Brock Rumlow, an agent of SHIELD who had been trapped on the island after his SHIELD team betrayed him and have been hunting him since then. He says that he needed help and he feels that God has sent him one. Hal says that he was sent by a group of people for training. Brock then exclaims that he saw a plane drop someone on the island. Brock then explains that the island belongs to a group called AIM and that SHIELD sent his STRIKE team to eliminate the AIM agents but his boss Georges Batroc betrayed him. He began to camp out on the island and, now that he had Hal, he could get his revenge on Batroc for his betrayal. Brock gives him tips on how to improve his fighting skills. Hal and Brock later infiltrate the base where Batroc has set his base of operations. They end up dismantling the operation and Brock, with assistance from Hal, kills Batroc and the two then flee.

Falling Out With Rumlow

Several months after being dropped on the island and killing Batroc, Brock and Hal grew to become good friends. They survived together and also trained together. Their friendship ended when Hal figured out Brock was on a payroll from Divinus Faustus to kill ‘bad people’ by bombing cities with the WMD’s that Batroc possessed. Enraged and feeling betrayed by this, he holds Brock at gunpoint with his own gun. Hal then forced him to get his things and then leave and to never try and find him. Brock tried to justify his actions as the two walked in the jungle. Hal wanted to hear none of it. The two then saw a plane crash, which they decided to check out. On the way there, however, Brock noticed armed men in the bushes and then tackled Hal to save him. Hal still pointed a gun at him and although Brock begged for forgiveness and his trust, Hal shot him in the shoulder and left him for the armed men. Now enraged at his friend’s betrayal, he donned his skull mask and after dispatching some of the armed men, went in pursuit of Hal. Hal, meanwhile, fought his way to the plane crash site. When he got there however, Brock ambushed and managed to nearly beat him to the point of death. But Hal managed to distract him long enough to manage to use Brock’s gun to get fuel on him and then shooting the fuel, which burned him alive. Hal then managed to kick him off the damaged plane into the ocean. The plane then split in two and then fell in the ocean, which Hal managed to jump off in time. Thinking that his old friend was dead, he reeled and showed a hint of remorse before regaining his composure and leaving the area.

Later on, Brock wakes up in a hospital room and is greeted by a SHIELD official Alexander Pierce, who was impressed with his skills and techniques, asked if he could join his organization HYDRA. Brock at first refused but when Pierce offered to help him kill his old friend, he agreed. Pierce then told him after he recovered he can kill his first target: Steve Rogers

Meeting Frank Castle/Sinkiller Fight

Months after the fight with Brock, Hal continued to survive alone until he was walking in the forest and was then attacked by a man wearing a skull vest. At first believing he knows Brock, he attacks and, after a lengthy fight, managed to defeat the man. The man introduces himself as Frank Castle and, when asked if he knows Brock, denies it and states that he is after an international trafficking ring. He also goes by the name The Punisher. Hal struggled at first to trust Castle after his previous encounter with Brock. But Castle proved that he was not a threat to him when he showed him an old factory where the gangsters are trafficking people. Castle explained that he lost contact with his friend Microchip and he needs assistance to take out the ring. Hal agrees and the two ended up infiltrating the ring. Hal rescued the hostages but then armed men arrived and began to kill off the remaining gangsters. Hal recognized them as Divinus Faustus agents. Hal fought through the armed men and then was confronted by an old rival of his Patrick Breslin, now known as Sinkiller. Patrick, now with enhanced strength and reflexes, outmatches Hal. But Hal escapes. He regrouped with Castle and the two escaped. Hal then explained to Castle about Divinus Faustus and Sinkiller; his old rival Patrick. Hal and Castle were later captured by Patrick as Sinkiller and brought to the factory, where they are held hostage by Solomon Graves, a rouge Divinus Faustus agent and his rouge group. He forced him to shoot Castle (who was wearing a bulletproof vest) and then explained to him that he left Divinus Faustus due to the fact that he knows that even Sinkiller can be corrupted. Solomon tells Hal that The Trio, the leaders of Divinus Faustus, are fools to believe that they can have a ’Sinkiller’. Right before Solomon can kill him. Hal breaks free and knocked Solomon out. Hal then frees Castle and they fight all of the men. They end up fighting Patrick together, Hal mocks him by telling him he always used to beat him. Patrick gets angry and tires himself which then Hal uses to beat him and then, after an exchange of words, kills him. Castle and Hal manage to escape. Not long afterwards, Castle leaves the island and acknowledges Hal as a friend. He offered to take Hal with him but Hal declines, still waiting for the Divinus Faustus to return for him.

Rescue from The Island/Early Vigilantism

Hal stayed on the island for a number of months, growing bitter and lonely. He began to feel that Divinus Faustus would never come and get him. One day, he does his daily routine when he is attacked and captured by Divinus Faustus agents. He wakes up in an aircraft. He takes down his guards and pulls a gun on an official. Disillusioned with Divinus Faustus and their cause, he threatens the official to get him back or he will expose Divinus Faustus to the world. The official complies and then puts him back in St. Valentine's City. He was affected by what happened at the island, as when he went on a date one time, a man stole his date’s purse, he then tracked the man down and then assaulted him and got his date’s purse. She was disturbed and then stopped dating him. He later learned that his father figure and mentor Father Bruce was dying. He later visited him and he was given his pistol called Silvereye and a bunch of throwing knives. Father Bruce later died and Hal took it the hardest. He later got a job at a law firm and met a man named Marley. The two then became good friends and then ended up living together in an apartment. After realizing that he could use his abilities for good. He then stacked up his supplies and ammunition and then became a hero, calling himself Apathy, after the nickname that Bruce used to give to him.

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Powers and Abilities


None known.


  • Master Combatant: He is a skilled hand to hand combatant. He can take down any opponent with ease.
  • Intelligence: He has remarkable intelligence and is able to outsmart and outwit his opponents.
  • Weapons proficient: He is an expert with his throwing knives and gun SilverEye.
  • Parkour: He can jump and climb large buildings with his knives and he can jump long distances.

Strength level



  • Mortality: Hal is still an ordinary human, he can get hurt by weapons or falling.



  • several hacking devices

Transportation: his vehicles

  • SilverEye (a Silver Colt M1911)
  • numerous throwing knives
  • numerous guns and other weapons


  • No special notes.

Fun Facts

  • Catholicism: Hal, although resentful of the Divinus Faustus, is a Catholic and keeps Catholic memorabilia around his home. He does describe that he sucks at attending Mass.
  • Music: Hal loves music, especially jazz and bebop, Hal listens to Miles Davis a lot in his down time.
  • Alcohol and Smoking: Hal does not smoke nor drink, as his mother was an alcoholic and would occasionally beat him. He keeps both out of his house although ironically his roommate and friend Marley is a marijuana smoker, but is health conscious.
  • Dr Pepper: Hal has an uncanny addiction to Dr. Pepper.

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