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Eggsy Unwin

Real Name
Gary Unwin
Current Alias
Eggsy Unwin





Michelle Unwin (mother)


Base Of Operations
Kingsman Headquarters






Marital Status

Agent, spy; former street punk

High school


Place of Birth


First appearance



Gary "Eggsy" Unwin was the son of Michelle Unwin and a man who was a candidate for the position of Lancelot in the Kingsman agency. However, his father died protecting his unit from a grenade, and his colleague Harry Hart presented a medal of bravery to his widowed wife and son, telling them that if they needed something, all they had to do was call the number on the back and deliver a coded message.

Seventeen years later, Eggsy was now an unemployed young adult living with his mother, infant half-sister and an abusive stepfather. Despite being very intelligent and capable, he left training for the Royal Marines and lived an aimless life. He stole a car belonging to his stepfather's goons, taking it out for a joyride before being arrested by the cops after crashing it, not wanting to hit the stray fox in the street. He let his friends escape, taking the blame solely. However, he remembered Hart giving him the medal, which he had around his neck that day, and asked to make a call.

The Kingsmen arranged for him to be off the hook, and Harry met him outside the police office. The two talked, and they went to the nearby pub where they ordered drinks. However, the group of punks who's car Eggsy stole came back and tried to intimidate Harry into leaving so they could beat up Eggsy. Instead, Harry locked the front doors and started a brawl, coming out unscratched and with all of the men knocked out. Finishing his drink, he apologized to Eggsy about it, saying that he had some pent up anger after the death of a fellow associate of his. He was about to wipe Eggsy's memories about it when he said he'd keep it secret. Unknown to him, Harry placed a bug on his shoulder, letting him go.

At home, Eggsy's stepfather tried to get him to say who was at the pub with him, but true to his word Eggsy did not say anything. Before it'd get too bad, Harry intervened through the bug, telling Eggsy to meet him at the Kingsman tailor shop. On his way out, he had to dodge his stepfather's goons through some parkour tricks.

At the tailor shop, Eggsy said that although he didn't know what a tailor was like, he knew that Harry wasn't one. Harry then told him about the Kingsman agency, and seeing potential in him offered to bring him to the mansion for testing. There, Eggsy met with several other candidates, prominently Roxanne Morton, who preferred to be called Roxy, and Charlie. The candidates were put through several tasks and tests by Kingsman agent Merlin, such as skydiving and landing on a target without being noticed, loyalty tests under pressure and shooting a target several kilometres away until the only two who were left were Eggsy and Roxy. During this time, they had to choose a dog to raise, and Eggsy chose a pug, believing that it was a pitfall and that it'd get bigger and naming it J.B. after Jack Bauer.

Eggs was then called by Arthur, the leader of the Kingsmen. They chatted a bit, and he asked him a few questions about his dog before calmly handing him a gun and telling him to shoot it. Though he pointed the gun at J.B., he refused to shoot him, resulting him in failing the Kingsman tests. Roxy became the new Lancelot as Eggsy returned home by taxi, where he found that his mother had been beaten by his stepfather.

Stealing the Kingsman taxi, he tried to find his stepfather to beat him up in revenge, but before he could start fighting, the taxi started to drive away by itself, taking him to Harry's home. There, Harry berated him over failing his tests over a dog, revealing to him that the gun was filled with blanks. His own dog lived several years before it died and he had him stuffed. He told Eggsy that he was disappointed, but they never had the time to reconcile, because Harry had to track down Valentine. He left for Kentucky, where his trail brought him, but told Eggsy to stay there and that they'd finish it when he'd return.

