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Real Name
Francis David Castle, Sr.
Current Alias

Frank Castle, The Greatest Soldier, The Last Defender, Anti-Hero, True Hero, Skull Man, The Martyr, Good Killer, Joseph D. Carson, Antony Delfini, Frank Rook, Charles Fort, Francias Stronghold, Johnny Tower, The Big Bad Punisher, Big Bag Nothing, Mr. Smith, James Maxwell, Frank Tower



Defenders, C.I.A. (formerly), U.S. Military (formerly): United States Marine Corps (formerly)

Kathryn O'Brien (second wife; formerly separated), Benjamin Castle (son; deceased), Sarah Castle (daughter; deceased), Maria Elizabeth Castle (first wife; deceased), Michael Castle (brother; deceased), Lisa Barbara Castle (daughter; deceased), Frank Castle, Jr. (son; deceased)


Base Of Operations





Unusual Features
Burn scars on the half of his face and body


Marital Status

Vigilante, Formerly U.S. Marine officer

Human; A 4-year Vietnam War veteran, Frank Castle became a vigilante after seeing his wife and children gunned down for accidentally observing a Mafia "hit". Since then he has devoted his life to the task of destroying organized crime wherever he finds it; Human empowered by Franklin and Valeria Richards' modified Super-Soldier serum

Place of Birth

First appearance
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Modern Comics:
Dark Age Vol 1 1

Modern Comics:
Dark Age's The Punisher
Vol 1 1

(first full appearance)
Modern Comics:
Dark Age Vol 1 8


Quote1 You all might know him as the Punisher or even The Heartless Killer... But to me, he will always be my loving husband and the "Greatest Soldier I've Ever Known," Frank Castle, gave his life to save and protect innocent lives in his own ways... Frank still died a hero, no matter what people say... Quote2
-- Kathryn O'Brien

Ultron Revolution

Before the years of Ultron Revolution, The Punisher seemed to have the same history with his Earth-61615 counterpart, until Ultron started an all-out war against humanity and those who dares to oppose him and his ideologies.

Days before the long-time war against Ultron ends, Frank took part in infiltrating the inside core of Ultron's Sanctuary through leading an entire platoon of elite soldiers, which sadly, were mostly killed in the chaotic war-zone, seemingly including his long-time partner and friend, Microchip. After the modest sacrifice of those who were willing to gave up their lives so that the others can successfully finish the mission, Frank was one of the others who miraculously made it towards the very end.

New Life, New Chapter

Despite losing his family from the very beginning, which turned Frank into the Punisher in the first place, not everything in Frank's life seemed to end up darker from time to time. In fact, life seems to slowly turn a lot brighter for Frank as he met former C.I.A. agent Kathryn O'Brien during the days of Ultron Revolution (when every surviving individual lives in an underground megacity, located at several cities across different parts around the world in order to avoid Ultron's supervision). Surprisingly, Kathryn was the only woman whom he can relate his past life with, and was also the only one responsible for helping Frank move on from his tragic past.

Eventually, the two would get romantically involved, developing an intimate relationship with each other. Then later, Kathryn became pregnant, much to her shock and disappointment to have children during the days of an "reoccurring crisis." Despite this being a problem to Kathryn, this was somehow, a good news to Frank. Later, Kathryn had conceived two children, causing for Frank to let her stay inside the underground city, and take care of their new children, which they had decided to name, Ben and Sarah. Days after the Revolution has ended, the two decided to finally commit their love for one another, and finally, they got married. This marks a new start in Frank Castle's life, which slowly ended Castle's career as the Punisher, for good, as life seem to be pacing up due to the establishment of peace all around the world.

A Tragedy Repeated

For a few years, Frank finally became happy and was contented for the first time in his life, of what his life had become. Castle took his new lovely family to a celebratory concert located at the re-established Central Park, and just that, everything seemed so perfect for a moment, until that day, Frank's life most likely just repeated, since the same traumatic events that permanently scarred his whole entire life happened to him, once again.

Coincidentally, the family and several thousands of people who were at the event became the victims of the series of tragic bombings caused by an anonymous terrorist organization. His son and daughter along with several people, were mostly killed, while Kathryn and some people were presumed to have died during the great fire, which unfortunately had occurred right after the events of the bombing. Castle miraculously survived after getting severely burned several third-degree burns, trying to find his family. Although he fell unconscious during the fire, he came back to life a few seconds later after being rescued, without any medical aid.

