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Real Name
Gabriel Tiberius O'Hara
Current Alias

Gabri, Gabriel Essex, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Man of the 40th Century, Future Spider-Man, Friendly Futuristic Spider-Man, Friendly Freedom Fighter Spider-Man, Another Spider-Man, The Third Generation Spider-Man, Great Spider Grandson


Resistance Against Kang
(founder and leader), Fantastic Freedom Fighters of the Future (honorary member; defunct), Alchemax Laboratories (defunct); formerly Parker Industries

Nathaniel Essex (distant paternal descendant; deceased), Tyler Stone (maternal great-great-grandfather; deceased), Conchata O'Hara (maternal great-great-grandmother; estranged), George O'Hara (maternal great-great-grand step-father; deceased), Miguel O'Hara (maternal great-grandfather; deceased), Tempest Monroe (maternal great-grandmother; deceased), Mr. O'Hara (maternal grandfather; deceased), Mrs. O'Hara (maternal grandmother; deceased), Antonio Essex (father), Gabrielle O'Hara (mother), Lyla O'Hara (sister; deceased), Michael O'Hara (brother; deceased)


Base Of Operations
Mobile across Nueva York



(formerly Hazel)


Unusual Features
Talons and red eyes following mutation


Marital Status

Geneticist, executive assistant, vigilante, fugitive and war criminal (under Kang's Empire)

Several degrees in genetics

Mutant possessing arachnid qualities similarly to his mother, grandfather, and great-grandfather

First appearance

Modern Comics:
Kang Vol 1 6


Quote1.png Hey, there... I'm your friendly freedom fighter Spider-Man! Quote2.png
-- Spider-Man

Early Years

Gabriel Tiberius "Gabri" O'Hara, was the youngest son of controversial historian & philosopher Antonio "Tony" Essex, a distant descendant of the infamous empirical warlord Lord Sinister of the 30th Century, and civil rights activist Gabrielle O'Hara, the granddaughter of the late Miguel O'Hara, the man who was secretly the iconic vigilante: the Spider-Man of the 22nd century until his eventual disappearance, thus making Gabri the latest line in the third and fourth generations of the O'Hara family in the 40th Century. Despite being unexpectedly born with mutation, the very first time such phenomena occurred in the family, Gabri was nevertheless freely raised by his mother and siblings, Lyla and Michael, in the progressive though oligarchy-ruled state of Nueva York in the United States of America, wherein he would meet fellow Mutant and Inhuman children whom he would be growing up with.

Unfortunate for Gabri, he never got the chance to spend much time with his father Tony Essex, who reluctantly left Gabri's mother and his children, in order to flee from the clutches of the judicial council led by the Viceroy Carelius Renslayer (ruler of Nueva York at the time), who unjustly and fearfully convicted him as a fugitive solely due to his biological status as the last known member of the Essex family, whose reputation has been permanently tainted due to the heinous and inhumane actions of Lord Sinister of the 30th Century, the "Dark Ages of the Heroic Era," until his eventual death at the hands of the heroes on the past timeline.

While his mother and both his siblings tend to bitterly forget his father's existence and rejects to forgive his misunderstood actions (which were genuinely done in order to protect not only himself, but rather the rest of the family), Gabri grew up into adolescence studying and agreeing with his father's noble and altruistic philosophical ideologies, which he accidentally found in the basement of their residence through his father's various writings. Along with it, Miguel got to learn of his true familial lineage, being the great-grandson of Miguel O'Hara, who happened to the alter-ego of Spider-Man 2099. While Gabri's mother remained in denial at first, she eventually came into her senses as she explained the entire generation of the O'Hara family tree, especially his great-grandfather's life both as O'Hara and the legendary Spider-Man, thanks to the intervention of Gabri's old sister Lyla who successful did the convincing to their mother.

Kang's Movement

As Gabri safely and confidently grows up in his late adolescence to early adulthood years, she attended a highly prestige university, a beneficial factor which subsequently and thankfully made her see the bright day once more in her seemingly dimming life. Finishing his college years, he would earn several degrees in philosophy, politics, and genetics, the latter which was an educational accomplishment that some of her peers find a little odd due to how unrelated it was to the first two degrees he had finished. That case seems to have remained, and Gabri remains to live a blessed and cherishable life with his family and friends, right until she was in her early adulthood years, when the country was unexpectedly invaded by a mysterious power hungry warlord and efficient warrior, going by the intimidating nome de guerre of Kang the Conqueror.

In the beginning of the ensuing chaos started by Kang and his army, Gabri would later find out that his family have not left their residence as they were hopeful that their undisclosed area wouldn't be much affected as long as they decided not to participate or contribute such actions in the starting days of the attack, optimistic enough that they would be safe. However, unbeknownst to Gabri, his sister Lyla was secretly revealed to be an operative of an outlawed peace-keeping resistance organization known as the Fantastic Freedom Fighters of the Future (named after the legendary Fantastic Four and the Future Foundation), who apparently were aware of the great uprising of Kang on overthrowing the already corrupt government of Viceroy Carelius Renslayer.

