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Real Name
Franziska Ricter



Carl Ricter (Father) Hans Wolf (Half-Brother)


Base Of Operations






Unusual Features
She has black swirly tattoo from outer eye (both) and across both cheekbones.


Marital Status

X-Men Trainee

High School


Place of Birth

Fusedtwilight, AnnaleaseTurner

First appearance


Physical Description

She has pale skin and is small and skinny with pale blonde hair and blue eyes. She likes to wear white dresses and a rosary. Like Michael, Franziska has a pair of white angel like wings on her back. They are fluffy and resemble a barn owls. She has a pair of swirl like markings on her face that appeared along with her wings when her mutation activated.


Quit and solemn, Franziska is a caring person but at first tends to be guarded and according to Michael is afraid to let people get close as she fears she will be hurt like when her father hurt her. Franziska does not do well with confrontation and when pushed tends to lash out.


A terrible loss

Franziska was born into a wealthy German family.

The early days of her life were filled with happiness. But all that changed when she was thirteen. Her mother passed from cancer and her father fell into a severe depression and took to heavy drinking.

When Franziska manifested her powers her father snapped. He locked her away and kept her hidden for fear of what the knowledge of her mutant status would mean both for her own safety and the family reputation.

Her contact with others was limited, only her father and his assistant Hans were the only ones allowed to have any kind of contact with her.

This was a dark time for her, with the loss of her mother, trying to deal with her powers and her fathers downward spiral she had no one to turn to except for her faith.

Than one night her father got drunk and in a fit of rage attacked her and tried to rip her wings from her back. Franziska lashed out, with both her telekinetic and telepathic powers. Rendering her father permanently braindead.

Horrified by what she had done Franziska ran away.

The Guardian

Franziska made her way to the church where her family would go to pray.

Father Maxwell listened to her plight. He had been close with her family and was well aware of Carl's drinking habit and depression. He gave her sanctuary and over time Franziska learned to use her powers to help others.

Typically she would use her telepathy to heal the mental wounds people suffered. Soon rumors began to spread of the Guardian Angel of Berlin who helped bring people closer to God. Soon these rumors reached the ears of the X-Men...and a group of anti-mutant fascists.

Meeting the Champions

When the Champions arrived in Beerlin to find the infamous Angel of Berlin they arrived in time to see a mob storm the church looking for Franziska.

With their help she was able to keep anyone from being hurt.

Realizing she was no longer safe, Father Maxwell encouraged her to go to America where she could learn to do more good and stay safe.

Franziska agreed, though neither she nor the priest could predict the danger she would soon face.

After the Purifiers

Franziska didn't have much time to enjoy her time at the school before the Purifiers attacked. She proved useful in defending the mansion.

After the school was closed down for repairs Franziska spent most of her time visiting several of the students (including Angie) helping them deal with the trauma they endured.

When the school was reopened she returned. Though she would have to face one more terrible burden.

The Past Comes Back to Haunt

After her return to the mansion a hit was put on Franziska.

With the help of the Champions they were able to trace it all the way back to Germany where they learned it was Hans, her fathers assistant that wanted her dead.

Hans was actually Carl's illegitimate son from an affair he had before he met Franziska's mother. Hans believed Franziska attacked Carl but she used her powers to show him the truth.

Brother and sister were able to forgive and mended their bond. They were finally both able to grieve and Franziska was finally able to heal herself of the guilt she had carried for so long.

Though she is not an official member of the Champions Franziska is often seen working with on missions and is considered by some to be an un-official member but to the team themselves she will always be a Champion.

Powers and Abilities


Wings: Franziska has a pair of white angel like wings that are similar to that of a barn owls. Because of nerve damage she suffered when her father attacked her she is unable to fly.

Telekinesis: Using her psychic power Franziska can move matter without physically touching it. She uses this power to fly since her wings are still damaged. She is skilled enough to stop hundreds of bullets in midair as well as for telekinetic shields to protect herself and others from harm

Telepathy: She can hear, sense and project thoughts and emotions. She has been shown to sense the minds of others and communicate with them or share information. Unlike other psychic who are capable of forcing their wills on others Franziska seems to have the same prowess others have as he abilities are more defensive in nature. She is capable of blocking other psychics from invading her mind, even Betsy's psi-blade wasn't able to harm her.

  • Psychic Healing: According to both Emma and Xavier Franziska has the potential to be one of the best psychic healers on the earth. Although she typically uses her telepathy to help heal peoples damaged minds and psyches.
  • Mind-Link: Franziska can link her mind with several other people. She uses this ability to link with the other Champions, allowing them to work together with extreme precision.


None known.

Strength level



Strain: As typical with many psychics Franziska can suffer from migraines and cranial bleeding when she over exerts herself.

Wings: Because of nerve damage she suffered from her father trying to rip her wings off Franziska can not use them to fly.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: X-Jet
Weapons: .

  • No special notes.


Is modeled after Jayne Wisener

She liked ice-skating

She enjoys listening to classic music

Her favorite hymn is 'The Lord is my Shepard'

She likes romance movies but dislikes horror movies

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