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Real Name
Frankenstein Michael Castle
(legally changed from Frankenstein Michael Castiglione)
Current Alias

Frank Castle, The Vengeful Avenger, Grim Reaper, Frankie Stone, Michael Frankenstein



Hazuki Group (currently)
S.H.I.E.L.D. (currently)

Mario Castiglione (father; deceased)
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Rodrigo Castiglione (paternal uncle; deceased)
Romano Castglione (younger brother; deceased)
Giavanna Castglione (younger sister; deceased)
Devon McKnight (boyfriend)


Base Of Operations
Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, New York

Editorial Name
The Punisher: Frank Castle





Unusual Features
A rose skull tattoo on his upper right arm dedicated to his family.


Marital Status

US Marine (formerly)

Townsend Harris High School (formerly)

Castle becomes a vigilante after his family was killed by the Kitchen Irish and survives after getting shot in the head and saved by Jiro Hazuki. He later becomes a Super-Soldier thanks to Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D.


First appearance


Quote1 Ya say that I'm blinded by revenge, but if your loved ones are killed by criminals, you would do the same for them, wouldn't ya? Quote2
-- Punisher

Early Life

Castle was born Frankenstein Michael Castiglione in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, New York. His father, Mario, and his uncle, Rodrigo were US Marines and they raised him along with his younger siblings: twins Romano and Giavanna after the death of his mother. Since he was a child, Castle has dreamed of serving the country after his father and uncle and he would tell the kids in school that he would be a soldier like his father and uncle, leading to being laughed at by his young peers.

Life as a Marine

Eventually, Castle drafted into the Marines at the tender age of 18, participating in extensive military training and learning discipline and responsibility. His excelling led him to go on missions and even fighting in Iraq where people began to gain respect for him and Castle fulfilling his dream of serving the country.

Return to His Family

After he was discharged from the Marines, Castle returned home to Hell's Kitchen where he surprised his father, uncle, and younger siblings, who were delighted in seeing him return from the Marines. Despite being proud of being part of the Marines, Castle felt homesick and was happy that he was able to see them again and decided to take them out on a picnic.

Quote1I saw them fall, Hazuki. I watch them get their lives taken away. I won't let them get away alive. They're going to pay for taking somethin' that's dear to me away!Quote2

Tragedy Too Soon

Castle took his family to Central Park, the weather nice enough to start a picnic as a celebration of his return from the Marines. However, they were caught off guard when an ambush by an Irish-American mafia called the Kitchen Irish who witnessed Castle's family. Fearing that they would alert the police, the men of the Kitchen Irish open fire, killing everyone right in front of Castle before he was shot in the head. However, he was taken to the hospital by a man named Jiro Hazuki, who witnessed the massacre and took action by fighting off the men before fleeing. Castle wakes up nearly 10 seconds later after the doctors declared him dead and he began to remember the final moments of his father, uncle, and younger siblings before they were killed and his sadness turned into rage.

A Punisher is Born

Road to Vigilantism

Castle, now out of the hospital, incepted his revenge against the Kitchen Irish for the murders of his family. Entering the world of vigilantism like Spider-Man, Castle started a one-man war, using state of the art police scanners to hunt down criminals and killing them before they could inflict harm on any citizen they target. His way of serving justice didn't sit well with the other heroes, especially Hazuki who tried to talk him in showing mercy. But due to the trauma Castle had inflicted, he refused to back down and it caused him and Hazuki to clash with one another, followed by Spider-Man, New X-Men, and the Avengers who objected to his endless killing.


Frankenstein Castle aka The Punisher

Targeting the Kitchen Irish

Castle discovers the hideout of the Kitchen Irish after listening to the reports of the police. With the thirst for revenge flowing in his eyes, he storms his way into the hideout and opened fire at the men, igniting an all-out brawl, leaving the whole gang in pools of blood, bullets scattered all over and tainted. However, one man, Grotto made his way out of the carnage and flees in his 1969 Ford Mustang. Angered, Castle steals one of the dead members' Harley Davidson motorcycles and makes a hot pursuit all over New York. He opens fire at the back windshield of the car, forcing Grotto to lose control of his car and crash.

Castle beats Grotto senselessly before pointing the gun at the remaining member of the Kitchen Irish. Grotto, completely bloodied, frantically apologized for the murders and pled for mercy as Castle pointed his machine pistol in his head. Maliciously, he said to him, "No one can save ya now. Your little friends are long gone, but you're gonna be joining them soon." But before he could pull the trigger, shurikens shot from out of nowhere and hits Castle by the hand, knocking the gun out of his grip. Castle confronts the culprit and it was revealed to be Hazuki, who now goes under the name Ronin. The two ended up in an all-out brawl and Hazuki overpowering the Punisher. He confronts him over his killings, wanting him to stop or else people will see him as a criminal. Castle angrily throws a hard punch to Hazuki's face, sending him flying back as he insults him, telling him that the city was tainted with criminals and he was going to put an end to their terror.

Ronin objects and informs him that murder isn't the way in seeking justice for his family, but Castle grabs Grotto by the head after seeing him trying to escape and slams his face against the car. Ronin tries to intervene but was stopped at gunpoint, telling him that he shouldn't act so soft towards criminals when he knew that they had committed crimes deemed unremorseful and threatens to shoot him if he came near. As Castle throws Grotto onto the ground, he pulls out another gun and aimed it at his head while keeping Ronin in his place, his threat to kill him along with Grotto still burning in the latter's chest. As he was going to pull the trigger, web projectiles shot from out of nowhere, knocking the gun aimed at Grotto out of the Punisher's hands. The webs belong to Spider-Man who have witnessed the confrontation.

