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Real Name
Baby Groot, Giant Tree, Giving Tree, Rocket's Personal Partner, Angry Little Tree, Dumb Tree, Twig, Cute Little Tree, Monster House, Living Tree, Plant Thing, Monarch of Planet X, King Groot, Seed of Serenity and Solitude



Guardians of the Galaxy, and the long-time partner of Rocket Raccoon


Base Of Operations
Mobile; formerly Knowhere and Planet X (Taluhnia)






Unusual Features
Completely composed of dense wood with a tough bark hide and branch-like protrusions.


Marital Status

Mercenary and adventurer; former bounty hunter and war criminal

Shared knowledge through the Planet X root lines.

Flora colossi from Planet X

Place of Birth

First appearance

Modern Comics: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 1


Quote1 I, am, Groot! Quote2
-- Groot

Early Years

Groot was a Flora colossi, a hyper-intelligent, tree-like organism of species, originating from the planet Taluhnia, more commonly referred by the intergalactic communities as Planet X, the capital of the branch worlds. For the past hundreds of thousands of years, his race's distant ancestors had peaceful and civilized interactions with several different races whom they had encountered whenever they would frequently visit their floral planet, from the likes of the mighty deity-like figures, the Asgardians to the "proud people" of the Nine Realms, Vanir.

However, despite their status as one of the most humble and hospitable races throughout their neighboring communities, their species eventually became nothing but a planetary-wide illegal trading post between of the most dangerous and infamous empires known to the face of the galaxy, such as the Kree Empire, the Shi'ar Empire, Skrull Empire, and several others. Because of this, some independent organizations, who were against the current condition of their planet, tried to ask for help with their former allied community, but failed otherwise, subsequently causing the entire community of Planet X to be fully colonized by those races who came trade with their own natural resources.

Exile from Planet X

A furiously distraught Groot, who was in his early adulthood, had felt too sick and tired that his fellow saplings were endlessly being treated with extreme prejudices by their own visitors, treating the whole race of Flora colossi with inferiority. After Groot had unintentionally killed an aggressive and impatient Kree merchant, all to defend a group of young sapling workers who were being painfully abused by the latter just because they were doing so "poorly" at their jobs. As an outcome to his defensive actions, the hypocritical supreme council of the race known as the "Arbor Masters," barely recognized that his intent was to defend the children, rather than actually wanting to murder the merchant, and had come to a decisive judgement to exile Groot from their home planet and having him imprisoned in a Kree prison facility for his crime.

Into his late adulthood, Groot found himself as an independent but somehow lonely inhabitant in the Kree prison, where he was promptly captured and imprisoned. While in jail, he finally formed a rapport with Rocket Raccoon, a new prisoner who was recently imprisoned due to his rebellious acts against his morbid torturers, the alien scientists who were also responsible for turning him to the very being he is now. Realizing that the two had coincidentally similar background, to which they would become partners in crime when a massive riot has occurred within the facility, giving them the ultimate chance to escape and start a new life as bounty hunters.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Together as one, the pair had traveled the galaxy picking up bounties for the next few years until they would meet the legendary Star-Lord and the assassin Gamora just before the four of them were captured and put into the prison facility Kyln, where they also met Drax the Destroyer. There, they agreed to work together to escape and sell the Orb for a massive profit. However, when it was discovered that the Orb contained one of the Infinity Stones, the Power Stone, which was being sought out by Ronan the Accuser, Groot courageously convinced his friends to risk everything to stop Ronan's diabolical plans. During the final battle of Xandar, Groot sacrificed his own life to save his new friends. However part of his destroyed body was planted by Rocket to birth a new Groot, informally named Baby Groot, as they officially joined the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The First Regrowth

As Baby Groot, he continues to travel with the Guardians on their adventures, but genuinely acts like a playful and mindless infant during their missions, such as them being hired by the Sovereign as mercenaries in exterminating the parasitic life-form Abilisk, but would still possesses the courageous and heroic personality within him, causing the infant Groot to willingly participate along with the other Guardians in their next main missions since the battle on Xandar, such as their confrontation against the planetary Celestial Ego the Living Planet, followed by their secret investigation on Hala against the Kree black market, forcing them to join forces with the noble Kree Navy Major and future Guardian Mar-Vell in order to successfully defeat the real perpetrator responsible for running the illegal dealings.

Secret Invasion

Later on, Groot, who was now an adolescent at the time, also participated with the Guardians, the Nova Corps, and Mar-Vell in their greatest of efforts on ending the sudden rise of the Kree-Skrull War without having to side with either forces. In the end of the short-lived conflict, the heroes were able to stop the impending warzone on the Skrull capital, Skrullos, thanks to the efforts of their newfound ally from planet Earth, Carol Danvers. However, after immediately learning that the Skrull Empire had their next protocol to unleash the "Secret Invasion" on Earth, leading the Guardians to set their course to the benevolent planet and alert the rest of its heroes about the incoming conflict.

Return to Planet X

To be added.

Infinity Quest

To be added.

Infinity War

To be added.

Powers and Abilities


Flora Colossus Physiology: Groot is the member of an alien race of humanoid trees and as such, possesses various abilities unique to his species:

  • Regenerative Healing Factor
    • Biological Rebirth
    • Longevity
  • Size Addition
  • Plasticity
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Chlorokinesis
  • Healing Power
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


  • Gifted Intellect
  • Experienced Combatant

Strength level

Class 100+


  • Impaired Communication
  • Vulnerable to particularly Intense Fires


Equipment: None known.

  • Eclector
    • Third Quadrant
  • M-Ship
  • Milano (formerly; destroyed)

Weapons: None known.


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  1. Modern Comics: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 5


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