With the warning of Lyla, the latter was able to inform her brothers and mother of the upcoming doom that was about to be unleashed by the mysterious Kang and his empirical movement, making sure the O'Hara residence were secured by a manually-built defense system which Lyla had installed before she left the residence to fight off the emerging forces of Kang in the American cities. During the first few weeks of Kang's Movement, Nueva York was already one of the states to be invaded by a fleet of Kang's unstoppable enforcement in the warlord's pursuit to rule the United States of America with an iron fist. Thankfully, the O'Haras were able to evacuate into safety, reaching a resistance outpost after finding out that their residence's defense system were overwhelmed by the more advanced weaponry of the empire. The Fantastic Freedom Fighters' efforts proved their utmost valiance to keep the peace and prosperity for the people of Nueva York, but unfortunately, they were still proven to be outnumbered by their enemies in the very end of it all.

Due to the unexplainable unpredictability of Kang's military strategy, their outpost were easily discovered by Kang's stealth militia after a week of hiding. With their outpost suddenly under attack by the militia, Gabri and his family were forced to retreat and hide out in the open, in the great warzone that was the cities of Nueva York. The O'Haras and a few surviving residents were able to escape the infiltrated outpost, but not without the cost of several freedom fighter lives, which sadly included Gabri's sister Lyla, who heroically sacrificed herself before getting slain by one of Kang's Growing Man. Gabri tried to use his powers to save his beloved sister, but the latter, knowing that his actions would publicly expose him of his powerful heritage as a relative to the legendary web-slinger of the 22nd century. In Lyla's last words, she told Gabri alone that even he would be a prominent key in bringing the eventual end to Kang the Conqueror and his established Empire, though she knew he had to survive and hide in the moment in order for such occurrence to happen in the near future. While the Fantastic Freedom Fighters of the Future have been eradicated as an institution, Lyla, even in death nevertheless believed that her younger brother would form a far greater and far more successful coalition against the Conqueror.

Spider-Man of 3099

The Sinister Secret

Gabri O'Hara's paternal descendant was the infamous geneticist Nathan Essex, who was also the powerful Modern Age villain otherwise known as Lord Sinister

As the next few months have passed, Gabri and his family were later shown to be living on scraps under Kang's Imperial rule in the state of New Brooklyn, one of the only states in Nueva York who had not any affiliation with the now eradicated Fantastic Freedom Fighters. While Gabri's status was unavoidably exposed to be a mutant due to the city's mandatory biological inspection upon entering the Imperially-ruled sector of New Brooklyn, his unique powers were have yet to be known by the de-facto Imperial government, thus rendering the mutant detectors to label him as a latent mutant, despite to how contradictory and more complicated the situation is with Gabri as a natural-born mutant.

In truth, Gabri would later discover more about his complex mutant nature as he worked as a geneticist, revealing that his powers not being detected had something do with his heritage as the distant descendant of Nathaniel Essex, Lord Sinister, a mutate who used to perform permanent modifications on himself through genetic editing, a trait which may have also affected his future descendants. This latent discovery has made Gabri even more interested in genetics, prompting him to momentarily work at the New Brooklyn branch of Alchemax Laboratories as a freelance geneticist, the last known living branch left of the once globally-powerful Alchemax International, in order to further improve his understanding on biology & genetics altogether and find a way on how to manipulate his dormant mutation into triggering his mutated spider powers sooner than later.

This discovery of his powers made his mother worry, fearing that Gabri would suddenly end up like his villainous paternal descendant simply due to his natural fascination with genetics. Gabrielle tried to talk her own son out of his goal to restore his powers, only for her elder son Michael to thwart her attempt, telling his mother that Gabriel himself would know soon enough about his true nature and heritage. The pessimistic Michael was so sure that if Gabri himself would discover the sinister secret behind his powers, the latter would resist using it later on since Michael and Gabrielle truly believed that Gabri not using his powers was for Gabri's own good and safety, unfortunately contrasting the late Lyla's strong conviction that Gabri would be the one to continue the legacy of resistance against Kang's Empire.

In Gabrielle's ultimately concerning defense, while her son would continue to resurrect the legacy of his maternal great-grandfather's identity as Spider-Man, he would also end up reliving the legacy of Lord Sinister in doing so after Gabrielle revealed that the O'Hara bloodline has apparently been tainted with the deadly "Essex curse" ever since she had fallen deeply in love with Tony Essex and subsequently conceived children with him. While Gabrielle still hold such mixed and complex feelings for her separated husband until that very day, she bitterly had never hoped for his return due to how excruciating painful the times she and their children had been through after he just left them a few years earlier.

