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Empress Rogg

Real Name
Gen-Rogg (maiden name unrevealed)
Current Alias
Empress Rogg

The Kree Empress, General Gen-Rogg, Mistress Magnitron, The Kree Democratic Republican, Founder of the Kree Republic



Kree Republic (former leader; defunct): Imperial Kree Army (former commander), Supreme Intelligence (former mentor and allegiance); formerly Starforce (co-founder and former leader; defunct), Shi'ar Imperial Guard (former leader)

House of Rogg: General Rogg (husband; deceased), Unnamed children (mostly deceased), Yon-Rogg (distant descendant); Gloriana Neramani (former lover; deceased)


Base Of Operations
Hala, Kree Republic
(circa. 156,967-156,797 B.C.)







Marital Status

President of the Kree Republic; former monarch of the Kree Empire, mercenary, Kree Military officer: general, major, and colonel in the Kree space fleet

Kree Military training


Place of Birth

First appearance
Last appearance

Ancient Comics:
Live Kree or Die!
Ancient Comics:
Live Kree or Die!


Quote1 "Live Kree or die." Bringing that nuisance, ancient doctrine from my people back again, was the single biggest, saddest, most regretful mistake that I could have ever done in my life... Das't, couldn't have I been more of a P'Gath... Quote2
-- Empress Gen-Rogg

Early Years

Gen-Rogg was a Kree idealist and a loyal general of the Kree Empire in its earliest generations, who would later become the latter's monarch, claiming the title of Empress, 156,967 years in the past (in the standards of the the planet Earth's B.C. epoch). Aside from her militaristic title and reputation, she was also known in the intergalactic communities as one of the first known original members of the oldest and formerly richest known Kree families in existence, the family known as the House of Rogg.

Kree-Shi'ar War

In her later youth, Gen would later join the Imperial Kree Army, both as a choice of her own personal interests and her the decision of her caring but still busy family. Thanks to both her natural and outstanding skills and her utmost perseverance, she endured several trials during her training but exhibited hard work and dedication to conquer them all. Applying her militaristic ideals and skills to necessary use, Gen voluntarily participated in the Kree's war against the Shi'ar Empire, even before her superiors could have got the thought to enforce her to fight the war that has been fought since approximately the past hundreds thousands of years of both the empire's histories have began. For the next of her adult life, the now General Gen-Rogg willingly fought in the Kree-Shi'ar War, wherein she tactically led her own fleet and troops to several missions taking place outside Hala, with such battlegrounds being in the planets from both sides, such as Denuvi-7, Ch'Reesharaa, and Kree-Lar. Throughout their intergalactic missions, Gen along the rest of the Kree Military made an unbelievable progress against the Shi'ar in reclaiming back most of their intergalactic properties which were temporarily under the control of the Shi'ar, along with claiming several Shi'ar worlds in the process just as well.

However, Gen's journey in the great intergalactic war had finally ended in the final battle in the Kree-Shi'ar War, taking place in the throneworld of the Shi'ar Empire that was the planet Chandilar, when she disappeared from the face of the Kree for a few years, secretly becoming a prisoner for the Shi'ar Empire, along with some of her surviving comrades who were also considerately spared in the ruthless bloodbath in Gen's military fleet. She was later reluctantly recruited by the Shi'ar Majestor to join the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, which become somewhat a precursor and inspiration to the Kree Empire's counteractive military task force later on. While on a mission in the Shi'ar planet Denuvi-7, Gen was conditionally freed from prison and was tasked with handling the threat of the technologically-advanced race Mephitisoids, who built a doomsday, terraforming device to conquer the majority of the Shi'ar Galaxy. Gen saved the galaxy as a result of their success of defeating the Mephitisoid resistance fighters, to which she and the Imperial Guard was given a medal of honor and great recognition on her way back to Chandilar, eventually becoming a resident of the Shi'ar Empire for the next few years.

Saving the Shi'ar

At that day of the Shi'ar's celebration after being triumphant against the assault of the Mephitisoids, Gen would also meet the Shi'ar princess and philosopher Gloriana Neramani. After meeting the beautiful princess, Gen was fascinated by her philosophical ideologies and views on the world and beyond it, to which the princess even opened up to her the idea the many ways the war between the Kree and Gloriana's people could have been avoided, or in this case, finally end it for good, without both sides having to win against one another and cause more catastrophe across the cosmos. As time goes on, the two would eventually develop an intimate but dangerously secret romantic relationship by the time Gen became officially part of the Shi'ar Royal Guard. However, after finding out about their secret relationship, the Majestor became extremely paranoid, thinking that Gen could still be an active spy for the Kree Empire infiltrating the Shi'ar Imperial, along with his secret personal plans and schemes for the empire itself, for the past few years of her stay in Chandilar.