After the tragic incident during the bombings at Central Park, many unfortunate incidents have also followed the following night confirming the deaths of several heroes and villains across New York, both who were active and retired after the Ultron Revolution. Those included the apparent assassinations of several heroes and villains, numerously Iron Fist and other members of Heroes for Hire, Cyclops and several other mutants, Magneto inside his kingdom in Genosha, Hawkeye, Daredevil inside his apartment, and numerous more mutants and heroic individuals who previously fought during the Ultron Revolution.

Frank was still, one of those individuals who survived the following assassination attempts, though at the cost of his sanity and happiness, after just losing his second family in the process. After months of trying to get Frank to therapy by the requests of his old friends and allies, Frank suddenly disappeared from the face of society, with many questioning about his whereabouts. It was only then revealed, that Frank has returned to being the big bad Punisher, vowing once again to never let anyone else die at his sight by punishing those who had kept on terrorizing on the innocent. Frank also started a search and investigation on the people who were responsible for the following incidents.

Luckily, Frank returning back as the Punisher made him another wanted vigilante, and a dangerous fugitive during the days of Edward Stark's revelation to establish a new world order system under his governmental organization. As a result, Frank had no other choice but to join the heroes' Resistance, the only same-side alliance he could trust. Throughout the years of H.A.M.M.E.R.'s ruling all over the world, Frank and the rest of the Resistance had to live as outlaws as they find a way to take it down, one day.

Back With A Vengeance

Returning to being the Punisher, Frank's methods became too much extreme compared to what he was back then. His sense of morality has turned to the a lot more extreme than before, differing greatly from what most would consider acceptable ideals of good and bad. This would also make Frank a little more apathetic and indifferent when it comes to eliminating his targets. Frank would also do several things he couldn't have done before, just to get the information that he needed such as threatening to shoot down the family or relatives of his target even though he doesn't have the guts to do it so. Since he changed a lot more recently, Frank's trust on the police, government agencies, and organizations has decreased even before H.A.M.M.E.R. began to rule the world, believing that all organizations aside from the Resistance, are another threat to society.

At one point, Frank decided to continue his search in secret on the people who were responsible for the bombings at Central Park and many more related incidents with the help of his fellow ally and friend Arno Stark, which finally led him to a very specific place he once had found very familiar with all the several complex computer system inside the place, revealing to be a warehouse that belonged to one of his oldest allies and his former partner in crime, Microchip.

Confused, Microchip finally revealed himself through the complex computer system, taunted Frank and finally revealed that he was actually the one responsible for the incidents that led to his family's and several heroes' deaths. Frank furiously and tearfully shouted, asking why would he do such a thing. Microchip responded that all he ever wanted to do after Frank "abandoned" him and "scarred" him for life during the last days of Ultron Revolution, Microchip wanted to make his life miserable.

In response, Frank vowed for vengeance and promised to make Microchip's life just as, if not, more painful than what he did to his new life. As a last response, Microchip implied that Frank can't and will never stop him, because no one has ever stop them, before activating a code, which triggered a self-destruct mode inside the warehouse in an attempt to take Frank's life. Thankfully, Frank manages to escape the warehouse, seconds before the explosion.

After the incident, Frank requested Arno to track down the coordinates where Microchip's came from. though as a result, it gave them a few locations across America, all were revealed to be the secret headquarters of a criminal empire under the authority of H.A.M.M.E.R., naming themselves the Syndicate.

The Ultimate Killing Spree

After finally knowing that Microchip revealed himself to be the man responsible behind the murder of his second family and the assassination of several members of the Defenders such as the Daredevil, Frank vowed to interrogate and eliminate every criminal: every individual and every group in New York who were involved and are working with and/or for Microchip and find out where he might be hiding.

He eliminated all the several crime lords, drug dealers, and many more notorious criminals in the Syndicate whom Microchip had worked with before, a group later known as the Syndicate, and the members included some of Frank's most notorious and most recognizable foes, including Hammerhead, Barracuda, Barracuda's Mysterious Successor, Finn Cooley, Man of Stone, Assassin, and even almost killed Kingpin after falsely accusing him to be involved in the massacring of Frank's second family.

