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Real Name
Gabriel Warren Worthington
(legally changed from Thor Heinrich Østergaard Worthington)
Current Alias

Gabe, Angel, The Messenger, Helios, Halo, The Soldier of God



New X-Men (leader; currently)

Warren Worthington III (father)
Brigitta Østergaard (mother)
Warren Worthington II (paternal grandfather, deceased)
Salem Jones-Whistler (Black Warlock, fiancé)


Base Of Operations
New York City, New York, USA





Unusual Features
Pure white feathered wings inherited from his father


Marital Status

CEO of Worthington Corporation,
formerly X-Man

Bachelor's Degree in Business
Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters (graduated)

Mutant born with white wings and light-based powers


First appearance


Quote1 Your guardian angel is here! Quote2
-- Archangel

Archangel was born Thor Heinrich Østergaard Worthington to Warren Worthington III, the original Angel, and Brigitta Østergaard, a doctor who immigrated from Switzerland. By the time he was six years old, he began to develop his abilities such as gaining large white wings like his father's iconic wings. Warren was happy that Thor was going to have abilities like him, but his mother started to become worried.

By the time he started elementary school, Thor was playing kickball with his schoolmates at recess and the ball got stuck on a tree. Thor decided to retrieve it until one of the branches broke, causing him to fall, much to the horror of the students, until Thor's wings were revealed, saving him from hurting himself, and catching the attention of the school principal who witnessed the scene.

This struck a nerve for Brigitta, and Thor was taken out of the school despite nothing bad happening to him. For the next couple of years, Thor was homeschooled by tutors. During that time, Thor's new power was awakened: photokinesis, which he slowly started to master on his own until Warren enrolled him in the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, so he had to persuade Brigitta to let him go back to school, and she finally gave in, much to Angel's delight. As he was getting enrolled, Warren legally changed Thor's name to Gabriel, in order to avoid confusion with Avenger Thor Odinson, and on the first day he was met by students who were mutants like him.

By the time he graduated from the school, Gabriel took part in vigilantism, taking on criminals who threatened innocent lives thoughout New York City while his father fought in the X-Men before they split up due to tensions. After the split of the X-Men, he met and fell in love with Salem Jones-Whistler, also known as the Black Warlock, after the blessing of Salem's adoptive mother, Etterlene "Effie" White-Morrison, Gabriel proposes to Salem and is engaged to him till this day as they plan their wedding.


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Coming soon...

Powers & Abilities


Wings: Like his father, Archangel has the superhuman ability to fly, his wingspan being sixteen feet from wingtip to wingtip. He possesses fully feathered wings that are flexible like a bird and has the strength to break a man's arm and can even shoot out feather projectiles at the enemy. He even has the ability to hide his wings from the public.

  • Flight: With his sixteen-foot natural wings, Archangel is able to fly at least over 175 miles, almost faster than his father and can dive around 180 miles per hour. His average speed is around 75 miles per hour. Also, he can charge up his wings with his light power, allowing him to fly almost in warp speed.
  • Feather Missles: Archangel can fire feather projectiles from his wings which act like blades that can cut through almost anything with great speed which has the strength to pierce through anything, even pierce through a man's skull.

Aerial Adaptation: Like his father, Archangel's body is adapted for flying, from his bones which are hollow like those of a bird, and has great lung capacity that he can take in greater amounts of oxygen. He is able to withstand the low air pressures like the Arctic and fly at 10,000 feet at the highest and be able to withstand flying out of the Earth's atmosphere.

Photokinesis: Archangel is able to create and manipulate light from his X-Gene. With this power, he can perform different abilities such as hard-light construction, prism beams, and healing. He can even engulf his wings in his light which allows him to fly faster, almost at warp speed.

  • Prism Beam Emission: Archangel can fire prismatic beams from the palm of his hands, which can inflict great damage to any incoming enemy.
  • Hard Light Construction: This ability allows Archangel to create objects through hard-light such as weapons and even force fields to protect his allies from any incoming attacks.
  • Duplication: Archangel can create clones from himself using his hard-light ability to confuse enemies when in battle, and even help assist him in various situations.
  • Light Healing: Archangel can heal his injured allies with light which mainly glows from the palm of his hands.


Being of Swiss and Danish descent, and is fluent in Swiss, German, and Danish.

Strength level



None known.


Equipment: Archangel's X-Suit which was designed by his mother.
Transportation: His own wings.
Weapons: No official weapons. His weapons are created by hard light.

Side Notes

  • His birth name, Thor is taken from Asgardian Avenger, Thor Odinson and is also of Danish-Norwegian origin.
    • His legal name, Gabriel is derived from one of the seven Archangels, Gabriel and he has taken his father's alternate name, Archangel after his retirement.


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