Gwen Stacy (Earth-100)
Real Name Gwen Stacy
Alias(es) Spider-Woman
Species Homo sapien (genetically altered)
Citizenship American
Gender Female
Age 18
Date of Birth 1997
Affiliation Spider-Verse, Stark Industries, New Avengers, Oscorp, NYPD.
Comic Spider-Verse
Status Active

Gwen Stacy, also known for her alter-ego alias, Spider-Woman, is an American crimefighter superhero, a worker at Stark Industries, the major love interest of Peter Parker, and also one of the founding and leading members of the Spider-Verse organization.

Gwen Stacy was primarily and simply a love/romantic interest of Peter Parker, and was constantly suppressed by her father. She was heavily influenced by her father to side with the police in many rallies and protests. She also aided Peter and his family when they were falling into tumult.

In a major battle with the Green Goblin, Gwen was aiding Peter to fight against the Goblin, however, the Goblin got Gwen to his advantage and fatally injured her. This prompted Peter to display his darker side and impale the Goblin with his own glider, (exploiting Peter's menacing side). In need of blood, Peter transfused his blood with Gwen, via a capsule, and since both of their blood types, O Positive, were same, Gwen recovered extremely fast.

A month after these event, Gwen started to generate Peter's symptoms and within two months, Gwen manifested spider-like powers and abilities and her strength, durability, agility, speed and all of her fighting skills enhanced extensively. After the Battle with the Lizard, Gwen's father beside her, and this influenced her to carry the patriotic and noble intentions of her father, and become a one against injustice, and thus under the supervision of Spider-Man, she became Spider-Woman.

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