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Real Name
Gwendolyne Stacy
Current Alias

Blonde Protector




George Stacy (father, deceased);

Helen Stacy (mother);

Marian Stacy (grandmother);

George Stacy Jr. (younger brother);

Peter Parker (ex-boyfriend)


Base Of Operations
Midtown High School Empire State University New York City, New York






Marital Status

High School Student, intern at Empire State University

High School (coursing)


Place of Birth

First appearance

Astonishing Spider-Man # 1


Quote1 That's Gwendolyne Stacy. Gwen. Say her name three times fast and your heart would surely drop. Quote2
-- Peter Parker

Early Life

Young, smart, tough, and charismatic, Gwen Stacy was known to be a science geek to everyone and always made Straight A's. Before entering high school, Gwen became close friends with fellow science geek Peter Parker and they did homework together, and they began to have crushes on each other.

Life in Midtown High

Gwen then attended Midtown High School with her best friends Peter, Liz Allen, Eddie Brock, and Harry Osborn. Gwen was known as a brilliant student, She usually expresses her true feelings, and she can even be short-tampered sometimes and has even physically attacked some of the bullies at her school. When she sees Peter getting picked on by his jock rival, and her ex-boyfriend Flash Thompson and stands up to him, showing how Gwen really cares for Peter. At one time, Gwen expressed her wish to become a scientist, but now dreams of being a police detective like her father once was. Gwen now interns at the laboratory of Martha Connors at Empire State Univeristy along with Peter where they joined Eddie Brock, and other interns. When she found out that Flash was on the verge of failing most of his classes, she convinced him to be tutored by her and Peter despite Flash and Peter hating one another. Later on, Peter calls her and blows off their movie date. And later down the line while they're still dating, Peter ran off yet again and left her alone at the carnival when it was being attacked by a metahuman known as Electro. This was the only time she would ever really be against Peter and breaks up with him the night after and hopes that he can figure himself out.

Dating Spider-Man

Eventually, Gwen became the first person to learn of Peter's secret identity as Spider-Man and the first Peter revealed it to. Confirming her suspicions that Peter could be Spider-Man all this time and even admitting to him that she was correct all along. Gwen than figures out that Peter was just trying to protect her and forgives him of his actions and his identity. This bring their relationship closer and the two began dating again. Although Peter's secret identity will prove to be a heavy burden on their relationship.

George Stacy's Death and Second breakup

While returning home, both Gwen and her mother noticed large police presence. Gwen rushed to find out what happened, but the police was there to deliver Captain Stacy's badge to Gwen. It was revealed to her that Capt Stacy was killed by the Green Goblin while trying to save a little boy from harm's way. Later, Peter began to fear for Gwen Stacy's safety more than ever when the Green Goblin kidnapped her in a twisted attempt to gain Peter's allegiance and flung her off the George Washington Bridge. Gwen survived, but was left traumatized and ended their relationship out of fear for herself and her family's safety.

Powers and Abilities


None, human


  • Gifted Biochemistry student"
  • Skilled fighter: According to Gwen, she learned combat training with her dad since she was 8 years old and took karate lessons at age 15.
  • Skilled Detective: Gwen has a proclivity for analytical thinking and detective work, which was how she could've theorized that Peter Parker could be the vigilante Spider-Man through his weird behavior and excuses whenever he blows her off on dates or just in general in public before actually revealing and confirming who he really was. She is also the daughter of a police captain, thus she knows some police protocols and methods.

Strength level

Gwen possessed the normal strength of a girl her age who participated in moderate exercise.


Mortality: Gwen is an ordinary human, she can get hurt by weapons or falling.



  • Smartphone: It contains her "entire life".

Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of Marvel Ultiverse and is an adaptation of Gwen Stacy. The original character was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #31

(December, 1965)

  • Unlike the canon comics and most of her counterparts, Gwen here has green eyes instead of blue.
  • Gwen wants to be a scientist and plans to work at Oscorp full time after graduation. This changed however and plans to become a police detective like her father once was after she graduates.


  • Gwen's favorite band is "Daft Punk".
  • Gwen adores the movie E.T. and has watched it seven times.

she's also a fan of Lord of The Rings.

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