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Real Name
Gemma Rider
Current Alias

Nova, Lady Nova, One of the Last Human Rockets, Daughter of Gamora



Young Avengers, New Warriors Squad; Formerly Nova Corps, Guardians of the Galaxy, Richard Rider

Richard Rider (Father), Gamora (Mother), Guardians of the Galaxy (Surrogate family), Thanos (Adoptive Maternal Grandfather), Nebula (Adoptive Maternal Aunt)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; Formerly Guardians of the Galaxy ship






Unusual Features
Tribal tattoos


Marital Status

Student, hero; Formerly trainee under the Guardians of the Galaxy, space adventurer

Has been trained extensively by her mother and the rest of the Guardians

Is the result of a short lived fling between Richard Rider and Gamora Titan making her an alien/human hybrid


First appearance




Gemma is the (surprise) daughter of Gamora, the Deadliest Woman in the Universe, and Richard Rider, Nova Prime of the rebuilt Nova Corps. Though the two had a long, mutual attraction to one another their romance was never anything serious but brought a surprise in Gemma who Gamora carried full term and decided to raise with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Gamora also decided not to tell Rider for a time since they had recently broken up their relationship prior to Gamora being aware of being pregnant and mainly because he had newer responsibilities to be concerned with.

As a result of staying on the Malano, Gemma came to view the rest of the crew as a sort of surrogate family, with Groot and Rocket acting as uncles to her, looking up to Drax as a father figure and Peter being almost like an older brother. All of them played some part in teaching her various skills in combat, collected knowledge, and marksmanship, but generally most of her knowledge came from Gamora in such areas and knowledge. One thing that Peter did seem to teach her though was about human culture, especially because Gemma shared a common trait of being half human like himself. While growing up though, Gemma did find herself caught up in the strange adventures the Guardians tended to find themselves, sometimes ending up helping her surrogate family out of situations as she got older much to the dismay of her mother and Peter's amusement.

Eventually, at the age of nine Gemma would finally meet her father when the Guardians required help from the Nova Corps in dealing with her adoptive Aunt Nebula and her forces once more. By chance, one of those members was Rider himself who helped fend off the woman and her allies and things, for the time being, settling down again. But she had not escaped his notice, especially without how much she resembled Gamora. Inquiring to Gamora about the girl, Gamora made no hesitation to explain who Gemma was which triggered some bickering between the two for a while before things calmed down and after some talking the young girl was taken in by Rider to learn a different way of combat and protection involving the Nova Corps.

From then on, Gemma found herself training among the Nova Corps members and quickly learning how to use the Nova Force. As she grew older, Gemma quickly climbed through the ranks while becoming quite familiar with many members, especially those who had worked with her father for sometime. Gemma also took the chance to learn a bit more about the galaxy through the vast collection of information the Nova Corps headquarters had once again.

Something New

Growing bored with remaining in space, Gemma decided to slip out of the Nova Corps headquarters during one of the times the Guardians of the Galaxy were visiting and both her parents were together for once. Using her helmet, Gemma left the planet and traveled across the vast distance of space towards Earth, which took her a few days and ignored the hails on her communicator inside her helmet. Eventually she came to the planet her father originated from, smitten with its beauty from space the moment she arrived into the Milky Way. Without hesitation, the woman began to enter it's atmosphere but not before she was confronted by SHIELD's extraterrestrial division SWORD.

Though taken in to be questioned, it wasn't long before Gemma was able to clear up why she was going to Earth and with some explanation from her father, who she finally contacted, was allowed out of custody. But agent Brand decided to direct her to some specific coordinates in which she would be greeted by others. Once done on SWORD's ship, Gemma headed to the coordinates Brand directed her towards and soon arrived to the newly opened academy, being greeted by Maria Hill and the Avengers Academy Staff.

