Quote1Downtown office thinks we got a new player in Hell's Kitchen."
"What do they want?"
"D.A.'s office says the shooter's independent.
--Brett Mahoney and Matt Murdock

Quote1And all of these people were were killed by the same man?"
"He's tracking gangs to their home turf and taking them out with military precision. But it doesn't stop there."
"What do you mean, "doesn't stop"?"
"His targets aren't random, Mr. Grote. He knows exactly who he wants to hit.
--Karen Page, Blake Tower, Grotto and Samantha Reyes

Quote1It's an ongoing investigation. But our intelligence people are close to completing a profile."
"A profile?"
"Even got a code name."
"Like what? "Killdeer," or "Dumbass With A Gun"?"
"Not quite. They're calling this one... "the Punisher."
--Blake Tower and Foggy Nelson

Quote1You think, uh you think he's crazy?"
"Uh, the Punisher? No. I think he was inevitable."
"Inevitable? How so?"
"Maybe... maybe we created him. All of us. The moment that we let Daredevil, or the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, or whatever it is-"
"There's... there's no connection."
"Well, actually, I think it's a pretty straight line, Matt. Daredevil practiced vigilante justice in our backyard and we applauded him for it. I know that I did. And we never stopped to think that maybe... his actions could open the door for men like this. Men men with guns. Men who think that the law belongs to them.
--Matt Murdock and Karen Page

Quote1How much longer before innocent people start getting caught in his cross-fire?Quote2
--Matt Murdock to Melvin Potter

Quote1I need to take care of the scum that killed my family.Quote2
--Punisher to Daredevil

Quote1You know, you're one bad day away from being me.Quote2
--Punisher to Daredevil

Quote1Look around, Red. This city, it stinks. It's a sewer. It stinks and it smells like shit and I can't get the stink out of my nose. I think that this world, it needs man who are willing to make the hard call. I think you and me are the same!"
"That's bullshit, Frank, and you know it!"
"Only I do the one thing you can't. You hit'em and they get back up. I hit'ed and they stay down!
--Daredevil and Punisher

Quote1Why are you doing this?!"
"Because I think you're a half-measure. I think you're a man who can't finish the job. I think that you're a coward.
--Daredevil and Punisher

Quote1One batch. Two batch. Penny and Dime.Quote2

Quote1Sometimes I think you just might really be the devil."
"Sometimes I think I might be, too.
--Punisher and Daredevil

Quote1It's, uh... One batch, two batch. Penny and Dime, you know. it was her favorite book. You know, you... You gotta cross the ocean... and go fight. You see... whole time you're thinking you're gonna be scared, right? But then, you're not. See, that part of it was always easy for me. Killing. Even watching my buddies die, it just... it didn't mean nothing. The first time I got scared... was on a plane on the way home. I kept thinking God was gonna pull the rug out from under us, you know? Shit, that's his kind of funny, you know. But the plane landed safe and we were home. Driving through traffic. Yeah, you pass fast food and donut shops and all that... that greasy shit. It's the shit you fought to protect and then the car stops. We were outside her school. I get to her classroom, right? She's in there... but she's got no idea. She's got no idea that Daddy's home. I walk in, these kids, they're not even studying , they're... doing some kind of yoga. Yeah. You know? She's there. She's doing her poses, you know. She's bending and, you know, she's moving. She looks like a flower. Yeah. And, you know, you can't even understand it, you know, how does something like that have... How does something that beautiful... How does that... does that come from me, you know? And she looks up and sees me. I see her. By God, That's real. That's real, Red. Boom. In an instant, she's across that classroom floor, she's in my arms. She's squeezing me so tight I swear I was gonna bust a rib, you know? We just stayed there like that, we're holding each other. Teacher, she's filming the whole thing on her phone, you know, she's gonna put it on YouTube or some shit. She can't hold the thing steady, because, you know, she's... she's bawling so hard, and the kids are all wailing, you know, they're all screaming. And me? Shit, I'm the worst of all. I'm a... I'm a rubber-face clown, you know. I cried so hard. But not my baby. Not my girl. You know, she's my girl. She's... She's not crying, she's holding me up. My girl she's keeping me on my feet. She says, "I knew it, Daddy, I knew it." And then we go home. Wife, the boy. Place is the exact same. It's like it was just holding its breath waiting for me to get back, you know? Then it hit me. All of it, you know. The first time I felt how tired I was, you know, I was just... tired, you know? You... You ever been tired, Red?"
"So, you know. It's just I couldn't do nothing, you know? All the things... I couldn't take my wife to bed. Ball with the boy. Shit... I was too tired, I couldn't even drink a goddamn beer, you know. But not her. My girl was up. See, she wanted me to, uh... she wanted me to tuck her in. She... She outgrew it, she knew it, but she didn't care. She wanted it. She had that book. Her favorite book was out on the pillows. One batch, two batch. Penny and Dime. Yeah. I read her that book every night before this shit. I read it every single night, but, see, that was over now because Daddy's home now. She looked at me and she begged me, Red. She begged. She begged. I said, "No. Daddy's too tired, see. But I'll... I'll read to you tomorrow night. I'll read to you tomorrow night. I promise." Yeah. Never think that... for her, there was never going to be any tomorrow, see. The last time I'd see her, I'd be holding her lifeless body in my arms. Meat was spilling out of her, Red. The place that her face used to be. Yeah. I think I'm done... Red. I think I'm done.
--Punisher and Daredevil
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