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Spider-Girl is one of the characters in the Spiderverse. Her real name is Gwen Stacy, and unlike other spiders, she gained her powers from a radioactive spider instead of an explosion.

== Appearance


=== Civilian


Gwen Stacy is a seventeen year old girl. She has light blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Her usual attire consists of blue/black jeans and a jacket, perfect for concealing her Spider-Girl outfit. She has amply-sized breasts and has a muscular frame and build.

=== Spider-Girl


When Gwen changes into her skintight Spider-Girl outfit, her powerful build, arm muscles, and large breasts are highlighted by the light edges of her suit. She wears a black outfit with white outlines. Stitched onto her back is an insignia resembling a spider.



In combat she is agile and fast. Her powerful punches usually finish an ordinary criminal in a single blow. Like most Spider-Men, she has the ability to fire webs from her wrists. The web is like an elastic that can be used to fly across cities.

Spider-like Abilities

Spider-Girl possesses an array of abilities commonly possessed by a spider. Atom sized hairs on her finger tips can be used to climb walls at 90° or more. Her body was altered by the spider bite, giving her the strength to carry a hundred or more kilograms easily. == Background


Early Life

Gwen spent her early life fascinated by the wonders of science and physics. As she grew up, she started helping out at her father's company, WebTech. During her time at WebTech, she was bitten by an irradiated black widow spider. Overnight, her body changed into something powerful.

Time as Spidergirl

Forming the Web

The Web

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