Gallak Tuss was an ancient deity worshipped by the original Kree tribes back when their species was just new. The Kree would sacrifice some of their own kind to Gallak Tuss to feed his eternal hunger. Gallak Tuss would wander the universe endlessly, using his powers to generate a huge wave of cosmic energy that would devastate all life on the planet. Gallak Tuss would then dig his hands into the surface of the planet and tear a huge hole, exposing the planet's core. Gallak Tuss would devour the planet's core, feeding off of it's thermal energy. This would increase his power, and also temporarily satisfy his hunger (or at least long enough for him to find and eat another planet). Later on, the Kree philosophizer Norrin Radd offered to help Gallak Tuss find another planet, rather than eating the Kree homeworld. Gallak Tuss gave some of his cosmic power to Norrin, transforming him into the Silver Herald, servant of Gallak Tuss.

Powers & Abilities

  • Giant Size - Gallak Tuss is about the size of four solar systems put together, making him big enough to eat whole planets.
  • Cosmic Awareness
  • Cosmic Energy Manipulation
  • Energy Absorption
  • Explosion Creation
  • Flight
  • Space Survival
  • Immortality
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