Franklin Hall
, a.k.a. Graviton, was the corrupt new Director of SHIELD who made the Avengers fugitives. After running the Earth's Mightiest Heroes into hiding, he started the Dark Avengers program, where he recruited infamous super-villains to pose as the Avengers. To lead the Dark Avengers, he stole an experimental gravity-controlling armor from Stark Industries, using it to become Graviton. He was defeated in the battle between the Avengers and Dark Avengers. His suit was completely destroyed. After the battle, the Avengers realized that they were making the world too dangerous to live in by getting the attention of all these villains, so they decided to break up the team.

Powers & Abilities

  • Graviton Armor - Using the experimental Graviton armor (which is now destroyed), Franklin had the following powers:
    • Gravity Manipulation - Franklin could manipulate gravity itself, levitating himself and any other object.
    • Energy Blasts - Like any other Iron Man suit, this one had built-in energy blasters.
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