GR:TAS is an animated series starring Johnny Whitworth as the voice of Johnny Blaze, Michael Clarke Duncan as the voice of Zarathos, Steven Blum as the voices of Blackheart and Ghost Rider, Idris Elba as the voice of Moreau, Jackie Earle Haley as the voice of Mepisto, Tricia Helfer as the voices of Roxanne Simpson and Nadya Ketch, and Josh Keaton as the voice of Daniel Ketch. Every episode in season 1 has "Ghost" in front of the name, every episode in season 2 has "Spirit Of" in front of the name, and every other episode of the series is completely different.

Season 1

Title: Plot: Guest Voices: Introduces:
"Ghost Rider" Johnny Blaze sells his soul for his father to survive, but when his father dies, he hits the road and runs away, only to become Mephisto's bounty hunter on his first date for 19 years with his old girlfriend, Roxanne Simpson. Daniel Craig as Barton Blaze, Hank Azaria as Wallow and Gressil, Fred Tatasciore as Abigor Johnny Blaze, Barton Blaze, Roxanne Simpson, Mephisto, Blackheart, Gressil, Wallow, Abigor
"Ghost Battle" Johnny tells Roxanne the truth, but she thinks he' slying and breaks up with him, only to see he's telling the truth when he saves her from a mugger, but when the ghost of Ebenezer Laughton, a cranky old farmer, kidnaps her, its either let the ghost posess him or watch Roxanne fall to her death from the top of a building. Harry Shearer as Ebenezer Laughton / Ebenezer's Ghost Ebenezer Laughton
"Ghost Birds" Laughton seeks revenge, and takes over a scarecrow, then communicates with an army of ghost birds and has them help him destroy Johnny Blaze. Meanwhile, Blaze tries to rid himself of the curse so he can have a normal relationship with Roxanne, but when he rids himself of the demon, it atatcks Roxanne. Harry Shearer as Ebenezer Laughton / The Scarecrow Zarathos
"Ghost Blood" Johnny Blaze goes out in the woods alone for a week to help him master his curse, but he meets The Caretaker and a strange group called The Blood, whom he helps battle an angry western spirit named The Phantom Rider, who, in the end, becomes there ally. Sam Elliot as The Phantom Rider / Hamilton Slade and Noble Kale, Mark Hamill as The Caretaker, Megan Fox as Seer, Tricia Helfer as Salome Phantom Rider, Noble Kale, Salome, Seer, The Caretaker
"Ghost Train" After the half-demon, Blackout, revives his mother, Lilith, the 2 hijack a train and set out to go to the portsl to the Demonrealm and free Lilith's other offsprings. Steve Blum as Blackout, Tricia Helfer as Lilith Lilith, Blackout
"Ghost Girlfriend" The Scarecrow returns and takes Johnny's body, after a long fight with Zarathos. Zarathos is weak, and Roxanne, to save Johnny, agrees to be Zarathos's host until they defeat Scarecrow. Tricia Helfer as "Ghost Roxanne", Harry Shearer as The Scarecrow / Ebenezer Laughton's Ghost Roxanne's Rider-form
"Ghost Portal" A man gets in a car crash and falls into a river, which is polluted and full of chemicals. The man comes close to death, and sees Mephisto, who makes a deal with him: if he destroys The Ghost Rider, then he will live. Mephisto tricks him, and he transforms into a crazy monster obsessed with destroying The Rider, and the 2 end up fighting for there lives as there about to be sucked into a portal to the Demonrealm. Jim Carrey as Madcap Madcap
"Ghost Contest" Johnny Blaze is chosen to be in a Demonrealm fighting tournament held every 2 millenia by Centurious, and must fight against his worst enemy: Blackheart! Jim Carrey as Madcap, Harry Shearer as Sacrecrow, Steve Blum as Blackout, Paul Bettany as Centurious, Tricia Helfer as Lilith, Hank Azaria as Wallow Centurious
"Ghost Eyes" An assassin is hired by Mephisto to take down The Rider, but this isn't your ordinary assassin, this one is... The Orb! Nolan North as The Orb The Orb
"Ghost Revenge" Centurious can't stand being defeated, so he goes after The Rider, only to find a completely DIFFERENT Rider... one who preffers phantom over ghost! Paul Bettany as Centurious, Sam Elliot as The Phantom Rider N/A
"Ghost Day, Pt. 1" The Rider finds a secret contract signed by a missing boy, Dan Ketch, who went missing along with his mother, Nadya. Dan is only 13, and Johnny finds out Dan is now the NEW Ghost Rider, which explains how Johnny is losing his powers. Roxanne, being a reporter, helps Johnny find Dan and Nadya. N/A Nadya Ketch, Dan Ketch
"Ghost Day, Pt. 2" Johnny finds Dan and Nadya, who are on the run. Nadya explains Mephisto is after Dan for not destroying Johnny, like he was supposed to. Johnny helps protect him, by using a flamethrower. Meanwhile, Roxanne is lost in the desert. N/A N/A
"Ghost Day, Pt. 3" Mephisto posesses a nightclub security guard named Michael Badilino and turns him into an "Anti Ghost Rider" named Vengeance. Vengeance goes after Blaze, but The Caretaker gets in his way. Meanwhile, Blade The Vampire Hunter arrives and rescues Roxanne on his way to warn Nadya nd Dan Ketch of an ancient prophecy... Steve Blum as Vengeance, Terry Crews as Blade and Michel Badilino Blade, Michael Badilino/Vengeance
"Ghost Day, Pt. 4" Blade and Roxanne meet Nadya, Dan, and Blaze on the road, and warn them of a prophecy, which states: "when a new threat attacks, only the spirit of vengeance and his greatest ally can stop him... and the curse will be lifted from the young one, and given to the rightful owner." Blade tells them that it means a new villain is going to come and try to desroy Johnny and Dan. The 2 Riders prepare, and get ready for the battle of a lifetime. Meanwhile, Vengeance battles the 2 Bloods, Noble Kale and Seer. Megan Fox as Seer, Terry Crews as Blade, Steve Blum as Vengeance, Sam Elliot as Noble Kale N/A
"Ghost Day: Finale" Vengeance, after defeating Seer and Noble Kale, finds Dan Ketch, Blade, Blaze, Roxanne, and Nadya. Blaze and Danny fight the threat known as Vengeance, and lift Danny's curse, giving it back to Johnny... forever. Terry Crews as Blade, Steve Blum as Vengeance N/A
"Ghost Death" Johnny Blaze is back in town, and he sees his hometown is at its darkest hour, thanks to a new crimelord, Deathwatch. Ghost Rider believes he can easily beat him, but it turns out that theres more to Deathwatch then he thinks... Jackie Earle Haley as Deathwatch Deathwatch
"Ghost Truck" Ghost Rider comes face to face with a trucker goup called "The Lilin", who are actually half-demons and offsprings of Lilith in disguise. Michael Clarke Duncan as Pilgrim, Danny Jacobs as Skitter, Steve Blum as Meatmarket (Death) and Blackout The Lilin, Pilgrim, Skitter, Meatmarket
"Ghost Heaven" Ghost Rider must save a bunch of souls from Mephisto and get them to Heaven befire they spend eternity in The Demonrealm! Hank Azaria as The Ghosts N/A
"Ghost Road" Ghost Rider hits the road with his girlfriend Roxanne to catch Deathwatch and Blackout, who are after the portal to Demonrealm, so they can destroy the city and take it over. Jackie Earle Haley as Deathwatch, Steve Blum as Deathwatch N/A
"Ghost Writer" Roxanne takes some time to write a book about her and Johnny's many adventures, and the 2 remember some of Johnny's most unforgettable moments in this clip show. Jackie Earle Haley as Deathwatch, Steve Blum as Blackout and Vengeance, Daniel Craig as Barton Blaze, Tricia Helfer as Lilith and Salome, Megan Fox as Seer, Sam Elliot as Phantom Rider and Noble Kale, Mark Hamill as The Caretaker, Paul Bettany as Centurious, Jim Carrey as Madcap, Nolan North as The Orb, Hank Azaria as Gressill and Wallow, Fred Tatasciore as Abigor, Harry Shearer as Scarecrow, Terry Crews as Blade N/A
"Ghost Contest II" Ghost Rider is mysteriously sent ot the future, for the next Demonrealm Fighting Tournament, as part of Centurious's plan for a rematch. Ghost Rider must team up with the next Rider to defeat Centurious and Future Vengeance, in order to go home! Steve Blum as Future Vengeance and Future Ghost Rider, Paul Bettany as Centurious, Mark Hamill as Future Orb, Terry Crews as Future Blackout, Danny Jacobs as Future Madcap Future Ghost Rider, Future Vengeance, Future Orb, Future Blackout, Future Madcap