Powers and Abilities


  • Zen Whoberis Physiology:Gemma inherited many superhuman attributes from her mother's Zen Whoberis heritage minus the cybernetic enhancements Gamora has. This has led her to have greater physical prowess then the average human. She has shown to have the following:
    • Superhuman Strength:Gemma is able to lift more then the average human, being able to lift 1 ton without strain.
    • Superhuman Stamina:Gemma can go through rigorous physical activity far longer then the finest human athlete, lasting hours before fatigue toxins begin to impair her.
    • Superhuman Speed:Gemma can run at greater speeds then the finest human athlete, but her current speeds are unknown.
    • Superhuman Durability:Her musculature and bone structure is tougher then the average human. She can easily take hits from great impact forces and from superhumanly strong individuals as strong as at least Iron man.
    • Superhuman Agility:Gemma's balance, coordination, and reflexes are above that of the finest human athlete, enabling her to perform feats most would take years to do or can never accomplish.
    • Superhuman Reflexes:Gemma has greater reaction time then the finest human athlete, allowing her to react faster to most things such as dodging small caliber bullets if she is far enough away.
    • Accelerated Healing:Though she cannot regenerate lost limbs and organs Gemma's healing is faster then normal. This allows her to recover from minor wounds within seconds and major wounds faster then the usual time expected for maybe broken bones and near fatal wounds.
  • Nova Force Tapping:With being granted a Nova Force helmet by her father of the Centurion Level, Gemma has the ability to tap into the Nova Force to which her father in this universe wields. At best she can tap into 75% of the Nova Force enabling her to perform many amazing feats. her suit itself can also allow her to survive in the vacuum of space for several hours.
    • Augmented Physical Capabilities:Thanks to the Nova Force her physical prowess is augmented to greater heights then without the power. This is especially so in her strength, speed, durability, and stamina which are usually doubled to what they normally would be.
    • Energy Absorption/Projection:Gemma is able to absorb sources of energy based attacks and powers, enabling her to mostly go unaffected by them. She can then use them to augment her physical abilities or enhance her energy attacks, which with the Nova Force alone she can project this energy in the forms of blasts or beams and even sometimes a energy wave. Gemma has also shown an ability to channel her energy through weapons, most particularly her sword.
    • Universal Translation:Her helmet enables her to understand every known language in the Universe, translating it to either English or language of Titan.
    • Flight:By channeling the Nova Force through her body, Gemma can use it in the same sense of jet propulsion that enables her to fly.
    • Cosmic Awareness:Gemma has also shown to have Cosmis Awareness, allowing her to know what is going on in her immediate area for up to 30 feet away. It's unknown if this will increase the more she learns how to use her power.


  • Gemma is a master combatant, having learned various forms of fighting from Gamora and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Gemma has shown herself to be an expert user of swords, primarily thanks to her mother Gamora who is well known for her combat skills.
  • She has also shown to be a Master Markswoman, having been taught by the likes of her mother, Rocket, and Starlord to use firearms and hit a target with perfect accuracy, rarely missing.
  • Gemma can be considered Bilingual as she knows both English and language of the planet Titan.
  • Gemma has shown to be an expert tactician, being able to think of plans on the spot in various scenarios and help her team plan accordingly.

Strength level

Gemma is able to lift 1 ton even, estimated to be the average of a Zen Whoberi woman. When augmented by the Nova Force, she can lift little over 3 tons.


  • In order to access the Nova Force Gemma must be wearing the Nova Force helmet otherwise these abilities are rendered useless.
  • Despite her physiology, Gemma can still easily be killed by conventional means or diseases.
  • Many of her physical attributes is also closely tied with her physical conditioning. If she is at her best and is mentally alert she'll perform at her best but if she is tired and sick she is easily weakened.



  • Nova Helmet(gold) with Nova Suit
  • Sword Sheath

Transportation: Nova Force,Her own speed, SHIELD vehicles

  • Her sword Oathkeeper
  • Various firearms and other swords


  • Gemma is fanon character based on what would happen if Gamora and Richard Rider were to ever have a child.


  • Gemma is one of the few members among the current Young Avengers who was not born or raised on Earth or who isn't part of some of the major races such as the Skrull and Kree.
  • She has sometimes been mistaken for her mother.

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