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Real Name
Fusion of Jack (last name unrevealed) and Boris Lugosi Sr.
Current Alias

The Halloween Master, Scaremaster, Frightmaster, Panicmaster, Your Darkest Nightmare



Leader of the Panic Pack, member of the Negaknights

Unknown (Jack)/ Emily Lugosi (wife, deceased), Boris Lugosi Jr. (son, deceased) (Lugosi Sr.)


Base Of Operations
The Spook Realm






Unusual Features
Frightfreak possesses an expressive jack-o-lantern pumpkin for a head, no visible arms, a skeletal torso and vertebrate, and a ghostly wisp for a bottom


Marital Status

Demonic entity, ruler of the Spook Realm, master of fear/former horror film actor (Lugosi Sr.)/former town prankster (Jack)



Bradley A. Dotson

First appearance

The Maximums: Halloween Special


In Transylvania during medieval times, there was a peasant named Jack who delighted in pulling frightful pranks on others. A charming, but tormented fellow, he would constantly go out at night and spook others to near death. He especially enjoyed All Hallows Eve (Halloween), where he would pull his most complex, most frightening pranks off. A few nights before Halloween one year, however, while practicing for his “biggest, most frightening stunt of all”, a little girl stumbled upon his plot. Accidentally, she activated the prank, and it quite literally scared her to death. When the townspeople heard about this, they were outraged. Capturing Jack, they decided to hang him on All Hallows Eve while throwing vegetables at him, and Jack was left there for all of eternity.

Several centuries later, Boris Lugosi Sr. was a famous horror film actor, known for his starring monstrous roles in "The Nightmare on Friday the 13th," "The Fright Before Christmas," and "What Lies Beyond the Grave." However, he grew distressed with his haunting life, and longed for one of happiness. However, that was not to be, for a freak lightning bolt strike struck a wooden fencepost that fatally impaled him in his heart... on Halloween Night. However, Boris did not go into the afterlife. Instead, his soul was brought to the Place Where All Sinners Go, where he was welcomed by Dark Overlord. Telling Lugosi that he was thoroughly impressed with his career, Dark Overlord revealed that he had big plans for him.

Confused, Lugosi Sr. attempted to escape, only to be blocked off by a fellow named Jack. Dark Overlord revealed that he intended to fuse Jack and Boris together into a god. Jack was thrilled by the idea, but Boris refused to take part in such a thing. Dark Overlord was unfazed and instantly fused the two together and transformed them into the pumpkin-headed god of fear, monsters, the dead, and things that go bump in the night, calling him Frightfreak. While Jack, being the more vengeful of the two, controlled the body, mind, and powers of the monster, Boris unconsciously provided the skills needed to make them the most frightening thing in existence.

Dark Overlord proclaimed that Frightfreak would be ruler of the Spook Realm and that every year on All Hallows Eve he would be given the chance to return to the real world and do whatever he pleased.

Powers and Abilities


As the pumpkin-headed god of fear, phobias, monsters, and the undead, Frightfreak is the complete and total master of fear/phobias, the undead, and monsters.

  • Paranormal Physiology: The Frightfreak possesses a paranormal physiology, granting him monstrous strength, undead durability, unrelenting stamina, frightening speed and reflexes, the ability to reform his body from any injury, etc.
  • Monstrous Strength: The Frightfreak possesses monstrous superhuman strength sufficient to lift over 45 tons under standard conditions. He is able to break through solid steel walls with ease and throw buses without effort.
  • God-Like Durability: Frightfreak can rebuild his molecular structure from virtually any physical attack, regardless of how much damage or destruction he sustains, even if reduced to ash. He can safely survive toxic conditions deadly to anyone else. He can transform his hands into claws, and otherwise alter his body to an unclear extent.
  • Unrelenting Stamina: Frightfreak’s physiology no longer produces fatigue cells, since he is undead. Therefore, he is unable to tire and does not need to rest. He also does not require food, water, heat, or oxygen for sustenance.
  • Frightening Speed: The Frightfreak is able to move and think at superhuman speeds of up to 650 miles per hour. Combined with his unrelenting stamina, no one can ever escape him.
  • Frightening Reflexes: Frightfreak’s reflexes and reaction time are also much greater than those of any mortal. He is often able to dodge quick impacts from enemies.
  • Limb Reanimation: He can animate and control parts of his body even after they have been severed.
  • Intangibility: Frightfreak possesses the ability to “phase” through solid matter; either by shifting his atoms through the spaces between the atoms of the object through which he is moving, or by reducing his molecular density. He can use this ability to literally walk on air and fly.
  • Invisibility:
  • Phobokinesis: Frightfreak’s main and most powerful power is his mastery over the fear centers of any living being. As such, he is able to probe into the psyches of his victims, discovering the things they most fear and then manifesting those fears in their minds with illusions, which cause them to be consumed with terror.
  • Phobomorph: Such is Frightfreak’s power, that when someone sees him for the first time, they see him as their worst fears. This is so powerful, that when more than one person is in his presence, each individual sees their darkest fears separately from one another.
  • Necrokinesis: Frightfreak also possesses the ability to telepathically communicate with cells, bacteria, and dead/disintegrating tissue of corpses, speak to dead spirits either using their physical remains or on the astral plane, resurrect the deceased as zombies or ghosts, and briefly summon images of deceased people from the minds of others.
  • Ectokinesis:


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Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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