"STEIN is the strongest their is!!!!!!" Frank Van Stein upon beating the Skrull Hulk

Frank Van Stein is a gamma radiation superhero who is a member of the South Avengers/Rangers.



He is made up of four scientists (with unknown pasts), who were working with Bruce Banner on the gamma bomb. Their role was to monitor the bomb from a protective bunker near the explosion site. When the explosion occurred, it ripped apart the poorly built bunker and killed the scientists, including lead researcher Frank Van Stein.

Sometime later, the radiation caused the remains of all the scientists to fuse together. They formed Frank Van Stein, as that was the only name they remembered from their past life. He fled into the desert, hiding before being discovered by a freak show.

Aiding the Hellriders

Frank aided the Hellriders against the army of damned lead by Lady Death, he defeated a number of damned undead warriors, and even resisted Lady Death's spells. He helped them defeat the rulers of the Six layers of hell, smashing and thrashing the rulers and even punched Masthead of Dias into space.

Frank joined the Hellriders, now known as the Rangers or south Avengers. He serves the team as the heavy lifter and heavy fighter. He helped Maria with repairing the "Damned" by lifting heavy materials, he also clears tunnels and repairs bridges.


The individual personality of the four scientist were unknown before the incident, but following the incident they gained increased aggression due to brain degradation, only can be calmed down by Maria or Banzi, he likes smashing bad guys, and destroying enemy structures. He hates boring lectures, and people not being funny. He only remembers the name Frank Van stein as he was the lead researcher for the team. When charging into battle he yells Stein.

He is tough as nails, though too much electric current can stun him. Frank can overpower anyone, even the Hulk and Thor. He sent Power Man through Stark and the Avengers Tower, with one punch. He even saved the Helicarrier during the Skrull invasion by preventing it from crashing into the Daily Bugle.

He also killed the Skrull hulk, by sending him into space. He ripped Skrull Thor apart with ease.


Frank wears long trousers, with metal clamps/pads on his knees he has reinforced stitches on his wounds, and odd metal studs on his shoulders. He has four screws in his head, and triangle plate on his forehead. His skin is green, expect one piece of his left arm with is bluish green.

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