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Jungle Cat

Real Name
Grace Edna McCoy
Current Alias
Jungle Cat

Were-cat, Female Beast, Catgirl



Hell's Circle; Formerly Jean Grey X-men

Hank McCoy (Father), Abigail Brand (Mother), Leonardo McCoy (Twin brother), Norton McCoy (Paternal Grandfather), Edna McCoy (Paternal Grandmother), Robert McCoy, John McCoy (Paternal Great Uncles), Unknown Paternal 1st Cousin, Unknown Maternal Alien Grandfather, Unknown Maternal Human Grandmother, Lothi (Maternal Uncle)


Base Of Operations
Unknown; Jean Grey School





Blue(Hints of green)

Unusual Features
Body resembles a kind of were-cat with blue-green fur, ears, claws, fangs, and prehensile tail


Marital Status


High school level, some college level

Mutant with one-quarter alien in her lineage

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 The X-men have tried and failed for their dream, now it's our turn and this time the humans won't stand a chance. Quote2
-- Grace McCoy


Grace is the oldest between herself and her twin brother, being a few minutes before her brother. From her birth though, Grace has had her physical mutation with always resembling a werecat leaving no question if she would be a mutant or not. But due to the twins Abigail resided at the Jean Grey School alongside her then boyfriend Hank McCoy to help raise their children while taking a leave of absence from SHIELD.

Her life wasn't much different from many of the X-Men children or their students. She was raised on the ideals of the Jean Grey School X-Men in accepting both humans and mutants, especially when the time was still volatile if mutants would still continue to be around. She was also put into the usual classes schools offered while eventually getting into extra activities, mainly involving technology and gymnastics. The latter she took though to help improve her acrobatics despite already having the potential for it without needing true practice. But it kept her busy and out of trouble for the most part.

As Grace got older she was also beginning her training to become part of the next X-Men someday and learning to live a normal life outside being a mutant. She found herself befriending many of the children of the veterans and becoming close to both her mother and father. But at the same time she began to trek further into the world of regular humans, wondering if things truly could be changing after so many years of a struggle for the X-Men and the students. On one such trip Leonardo accompanied her, both going to Central Park where they felt would be the best place to start and where many people of all kinds congregated. But their hope that things would be different were drastically changed by this single trip.

Humans for the two twins were found to not have changed at all as the heard many derogatory terms thrown their way on top of many obscene actions based on their appearance. Angered by this both siblings returned, feeling their parents had told them lies all this time and they began to see for the first time the real problem before them: mutants truly were never accepted regardless of what was done.

Unexpected Twist

For a year, Grace spent more time paying attention to how her fellow students were treated every time humans visited or when going on outings. Doing so only seemed to cement the idea that they had made little to no progress with humans, causing Grace to completely lose faith in her parents' views. Yet, she still remained at the school, trying to continue her life before she heard the confrontation Hazel had with her own parents, listening in out of curiosity and what she heard made her shocked yet surprised.

When the young girl took off after attacking the staff, Grace herself took the chance to slip out from the mansion and follow the young mutant. This is where she came across Carey Gallio who took the girl in and when sensing Grace extended his hand to her. Seeing a chance to be part of group that seemed to make sense, she accepted and sent the invitation, with the group's permission, to her own brother who decided to come to their side, but being a bit more reluctant.

Powers and Abilities


  • Genetic Atavism:Like her father before her, Grace inherited Hank's mutation, but gained the more feline-like appearance seen in his secondary mutation. As a result she seems to have traits of distant ancestors whose traits lied dormant for years and neotenous. As a result of this mutation she has gained the current abilities:
    • Superhuman Agility:Grace's balance, agility, and bodily coordination are above those of any human, allowing her to easily match an Olympic-level gymnast. She is able to walk on her hands for long periods of time to being able to walk on narrow places with relative ease. She also is able to perform complex gymnastic stunts without much training.
    • Superhuman Reflexes:In addition to greater agility, Grace also has greater reaction time then any human at their peak physical condition. She has shown to be able to dodge low caliber bullets and close range fighting.
    • Superhuman Speed:Grace is capable of moving at speeds little over 50 MPH, being slightly faster then her father and twin brother due to her smaller form. She is capable of keeping up with a speeding car on foot or all fours or being able to go after low-powered speedsters.
    • Superhuman Durability:Grace's body and musculature is far tougher and stronger then a normal human being, allowing her to withstand greater injury then normal. Most physical forces such as falling from several stories or physical blows from superhumanly strong individuals only bring minor discomfort.
    • Claws and Fangs:Due to her mutation, Grace also gained razor sharp fangs and claws. Her claws are powerful enough to cut through most materials and be used to climb vertical surfaces, but they are not retractable. Her elongated canines though are often used in close quarters combat.
  • Multilingualism:From her mother, Grace inherited the ability to use her tongue to easily shape known languages, regardless if they are Earth-based or alien and allowing her to speak to most species and humans alike.


  • High Intellect:Grace has shown herself to be highly intelligent, showing herself to have a similar aptitude towards mathematics and science like that of her father. Her knowledge though extends at the moment to genetics, anatomy, and technology.
  • Decent Hand-to-hand combatant:Having been trained by her father and the Jean Grey School since she was young, Grace has become an adept close quarters combatant.
  • Excellent Gymnast:From a young age Grace has also trained in gymnastics, bringing her flexibility and balance to peak levels before her mutation but has since improved since it's manifestation.
  • Decent Markswoman:Through training by her mother, Grace has also become a decently accurate user with firearms and other throwing weapons.

Strength level

Despite her mutation, Grace has the average strength of a woman her age, height, and weight.


  • Grace suffers from animal instincts like her father before her, resulting in her going between a feral-like state and her usual self. Triggering this state leaves her in a primitive state and takes sometime to calm down, but also leaves friend and foe alike at risk as she tends to be unable to decipher which is which.
    • On another note, Grace is prone to greater bouts of anger and aggressive tendencies, which can be exploited.


Equipment: Earwig Communicator
Transportation: Her own power, Hell's Circle Jeep, Hell's Circle jet
Weapons: Her claws/fangs, occasionally firearms or other throwing weapons


  • Grace is one of two children based on What If? ideas if Beast and Agent Brand were to have children.


  • Grace's name is based on a mix of the name of importance seen on one of Agent Brand's biceps and Hank McCoy's mother's name.
  • Grace has stated that her and her brother have yet to reach their full potential like that of their father, hinting that the two still have further room to grow.

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