As a result of his findings and suspicions, the Majestor had ordered several actions of assassination attempts on the great soldier have even led to the death of Gloriana during a hostage situation, and although Gen still survived, she was scarred forever. In the death of Gloriana, Gen became depressed for a worthwhile and went into a fit of rage in her grief, questioning whether Majestor ever cared for his people at all, with her daughter Gloriana being one of them. Eventually, Ge-Rogg came into her senses and was convinced to create an usurping against the corrupt and cruel reign of the Majestor. Once the lone Majestor was finally surrounded by the Imperial Guard, Gen fiercely uttered to him the words "Live Kree or die," chanting the old philosophy of the ancient Kree, before shooting the Majestor dead out of vengeance for the millions of lives his rule has taken in his reign, bringing down the Majestor's tyranny, and subsequently ending the possibility of unleashing another war of the Kree and the Shi'ar in more a universal scale, once and for all.

The Empress

During the fall of Majestor Neramani's reign and eventual the restoration of peace and liberty across the Shi'ar Galaxy, Gen was given a chance to be crowned by its High Council as the next succeeding ruler of the Shi'ar Empire, to become its Magistrix as an act of gratitude. Gen felt like she would have done a great job if she became their leader, but still have decided to decline the once in a lifetime offer, choosing instead to reclaim her freedom once more and get back to her home planet and loyal allegiance, the Kree capital that was Hala. Upon her return, the entire Kree Empire rejoiced in celebration, establishing glamorous annual festivals to commemorate the public reveal of her survival. Coincidentally, Gen would also find out that she was told by the great Supreme Intelligence, informing Gen that she would be the next in line in the royal throne after finding out that the last Kree emperor apparently died from natural causes months after the end of the Kree-Shi'ar War.

Unbelievably surprised by this sudden of a revelation, the overwhelmed but euphoric Gen ended up embracing her royal destiny, finally becoming the next Empress of the Kree Empire by the time of 156,967 B.C. (on Earth's chronological standards), only several months since she returned to her home. Before her coronation as Empress, Gen would also meet a fellow Kree general by the surname of Rogg, wherein the both would fall in love and get married afterwards, legally earning her new name as Gen-Rogg. Though further details weren't exactly revealed in the progression of their relationship before their eventual marriage, one of the main reasons that Gen-Rogg led her to truly falling in love with the general was that he somehow reminded her of Gloriana Neramani in many ways, something a characteristic that strengthen their profound love from time to time in a matter of several months after they've first met.

Live Kree or Die

As the Empress of the Kree, Gen-Rogg decided to apply the altruistic and noble proposed principles she learned from Gloriana's philosophical teachings, proposing it as a new law in the Kree Imperial, with her most known plan deciding to abolish the hundred thousand years Imperial system and replace it with a new Democratic Republic government, as an act of reliving her legacy and commemorating her wonderful ideas that could have help and save a lot of lives and establish true peace and liberty if she were still alive. With Gen-Rogg publicly announcing her plans for the bright future of the Kree people across the universe, most of the Kree citizens became joyous and open upon receiving the unexpected news of the Empress, including her husband who has fully agreed in Gloriana's beneficial ideologies and began to help support her in the implementation of change.

However, almost half of the Kree became overwhelmed by this new change and conclusively decided to overthrown Gen out of her supremacy if she would not stop ruining the pragmatic ways of the Kree as a race and a conquering Empire, with the Supreme Intelligence being one of those secret opposers who still tried to manipulate the Empress, though failed to convince her in doing so. And thus, a cold civil war was then started between the opposers and the supporters of Gen-Rogg's ongoing term as the Empress of the Empire after a declaration of war was announced by the House of Kasius, the royal family who first opposed her envisioned plans and agendas in changing the Kree system. In response to this conflict, Gen-Rogg had no other choice but to combat her adversaries with her military, and still try keeping away most of the battles away from the inhabited planets of the Kree while she and her allies finds a way to end the war without having to cause much harm against the opposers, nor separate the Kree people and instead continue to unify them with her hope and vision for a brighter future.