Castle began to shoot at the webslinger before the hero kicked the other gun out of his hand and throws a hard roundhouse kick to the Punisher's face, sending him skidding to the ground. Angered over the interruption, Castle tackles Spider-Man but smaller male throws him off thanks to the super strength given by the radioactive spider bite. Despite being a two-against-one battle, Castle opened fire at both Spider-Man and Ronin while Grotto makes his escape on foot due to his car being totaled from the crash. Ronin shot his round of shurikens at Castle as he tried to get his word out to him but failed. Spider-Man even tries to let the Punisher know that he understood where he came from for he felt the same way when his Aunt May was murdered by a burglar and that revenge will only bring more damage within himself. But their words fell into deaf ears and Castle punches Spider-Man in the stomach and throws him at Ronin before telling them, "Your little speech ain't gonna help. I'm gonna make sure every single piece of sh*t is six feet under. And I ain't gonna stop until all blood is shed." He makes his escape before the two heroes tried to get up and stop him after their defeat.

Quote1I don't need a lecture from some revenge-driven psychopath who can't get over his dead family.
Oh yeah? Well, your little "buddies" you've been hangin' around with? They left ya for the police to lock ya up. The streets don't care about ya. But I do.
--Punisher to Devon McKnight

The Street Punk

After his clashing with Ronin and Spider-Man, Castle continued killing of criminals while searching for Grotto. One night, he discovers that his Harley Davidson Road King was stolen but was able to find it when he receives a report on a break-in at a car shop through his police scanner and he discovered a gang in their 20s trying to steal a car. The gang manages to make a run for it until one of them falls over and Castle's motorcycle keys falling out of his jacket, revealing to be a 22-year-old street punk named Devon McKnight who tried to flee from the scene but was caught by Castle. When he confronted Devon, the young gangbanger tried to fight him, but Castle was a lot bigger than him and was able to restrain him from fighting for he knew he wasn't like the other criminals and he was young.

Feeling sorry for him, Castle treats Devon at a diner where he asked him why he stole his motorcycle. Devon responds to him that he liked the motorcycle and wanted it for himself, earning a headshake from the vigilante. He tells Devon that he shouldn't be in the streets where it was filled with dangerous gangs since he is still on the hunt of the Kitchen Irish. Devon brushes it off and says that the gang has been having his back since he was only 15 years old. Before Castle could object, Devon leaves the diner without thanking him and it left the vigilante slightly frustrated. This made him realize that he still has his gentle side due to his love for his family before they were murdered.

Days later, Castle finds out that Devon had been arrested for drug distribution through his police scanner and he made his way to the county jail where he managed set post bail for the young street punk. Eventually, the charges were dropped against him and Castle decides to take him to his base but Devon refused. Castle finally confronts him angrily on why he was being so stubborn and Devon tells him that he didn't his pity, insulting his family as an add-in to his lashing since he knew about Castle and his reason for vigilantism. As much as the insult hurt, Castle tells Devon that the gang he had been hanging around with had abandoned him when he got arrested and that the streets don't care about people like him. He eventually brings Devon to his base but the street punk didn't say anything to him that night.

The following morning, Castle noticed that Devon had left and he went to go find him. When he eventually found him, he saw a woman talking to him at Central Park. As she leaves, Castle stops her and asks her what was she doing with Devon. She introduces herself as Cynthiana Flores, Devon's former social worker and she had just bumped into the former gang member. Castle questioned her again, she tells him that Devon had lost his parents in a gang shooting because his late father, Jack McKnight, was formerly affiliated with the Scottish Bulldogs, a Scottish-American mafia who had a dangerous rivalry with the Kitchen Irish and it left Castle stunned. Because of it, Devon had been living in the streets after leaving his foster home and dropping out of school, explaining why he was in the gang.

Castle later finds Devon at Pier 6 after his conversation with Flores. Devon didn't want to talk to him but the vigilante didn't back down and informs him that he had talked with his social worker. When Devon was going to lash out at him, Castle informed him about his parents being killed by the Kitchen Irish, making the latter pause in his words. Castle informs him that his own family was their victims as well, making it the reason why he became a vigilante and avenge them and he now understands his pain. Devon was left speechless when Castle told him about his past and he felt his own emotions finally coming out as he tells him how much his parents meant to him and how traumatized and heartbroken he was when he saw them get murdered in his own home and he soon breaks down into tears as he came to terms of his loss. Castle embraces Devon and takes him back to the base, informing him that he was staying with him permanently. But as the two went home, the men of the Kitchen Irish noticed Devon and they make their leave, knowing that Devon was Jack's son.

Grotto's Last Stand

Quote1You really think you and Sasuke Sarutobi here will stop me, Red? I'd like to see you try!Quote2
--Punisher to Daredevil and Ronin

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Abducted & Revenge

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Powers & Abilities


Super-Soldier Phsyiology:

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  • Superhuman Speed:
  • Superhuman Reflexes/Agility:
  • Enhanced Stamina:
  • Advanced Longevity:
  • Enhanced Metabolism:


  • Master Combatant:
  • Master Marksman:
  • Weapons Expert:

Strength level



None known.



  • High Radio Frequency Police Scanners:
  • Bulletproof Vests:


  • Harley Davidson Road King


  • Military-style firearms
  • Grenades/Bombs
  • Knives/Brass Knuckles


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