"Ghost Honeymoon, Pt. 1"

Johnny Blaze buys a wedding ring, but when Blackout attacks him, he almost loses it! It all leads up to the biggest event in Ghost Rider history! Steve Blum as Blackout N/A
"Ghost Honeymoon, Pt. 2" Nadya helps Roxanne prepare for the wedding. Meanwhile, Dan, Blade, Johnny, and The Caretaker are at a cafe, trying not to get noticed, and plan the batchelor party, but, when The Riders worst enemies attack, its up to them to stop them. Steve Blum as Blackout, Jackie Erale Haley as Deathwatch, Hank Azaria as Wallow, Fred Tatasciore as Abigor, Terry Crews as Blade, Mark Hamill as Caretaker, Nolan North as The Orb, Jim Carrey as Madcap N/A
"Ghost Honeymoon, Pt. 3" Nobody is safe, but the wedding is still on, and, when night comes, The Rider must save everyone he loves, and Heaven itself. Paul Bettany as Centurious N/A
"Ghost Honeymoon, Pt. 4" When Johnny finds out Blackheart is still out there, will he risk his life to stop him, or stay at Hawaii for his honeymoon? N/A N/A
"Ghost Break-Up" Roxanne and Johnny divorce, as The Rider is tearing them apart. Can Johnny fight his curse and get his life back, or will he be alone... forever? N/A N/A

Main Plot

Season 1 follows the beginning of Johnny's career, his brief time spent as the vigilante known as Blaze, and ends with Johnny's marriage to Roxanne.

