Fin Fang Foom is an ancient deity who rests deep beneath the Earth's surface, beneath the ocean floor. He comes from outer space, and arrived on Earth several millennia ago. The Illuminati, an ancient cult that worships Foom and secretly controls all media, believe that Foom will cause Judgement Day. The Illuminati seek to awaken Foom and bring about the end of the world, so that they may ascend up into Heaven by serving Foom, whom they believe to be the one true God. Foom once attacked ancient Egypt, but was stopped by a travelling sorcerer, who had created a special ring with the power to control Foom. Using the ring to control Foom's mind, the sorcerer forced the deity into an eternal sleep underground. The ring was forever sealed away in a special Egyptian temple so that it would never fall into the wrong hands. Recently, the Illuminati discovered the location of the Ring, and their leader, Gregory Stark, used it to awaken Foom. However, the ring is of no avail to him as Tony Stark, Scott Lang, Stephen Strange, the Future Foundation, and Victor VonDoom worked together to forever trap Foom away in the Negative Zone for Annihilus to deal with.

Powers & Abilities

  • Giant Size - Foom is a gigantic-sized being from before the Earth's creation.
  • Underwater Breathing - Since he has been resting under the ocean for a thousand years, Foom has gills that allow him to breathe both water and air.
  • Super Strength - Because of his huge size, Foom has incredible strength.
  • Hellfire - Foom has the ability to generate and control demonic hellfire.
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