Real Name Gojira
Alias(es) Godzilla
Alignment Neutral
Universe Earth-5734
Gender Male
Height 50 meters (164 feet)
Weight 20,000 metric tons
Hair None
Unusual Features Giant Radioactive Lizard, Atomic Spikes

Gojira, or Godzilla, is a kaiju in Earth-5734.


Originally a prehistoric dinosaur from the Jurassic Period that was awakened from an eons-long slumber at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean off the shores of Japan in 1956 by a joint-nation H-Bomb experiment, Godzilla, or Gojira, as it was known, arose from the sea and attacked Tokyo, only to be destroyed by the scientist Serizawa using a chemical compound known as the Oxygen Destroyer. Less than three years later, however, in 1959, a second Godzilla appeared on Kiwa Island off the coast of the Bikini Atoll, this time battling another monster; the quadruped Anguirus. The two eventually took their fight all the way to Japan and dueled it out in Osaka, where Godzilla killed Anguirus with his atomic breath before returning to the sea. Although a terrible menace, the monster also seemed to regard Japan as his personal domain and a home, defending the country from a number of strange aliens and other mutant monsters on several occasions. In recent years he's fallen into the role of a defender, making him a rather unique hero.

Powers And Abilities

  • Atomic Breath: Godzilla is able to expel a deadly stream of pure nuclear radiation from his mouth, which has been known to create large-scale explosions, destroy cities and set entire forests ablaze.
  • Near Impenetrable Hide: Godzilla has, on numerous occasions, been the subject of military attack using all manner of Human-built ballistic weapons and WMDs during military assaults, none of which are reported as having been effective.
  • Regeneration: Godzilla can regenerate wounds at an extremely fast pace.


  • Intelligence - 2
  • Strength - 7
  • Speed - 1
  • Durability - 6
  • Energy Projection - 4
  • Fighting Skills - 3
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