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Crimson Dynamo

Like her Earth-616 counterpart, Galina was recruited by the Mandarin and Zeke Stane to join other villains of Iron Man in a plan to defeat the hero. They gave her a new version of the Crimson Dynamo armor, but she changed sides when she realized Tony Stark's extreme nobility, and in honor of Anton Vanko, who was also a noble hero and the the first Crimson Dynamo, she allied herself with Iron Man and helped him defeat her opponents. They took back her Crimson Dynamo armor in retaliation, however, she received another built by the Stark-Fujikawa Corporation as a reward. Currently, she acts as a superheroine as a member of the Russian super-team the Winter Guard as a link with the Russian government.


All the pilots who have worn the Crimson Dynamo armor have been non-super-powered humans, Galina included, although she has military training through the federal government. The armor was invented by Dr. Anton Vanko, who was a genius and skilled scientist and engineer.

Crimson Dynamo Armor Statistics

The Crimson Dynamo armor's generic features include:

  • Boosting the user's strength to 100 tons
  • Computerized digital communications, including a two-way radio, a phone and an external computer interface
  • Sensors containing radar, sonar, X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) capabilities, which are enhanced with Dire Wraith technology
  • Hand-blasters: 1,000,000 volt high-frequency electric emission units mounted on the wrist, capable of projecting a charge 100 feet from the palm of each hand
  • Fusion caster: primary chest-mounted weapons system
  • Carborundum matrix alloy shielded, three-layer system granting the wearer a degree of invulnerability from extremely harsh environments
  • Boot jets, granting the power of sustained short-range flight
  • Human senses protection, including sound bafflers and polarized lenses adapted for low and high-intensity light
  • Life support and nutrition systems equipped with chemical, biological and radiological filtration systems designed to withstand high-radiation environments for extended periods of time, between 100 and 500 hours depending on the expended battery power
  • Gatling gun built into the wrist gauntlet to provide additional firepower
  • Shoulder rockets within the rear shoulder assembly of the armor


Crimson Sputnik: mobile satellite, which can recharge the power resources of the Crimson Dynamo armor via an ultra-frequency laser. The satellite also functions as a remote control and communications device.

Matrix Generator: the Dynamo armor was capable of being digitally concealed using a teleportation-based armor matrix in the belt, which allowed an operative to conceal the armor; when needed, the user simply pressed the matrix generator and the armor would then encase the wearer.


Height: 6'2"-7'8" armored

Weight: 210-456 lbs armored

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

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