HYDRA is a terrorist organisation in the FMCU. When Johann Schmidt was given funding for his Nazi advance sciences decision he slowly gained more and more power, gaining a God complex as he gained power and knowledge from his study of the occult. Upon making the prototype for the super soldier serum, he was disfigured into the Red Skull, creating a monstrous appearance and driving Schmidt into the realms of insanity, breaking advanced science off and becoming HYDRA, the splinter organisation Hell bent on power through control. They were mostly wiped out in the 1940s by Captain America and the invaders, however they remained intact as a cult even in modern day. Though not as active as they use to be, they still act in the shadows under their same mentality they created all those years ago. Upon the revelation of alien life, they once again rose to prominence in oder to make the earth "Strong" against the new and unknown future.



  • ___ as Johann Schmidt / Red Skull - Leader and founder of HYDRA, insane and mutilated super soldier subject. Broke away from the Nazis to form HYDRA. He was eventually defeated at the hands of Captain America, but not before taking Cap's sidekick Bucky down with him, as well as sending Cap into the water freezing in the water over the Arctic, only to re-awake 80 years later.
  • ___ as Arnim Zola - The Skull's right hand man and loyal scientist. He later passed on the HYDRA torch to maintain it's survival after World War II. He later was diagnosed with a terminal illness, so he uploaded his mind into a robotic body, continuing to live as leader of HYDRA for years to come.


  • ___ as Arnim Zola - The ex-right hand man of the Red Skull, turned robot who has maintained the well-fair of HYDRA for over 80 years as it's leader.
  • ___ as Baron Zemo - A young HYDRA leader with a talent for swordsmanship and a family lineage inside of HYDRA leadership.
  • ___ as Baron Von Strucker - A HYDRA scientist and leader for their scientific decision, following in the footsteps of the Red Skull himself.
  • ___ as Ulysses Klaw - An obsessed HYDRA scientist obsessed with Vibranium and sound technology.
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