Season 2

Title: Plot: Guest Vocies: Introduces:
"Spirit of Vengeance, Pt. 1" Johnny hits the road for good, by himself. He tries to master his curse, so he can one day reunite with Roxanne, but when a priest named Moreau comes to him for help, he is told that, if he saves Dan Ketch, he can become human again, and be with Roxanne. N/A Moreau
"Spirit of Vengeance, Pt. 2" Johnny and Moreau go after the one trying to kill Dan Ketch, in order to prevent armageddon, Methodius. Methodius works for Mephisto, and is told that, if he kills Dan Ketch, the end of the world will not come. Danny Jacobs as Methodius Methodius
"Spirit of Vengeance, Pt. 3"

An assassin named Ray Carrigan teams up with Blackout on a mission to kidnap Dan Ketch and bring him to Mephisto, and when Blackout and Carrigan attack Methodius's palace, Johnny and Moreau are freed from there prison, and The Ghost Rider jumps into action! Meanwhile, Nadya is looking for Dan, and Deathwatch attacks her!

Steve Blum as Blackout, Nolan North as Ray Carrigan, Jackie Erale Haley as Deathwatch Ray Carrigan
"Spirit of Vengeance, Pt. 4" Ghost Rider and Moreau go after Carrigana and Blackout, who have Dan. On the way, they meet up with Nadya, who had just killed Deathwatch. On there journey, Carrigan's thugs attack them. Hank Azaria as Carrigan's fat thug, John DiMaggio as Carrigan's strong thug Carrigan's thugs
"Spirit of Armageddon" When the end of the world is arriving, Johnny, Moreau, and Nadya must go through several demons and thugs, Carrigan, Blackout, and Mephisto in order to save Dan and the world! Steve Blum as Blackout, Nolan North as Ray Carrigan N/A
"Spirit of Vengeance Times 2" Dan Ketch becomes The Ghost Rider, while Johnny is The Rider at the same time. The 2 Riders try to find out what caused this, and discover an eerie ancient prophecy... Steve Blum as Vengeance, Nolan North as The Orb N/A
"Spirit of Revenge" Dan Ketch and Johnny Blaze team up to battle Centurious for the final time... ever! Its the end of the world as we know it, and somebody will die! Paul Bettany as Centurious (Death), Jim Carrey as Madcap N/A
"Spirit of Enemies" Johnny Blaze is at Church, when the building is attacked by a group of street thugs, led by a super strong man named The Deacon. John DiMaggio as The Deacon, Paul Bettany as Centurious (Flashback Only) The Deacon
"Spirit of Destruction, Pt. 1" Lilith and The Lilin unleash the ultimate Lilin upon the Earth, and Ghost Rider must stop them. Tricia Helfer as Lilith, Steve Bulm as Blackout, Michael Clarke Duncan as Pilgrim (Death), Jackie Earle Haley as The Leviathan, Danny Jacobs as Skitter (Revival - then death) The Leviathan
"Spirit of Destruction, Pt. 2" In the epic conclusion, Ghost Rider risks getting sent into the Demonrealm for eternity to save The Earth from Lilith and her evil Lilin. Steve Blum as Blackout, Tricia Helfer as Lilith, Jackie Earle Haley as The Leviathan (Death) N/A
"Spirit of Evil, Pt. 1" Ghost Rider's demon within grows stronger, and he starts turning evil... and the moment of truth will be faced. Jackie Earle Haley as Deathwatch, Steve Blum as Blackout, John DiMaggio as The Deacon N/A
"Spirit of Evil, Pt. 2"

The Rider's demon within grows stronger, and Dan Ketch must travel to the Demonrealm and get the help of an unlikely ally... Blackheart!

Fred Tatasciore as Abigor, Hank Azaria as Wallow and Gressill, John DiMaggio as The Deacon, Steve Blum as Blackout N/A
"Spirit of Blackheart" Blackheart and Dan Ketch travel into Johnny Blaze's soul to stop Zarathos... but, who is it inside of Johnny, REALLY? Jim Carrey as Madcap, Steve Blum as Blackout, Tricia Helfer as Lilith Zadkiel
"Spirit of Fire" Johnny finds an evil angel named Zadkiel has posessed him, and he, Dan Ketch, and Blackheart must stop him! Glenn Shadix as Zadkiel N/A
"Spirit of Armageddon"
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