Through Harry's computer, Eggsy saw the entire fight in the church, Valentine's confession and Harry's death. After witnessing his death, he ran to the Kingsman tailor shop, where he found Arthur. He offered Eggsy a drink, saying that while it was not usual to give non-Kingsmen drinks that he would make an exception. However, Eggsy discovered that Arthur was one of Valentine's converts. Distracting him with a painting, he switched their glasses before drinking. Arthur then revealed that he had put poison in the glass, retrieving the pen that controlled it. As he explained Valentine's plan and why he changed sides, he offered Eggsy a chance to join the "new order" in Harry's memory, to which Eggsy said that he'd prefer to be with Harry. Activating the poison, Arthur started to weaken, when Eggsy revealed that he switched the glasses when they were looking at the painting. In his last moments, Arthur cursed at Eggsy before dying.

Eggsy took Arthur's phone to the Kingsman Mansion, where he met with Merlin and Roxy, now a fully-fledged Kingsman agent. The three, not sure who else to trust, put together a plan. With Arthur's phone, Eggsy would infiltrate Valentine's base and pose as him while Roxy would have to destroy one of Valentine's satellites to slow him down. Eggsy and Merlin boarded a plane as Roxy started to blast off in the sky, and before leaving he told her he'd be with her.

Eggsy introduced himself to the men at the base as Chester King, Arthur's real name. He infiltrated the party, where he was to find an internet connection for Merlin to enter. He then noticed Prime Minister Morten Lindström on a computer, and set out to introduce himself to the man, knocking him out and accessing the computer. However, after Merlin gained access, Eggsy was discovered by one of the Kingsman candidate washouts, Charlie, who's family had been brought into Valentine's plan. Charlie blew Eggsy's cover, and he was forced to fight his way out as Valentine's guards chased him through the hallways.

Just as he made it back, Roxy managed to destroy Valentine's satellite in time for the countdown to finish, momentarily halting his plans. However, a quick call allowed him to piggyback one of his associates' nearby satellites, which reduced the time for his plans to resume and requiring Eggsy to return back and finish off Valentine.

However, on his way back he was overwhelmed with guards, and another group was approaching the plane with an AA gun. As Merlin and Eggsy faced what seemed to be their inevitable fate, Eggsy proposed to activate all the computer chips that were planted in the heads of Valentine's men and associates, killing everyone who was part of his plan except Valentine and Gazelle.

Before leaving, he found the Princess of Sweden captured who offered him a "bit more" than a kiss if he freed her. As he had to finish Valentine, he said that he had to save the world, to which she said that if he saved the world they'd "do it in the asshole".

He ran back to Valentine, who sent Gazelle down to kill him in revenge for all of his friends that he killed. The two fought for a while, but neither managed to hit the other until they leaped at each other and Eggsy used his shoe knife, poisoning her and killing her within seconds. He then took her prosthetic leg and threw it at Valentine, impaling him. Before dying, Valentine asked him if he's going to deliver a witty one-liner before leaving, to which Eggsy mirrored what he said to Harry, that "This ain't that kind of movie, bruv", as Valentine passed away with a smile, saying that it's "perfect".

He rushed back to the Princess' cell with two glasses and a bottle of champagne, and after asking Merlin for the code entered the room and closed it behind him. After seeing what was going on in the room, Merlin decided to close the camera in the glasses, leaving the two together.

After becoming a full-fledged Kingsman agent, he returned to the pub to get his mother, offering her a better life. However, his stepfather was there and would have none of it, trying to intimidate Eggsy to leave. Instead, he perfectly imitated Harry's first encounter in the bar, repeating his words and locking the door, right down to knocking out his stepfather by flinging a glass in his face.


Eggsy was fiercely loyal, refusing to compromise his friends by giving their names when he was arrested, even when threatened with jail time. And when his violent stepfather he did not reveal that Harry was in the pub with him.

He also cared for animals, even crashing a car to avoid hitting a stray fox. However, it also led him to fail the Kingsman tests when he was required to shoot his dog.

Powers and Abilities


None known.


  • Master Acrobat
  • Martial Artist

Strength level



None known.



  • Kingsman Suit
  • Umbrella
  • Hand Grenade Lighter
  • Boot blade
  • Glasses

Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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