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The Father of Mutants

Real Name
The "One"
Current Alias
The Father of Mutants

*The Father of Mutants
  • The Alpha and Omega of Mutants


the Father of Mutants


Base Of Operations




, Blazing fire

White, (pure)

Unusual Features
*Appears as a orb of Bright Light
  • Eyes are like red blazing fire
  • appears as a Giant to some and a White orb of bright white light or energy to others.
  • his true appearance has never been revealed.

Mutants Family of mutants

the Father of Mutantkind


Place of Birth

First appearance



The Supreme Mutant, or simply referred to as, the Father of all Mutants was a extraordinary and highly powerful mutant that was said by some; to be the highest and most powerful mutant that has ever existed. He is been called many things among which are: The "One", the Father of mutants, the "Great One", etc. The mutant family and it's fellow mutants were governed by this highly exceptional and very powerful Mutant,s said to be, "the "'Father"' of all Mutants." He was believed to be the most powerful mutant that has ever existed. The extent of his powers have never been documented let alone witnessed. This is why so many believe that he's unlimited in his mutant abilities/powers and is considered to be the "Father" of all mutants.

The history of the supreme mutant is unknown and nor is there any information that proves his existence except for the one that is so well known by all in the mutant family. It's this one myth like story that proves the existence of the Father of Mutants....

"Many years ago, the war which began between the mutants and those who were not, led to the emergence of a mutant of exceptionally and highly powerful abilities to the extent that he was called the "Supreme Mutant" or later known as the "Father of Mutants." This mutant was so extraordinarily powerful and exceptionally gifted that, he was considered beyond all other mutants to be the highest and most powerful of all omega class mutants."

This is the only possible story that proves this incredibly powerful being existed. His exceptionally powerful mutant abilities have never been witnessed and is not therefore believed to be anything other than a myth. However, it was not until after the subsequent death and the ending of the mutant war that this particularly powerful mutant made his debut.

Shortly after the X-Men fought and defeated the infamous mutant Magneto, a new peace between non-mutants and mutants alike was established. The subsequent death of professor Charles Xavier, was a heavy blow to the school he founded and the X-Men who he trained. It was afterwards that a new mutant was discovered and later introduced to the X-Men as the "Supreme Mutant."

The University of Mutants

The school which Charles Xavier built and founded and used as a school for training young inexperienced mutants also became the new catalyst or template for a brand new school for mutants to continue their studies. The new school was called "Mutants University," or simply the "University of Mutants."

The University was founded by a powerful mutant that was later revealed as the Supreme Mutant or the "Father" of Mutants. He started the university as a replacement school that would continue the studies and training for students of the "Charles Xavier's institute for the exceptionally gifted." The university that the supreme mutant founded and chaired as it's president/Dean was exceptionally well noted for its location and it's grounds and the building itself which was situated in the center of a nexus of mutant power.

The school itself was situated on a plot of land that was magnificently geared towards the outward appearance of life itself. It was so pretty and was over 9 thousand miles in diameter and over 88 hundred miles in circumference. It was surrounded by all kinds of trees and flowers and fields which dotted its massive landscape. The enormous ingenuity of its design was however exhibited in the structure where the mutants went to further their learning of and about their abilities/powers.

The university for mutants was enormous and housed marvelous statutes and columns of ancient origins and was made entirely to look like a castle. The castle of mutants or the university which housed it was magnificently constructed and designed with beauty in mind and was meant to strike peace and serenity to all who gazed at its appearance. The school was over hundred of thousands of miles in both width and height and was incredibly packed with newest and most highly advanced equipment for the training of its students.

The school was also a fortress and and powerful symbol that represented its origins and purpose as well. The architecture and it's massive constructive appearance were considered to be nearly almost impenetrable. What's not ever been revealed except to a very select few is, the school is in fact impenetrable due to large amounts of psychic energy protecting it.

Powers and Abilities


The powers of this mutant have never been explained nor revealed as he is never been seen by any within the family of mutants. Whether or not his powers or the extent of which are limited or not has never been revealed. What is clear however—in regards to this mutant—is that, he is without a doubt—the leader of and most certainly, a supremely exceptional and very powerful mutant.

The Father of the mutants is said to be unlimited in the powers and abilities he possesses. His extraordinary powers and his exceptionally gifted abilities are unmatched and never have they been shown to as what their extent is and if there is a limit to what they can do. However, he is said to be the highest and most powerfully gifted Omega Mutant that has ever lived and has ever been known to exist as well. Whether he is truly what he is said by so many within the community and family of mutants is still debatable.

His known powers, however, are:

  • Telepathy–the ability to read another individual's mind and or thoughts.
    • Thought Projection–the ability to project a false image into another individual's mind.
    • Thought manipulation–the ability to mentally control another beings actions by thought alone. Also called or rather referred to as Mind Control.
  • Telekinesis–the ability to mentally move objects with thought alone.
  • Astral projection–the ability to project oneself out of their bodies and appear somewhere else and back. Also retaining the knowledge one sees while outside their body or bodies.
  • Empathy–the ability to read or rather pick up on, a individual(s) emotional state.
  • Immortality–the inability to die and the ability to live on forever.
  • Power deflection—the ability to deflect another mutants powers, or rather their abilities as well.
  • Cloning—the ability to make innumerable copies of oneself.
  • Mind Sight—this is a exceptionally rare ability in that, it allows the mutant with the power or the gift of which, they can literally see another individual or rather, a group of people with the power of their mind(s) and or thought(s) alone. It is a very rare and highly favored power among many within the family/community of mutants.


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Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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