After his killing spree, Frank surprisingly manages to lower the crime rate in New York and prevent more crimes from ever happening. Because of this, Frank discovers the information that Microchip was actually working for Edward Stark and his organization, H.A.M.M.E.R..

Infiltrating H.A.M.M.E.R.

Frank, alongside the New Avengers and their fellow teammates from the Resistance, have planned to infiltrate the main headquarters of H.A.M.M.E.R. as a part of their mission to sabotage the Empire, finally end Edward Stark's tyranny on the world, and Frank finally getting his revenge for his family's death. Before the days of the infiltration, Frank had himself be injected by a newly-modified version of the Super-Soldier Serum, which were developed by Franklin and Valeria Richards.

The Big Revelation

During the infiltration at the Triskelion, the main headquarters of the H.A.M.M.E.R.'s Empire, Castle saw a glimpse and later, he finally encountered Microchip for the very first time, since he last saw him in Ultron's Sanctuary, to confront the very man responsible for losing his second family. Frank tries to shoot Microchip on sight, though the second he got interrupted by a H.A.M.M.E.R. operative (which unfortunately injured him before Frank manages to kill it), he vanished, escaping the area. Unknown to Microchip, Frank manages to put a magnetic microchip on Microchip's watch seconds before his escape in order to track Microchip's next location.

Later on, Castle and and the rest of the Resistance discovered a large mega-prison inside a secret facility imprisoning several innocent civilians and combatants who tried to protest and fight against the Empire's tyrannical reign.

Frank then helped the release of thousands of prisoners in order to get them into the safe-zone. During the escape of the prisoners, one moment had restored Frank's faith and hope in life, and that is finding out that one of the surviving prisoners, was in fact his wife, Kathryn, who was presumed to have been long gone. After years of a life full of loss, pain, and agony, Frank finally witnessed a miracle for the first time in his life. After returning to the safe-zones, Frank and Kathryn finally reunited and reconciled once again for the first time in years.

Although the two were joyous to be reunited once again after several weeks, Frank started feeling ill and sick. After getting several medical check-ups and treatments, it was revealed that Frank's system is slowing down and is starting to fall after he was unexpectedly shot by a lethal dose of H.A.M.M.E.R.'s poisonous serum during the infiltration at the Triskelion, and unknown to them, this serum is so lethal not any form or dosage of antidote can cure his worsening condition. Believing that there's no other way to save his life, Frank wrote his goodbyes to everybody, especially to his wife Kathryn, before deciding to aim and finish his one final goal as the Punisher, one last time. The Resistance and Kathryn tried to get in contact with Frank and pleaded to stop what he was doing, but it was already too late, Frank already left, and no one or nothing else can stop him now.

The Last Punishment

After hours of one final search for Microchip (David), Frank (now wearing his armored suit) finally tracked him down inside another warehouse located at the Docks of New Jersey, thanks to the tracker he managed to throw on his watch. Before he could even reach Microchip's specific location, Frank dealt with several countless armed men who were guarding the place, in which all of them were brutally shot by Frank on sight. After reaching David's secret room, Frank tries to shoot David on sight, only to reveal his figure as a hologram. Frank was still confused, since this was where the tracker had taken him. In response, David said that the tracker wasn't wrong and he was indeed inside that very building, and taunted Frank that he just have to find where he exactly was at the time.

Frank tried to find David inside the entire warehouse, only to find nothing but several holograms of David. Tired of Microchip's tricks, he tried to lure David by successfully hacking into his mainframe to ultimately activate all the codes of self-destructing every location of H.A.M.M.E.R.'s headquarters and bases across the entire globe. Just as before Frank could activate the explosive codes, he was knocked down by an armor-wearing Microchip, revealing how much he had prepared to end Frank just as well.

The two engaged in an intense battle, which seem to have lasted as David gained the upper hand on Frank after destroying his suit, continuously beating him to a pulp. That is, right until Frank managed to disable all the tech inside the armored suit David was wearing, making for David very difficult to move as he tries to subdue him in combat. Now having the advantage, Frank repeatedly shot David's suit with a minigun (while he was still wearing it) until it ran out of bullet, savagely destroying the suit in the process. As a result, David was mortally wounded from getting shot. Frank brutally tore David from his shattered suit and repeatedly beats him until his fists bled from punching David.