Final Reign

Despite having to face a cold civil war against the led richest Kree families for the next 170 years of her empirical rule, the Empress still persistently implemented the same programs of social and governmental reforms that she and her husband had been planning to execute for so long, with the exemption of the Imperial's conversion to being a Democratic Republic system, since the conversion in the Kree's constitution was a far complicated process and it took almost 55 years for Gen-Rogg to work the conversion until the Kree Empire finally became the Kree Republic. Along with it, she also initiated land reform and support for every agriculturist, rich and poor alike, across the Kree-colonized galaxies. One of her last significant contributions to the system were changing the rules of the Kree's intergalactic trade policies.

Her populist, socialist, and democratic-based policies and reforms further angered the elites, whose numbers began to rise as most of them decided to conspire against her, planning to infiltrate the Imperial Palace and assassinate the Empress from within. By the time of 156,797 B.C., Gen-Rogg was unfortunately assassinated by a group of judges, who were still members of the Kree Supreme Court, led by the Supreme Court Judge Pam'a, who repeatedly shot her to death after revealing their clandestine affiliation with the rebellious elite society, along with her husband who also died alongside her inside the Imperial Palace. Before succumbing to her serious wounds and dying, Gen-Rogg could only her Pam'a's final taunts, chanting the words Gen once told the Shi'ar Majestor before killing him, "Live Kree or die."


In the death of Empress Gen-Rogg, a new series of civil wars fragmented out across the Kree-colonized galaxies, albeit that the government of the Imperial system was never fully restored by the elite rebellion who desperately tried to restore it back after assassinating the Empress. Gen-Rogg's eldest children were either banished from Kree system or executed by the elite's militia for resisting surrender, while her still infant children were adopted by the House of Kasius and other elite families who once despised Gen-Rogg and her rule, rose to sole power after defeating his opponents in the civil war. Once the reign of Gen-Rogg has fallen, the artificial intelligence ruler that was Supreme Intelligence set about solidifying its mighty power once more as it still selects a far worthier successor, someone who wouldn't change the Kree's tradition, and thus the civil war for the future of the Kree had ended even before it began.

Being one of the most significant and influential leaders of the Kree Empire in its earliest generations, Gen-Rogg's slightly modified duplicated consciousness was also one of the intellectual compositions that was replicated onto the Supreme Intelligence, the secret organic artificial intelligence ruler of the Kree Empire for hundreds of millennia, after her death. Appearing and acting as Gen-Rogg in most of their virtual meetings and times of mentoring, it became one of the main factors that led to her modern day ancestor Yon-Rogg into molding his long-time loyalty to the Supreme Intelligence over time, just as she was loyal to the Kree Empire itself and its ruthless conquest ideologies. Despite her actions that revolutionized the history of Kree in the way it did not want, the Supreme Intelligence still valued the philosophical and political teachings introduced by Gen-Rogg from her past experiences and loved ones, although the intelligence would frequently use it in order to manipulate the Kree people for the next millennia.

Powers and Abilities


Kree Mutate Physiology: Gen-Rogg possesses the natural attributes of the Kree race, including resistance to poison, toxins, and disease, as well as a higher natural strength level and more durable body than a human. Though less powerful than most of the universally-scaled cosmic powers harnessed by the Kree in the later future generation, Gen-Rogg can also fire powerful concussive blasts of photon and stellar light energy from his hands and fingertips.

  • Solar Energy Metabolics
    • Flight
    • Photon Energy Blasts
    • Super-Humanoid Durability
  • Superhumanoid Strength
  • Superhumanoid Speed
  • Superhumanoid Stamina
  • Superhumanoid Durability
  • Superhumanoid Agility
  • Superhumanoid Reflexes
  • Kree Physiology
    • Advanced Longevity
    • Resistance to poison, toxins and disease (systemic antidote)
    • Higher natural strength level and more durable body than a human
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills


  • Leadership
  • Multilingual
  • Philosopher
  • Political Savvy
  • Expert Pilot
  • Expert Spy
  • Master Soldier
  • Master Combatant
  • Expert Marksman

Strength level

Class 65+


None known.



  • Gen-Rogg's Kree Uniform
  • Gen-Rogg's Battlesuit


  • Flight
  • Kree Space Pods


  • Various conventional firearms
    • Kree Pistol
    • Kree Rifle


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  1. Ancient Comics: Live Kree or Die! (One-Shot)


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