Journey Towards Spiderhood

Still, Gabrielle and Michael's pleas didn't stop Gabri in time from discovering the very symptoms of the Essex curse himself by the time he was able to get the chance to secretly experiment on himself as his own test subject inside the last known functioning Alchemax Laboratories in the year of 3099. In the experiment, Gabri successfully triggered his mutation through electroshock therapy among other scientific methods, unleashing his powers for the very first time, or at least only the first set of mutant abilities to emerge. His first ever mutation gave him spider-based powers (as expected), gaining a far superior version of the typical yet iconic traits of the web-slinger's powers of superhuman strength, speed, and an accelerated healing factor.

Similarly to his great-grandfather Miguel O'Hara, Gabri would also grew talon and got the ability to transform his own eyes into the color of red following the experiment, giving him a unique sense of enhanced vision. Coincidentally, if not fatefully, Gabri would also discover that used to be the planned headquarters for another corporation by the name of Parker Industries after finding its emblem of the corporation on the very laboratory he was experimenting himself on. Learning upon another discovery, Gabri also got the chance to unlock the secrets of the lab's facility two days later, to which he finds a compartment of armored suits. One of them were composed out of Unstable Molecules, a rare synthetic particle that was thought to be long gone. Interestingly the suit strikingly resembles the appearance of the legendary superhero Spider-Man in the 2099 A.D., his great grandfather Miguel O'Hara.

Studying the particles, Gabri was astonished, deeming that it would be a essential key in helping him fight the tyrannical Imperial regime, something that his sister Lyla has been telling him in their last moments together. Gabri initially tested the suit by wearing it before secretly wandering around the state of New Brooklyn to check its capabilities. Training his powers and abilities for the first time, Gabri initially had a quite difficult but enjoyable time crawling and swinging around New Brooklyn, completely unaware that his actions were secretly detected by one of the dreadful and soulless Inspector Sentinels patrolling around the state every night, as they were put in there by Kang's forces as a proactive measurement to search and hunt every special enhanced and/or powered individuals whose abilities may eventually cause the possibility of overthrowing his empire into a reality.

Facing the Complicated Past

Days have passed since the Inspector Sentinels began their state-wide hunt for Gabri and other related superhuman, the latter would come to be informed by his family, who was discretely told by their neighbors that they've heard the news on Gabri becoming a potential threatening fugitive for the Imperial enforcers. Much to his surprise, Gabri decided to flee New Brooklyn, mirroring the actions that his father had once done to him and his family years ago. Despite worrying that his actions might be misunderstood by his mother as she had with his father, Gabri tried to talk with his older brother Michael to explain to him his intentions of keeping the family safe by going into hiding in the meantime, optimistically assuring them that Gabri would not be gone for too long.

Michael was understanding toward his younger brother's situation, though he was afraid that their mother would most likely end up becoming embittered at him and would feel heartbroken all over again, especially after she had just lost her eldest daughter, Lyla during the first weeks of the Kang Invasion. Nevertheless of the risks, Gabri decided to take it believing that it's the best way protecting his family from his status as a latent mutant fugitive, an apparent threat to Kang the Conqueror once Gabri gets to eventually perfect his powers and abilities, something that Kang claimed would be a "certain possibility" in the future if he failed to seize O'Hara in time.

Before leaving the city of Brooklyn, Michael warned Gabri something about the nature of his powers out of concern, telling his younger brother he should be using his power with irrefutable responsibility, rather than use it with sinister intent. Gabri was confused to what his brother meant, but the latter had not much time to tell everything, choosing to simply tell Gabri that he should not let his powers "unleash the worst of him." Albeit still confused, Gabri bared his brother's last words into his mind before leaving New Brooklyn, away from the heart of the Inspector Sentinels' patrol base. At that moment, Gabri was on the objective pursuit, travelling across the country to find the missing puzzles of his complex past through the help of some of his father's writings, something that he has been studying for several years, and with it, find more fearless individuals who may help him figure out a way to thwart the feared and disordered reign of Kang the Conqueror once and for all.

Powers and Abilities


Homo Superior Physiology: O'Hara was a mutant who naturally possesses a variety of superhuman attributes due to him being the maternal great-grandson of the Spider-Man of 2099, Miguel O'Hara himself, whose the latter powers were not a radioactive based as the original Spider-Man of the modern age.

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
    • After Image
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Accelerated Vision
  • Accelerated Healing Factor
    • Longevity
  • Spider-Senses
  • Talons and Fangs
  • Spinnerets
  • Undetectability
  • Enhanced Resilience
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Heightened stats when empowered


  • Philosopher
  • Political Savvy
  • Gifted Geneticist
  • Experienced Combatant

Strength level

Class 20+


  • Optical Photosensitivity
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder


Equipment: Spider-Man Suit: O'Hara's costume is made of unstable molecules that are designed to resist tearing of his claws. The costume also includes a light air foil on its back. This foil emits a low concentration of anti-gravity particles that allow O'Hara to glide on currents of air.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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  1. Modern Comics: Kang Vol 1 6


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