As a last resort of trying to escape the building, David smashes his head at Frank's head, and struggled to crawl his way out of the room. Although tired and injured as well, Frank still got up and even got the chance to pick up a loaded shotgun. He approaches David, and says his last words to him calmly, as his old partner and friend. Micro responded just as calmly, although he tried to plead Frank, attempting to humanize him once again. At first Frank thought David was serious, until David struggles to get the shotgun from him. As he tried to steal the shotgun from Frank, David's last words were to tell Frank to go to hell, only to be met with a point-blank shotgun round to the head, killing Microchip instantly.

Sacrifice and Death

Frank falls down beside his fallen friend and enemy, and says a sentence on one of the bedtime stories Frank's children used to love, "One Batch, Two Batch, Penny & Dime." Then, he went silent and thought about his past life, making him break down in tears. Realizing he was nearly-finished on completing his final mission, he finally got back up and proceeded to activate the self-destruction codes of every H.A.M.M.E.R. facility across the world, before he immediately escaped the warehouse as the sole survivor of his final battle with Microchip. After getting at early dawn, he easily rode one of the vehicles outside the building and drove back to New York, into the last place where he would ever want to be and that was in Central Park, the place where it all began.

Arriving at the place, that park was all empty, but as for Frank it wasn't since it was a place filled with many sweet and wonderful memories just as he remembered, right before tragedy struck his life. Frank took time to himself to sit alone in Central Park in front of the carousel where his family were massacred, watching the visions of his family enjoy together, one last time. Coincidentally, all of the bases and headquarters of Edwards Stark's H.A.M.M.E.R. then finally had self-destructed as every single building affiliated with the Empire across New York and the rest of the world, blows apart and collapses in the background.

Contented by what he had achieved, Frank continued to walk around the empty amusement park and as he starts to feel becoming weaker due to his worsening condition and several injuries, he finally falls down into the grassy fields of the park, remembering the same spot where he and his family used to have their picnic together as a family. As Frank lies down, he draws his one final breath, and sighed as he dies silently & peacefully.

Funeral and Legacy

After the facility exploded, Frank's petrified body was left in its ruins, where it was later located by mysterious travelers who have been hiding and living in the areas of the park during the days when the Empire's New World Order had ruled the world for the past few years. The travelers took Frank's lifeless body and luckily, a few of them were secretly members of the Resistance and made sure Frank's body would be safely delivered into their main headquarters. After seeing Frank's lifeless body, the team, especially Kathryn, felt extremely heartbroken after losing one of their oldest friend and teammate, who sacrificed his life so they can finally finish off the Empire, once and for all.

During the next day, Frank was then buried at the Heroes' Memorial Graveyard, where every hero or redeemed villain who became heroes and sacrificed themselves during Ultron Revolution and the fall the Edward Stark's Empire. There, his passing was grieved and mourned by thousands of sympathizers, aside the Resistance. In honor of his memory, his recent wife Kathryn wrote a speech for his husband, stating that no matter what people would remember him as, she will always remember Frank as a hero, and as the very man she will always love. Due to Frank's sacrifice, the Resistance owed his legacy a gratitude and decided to fully fulfill his wishes by finishing the mission, where they successfully took down Edward Stark and his Empire, once and for all.

Later on after the days of the Empire's fall, Frank's wife Kathryn, who was still grieving upon losing his husband, decided to take up his mantle in honor of his memory. After reading Frank's recent War Journals and his final letters to her, starting from there on and forward, Kathryn became the new vigilante in town, going by the name of "Lady Punisher," where she tracked down and finished off every surviving criminal across the entire world, whose power had reigned during the days of the Empire.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly more powerful than those to Frank Castle of Earth-61615


Seemingly more powerful than those to Frank Castle of Earth-61615.

Strength level

Class 10


Seemingly those to Frank Castle of Earth-61615.



Transportation: None known.
Weapons: Seemingly those to Frank Castle of Earth-61615.


  • The Punisher has highest kill count in all of Earth-61616, with the number of approximately 122,000 people before his death; even higher than his Earth-616 or his Earth-61615 counterpart's kills.


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