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Official Name
Fantastic Four
Team Aliases
The FF, Super Freaks, World's Greatest Heroes, Beatles of Superheroes


Team Identity



Base Of Operations
Baxter Building, New York City

Team Leader(s)

Doctor Doom, Mole Man, Skrulls, Super Skrull, Galactus


First appearance

Astonishing Fantastic Four #1



In 2012, scientists and couple Reed Richards and Sue Storm were and their partner Victor Von Doome assigned by the United States army to replicate Abraham Erskine's Super Soldier formula, Richards came up with the idea that dark matter and extra-dimensional energies can be the key to unlocking the secrets to the Super Soldier Serum, the army granted Richards and Storm the funds to build a state of the art ship to look for wormholes near the moon's atmosphere, Richards called in his childhood friend and state of the art engineer Ben Grimm while Sue called her younger brother Johnny to help build the ship. After it was built, the five went to investigate the wormhole but were sucked inside of it being basked in the dark matter and extra-dimensional energies.

The four crash landed back to Earth in the desert of New Mexico, although Victor was nowhere to be found, Reed was elongated and stretched out across the ground, Sue was nowhere to be seen until she reappeared out of thin air, Johnny was unconscious and on fire, and Ben covered in rock, they were later discovered by the U.S. Army and taken to a military base. The four awoke and discovered their powers and were later told that they had been gone a year and their project in recreating the Super Soldier Serum was put on ice.

The army then made Reed and the others stay at the military base where they can run tests on their newfound powers, in the meantime Reed created suits for the four that could contain their powers while also discovering the dark matter and extra-dimensional energies they were bathed in had granted them their powers. Ben still feeling angry and very much like a monster, Reed promised him he'd find a cure.

In the months of Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben testing the limits and learning how to control their powers; an ex-Military supervisor code named Mole Man had created an army called the Mole Men and began his attempt in taking over Manhattan with his new army. Seeing as the military had attempted to fight off his army and failed, the four volunteered to use their powers to fight off the Mole Men. In their very public battle and almost wiping Manhattan off the map, they succeeded in defeating Mole Man and his army. A few weeks after their battle the Daily Bugle and other news outlets dubbed them as the Fantastic Four.

Doctor Doom

A year had passed since the Mole Man Invasion and more superheroes and the Fantastic Four established themselves as a full-fledged superhero group and moved into the Baxter Building, Reed would later go on to create H.E.R.B.I.E a robot that would help the four in the Baxter Building. The Fantastic Four would go on to become celebrities and were considered the "Beatles of Superheroes". The Fantastic Four would go on to go on many missions, many on Earth and many in space.

One day, an army of drones were sent to attack the Four, the Human Torch would scorch them all with his super nova blast. Later on Reed would examine one of the destroyed drones and recognize that the markings, materials and design was from Victor Von Doome, which would lead Reed to question if Victor survived the wormhole accident. Reed would later hack into the drone and find out that it came from Latveria, the Fantastic Four would then take Reed and Johnny's newly designed Fantasti-Car and fly over to Latveria to see if Victor was indeed alive.

The Fantastic Four arrive in Latveria at Victor's ancestral castle. They discovered Victor sitting on his throne although he looked different; his skin was covered in metal signifying that the wormhole accident. Reed and Sue were relieved to see he was alive, Victor explained that he only just came back to Earth and his metallic skin saved him from burning up on re-entry to Earth's atmosphere. Ben then asks why he tried to kill them to which Victor replies with "I've always hated you Reed, and now with the power I have I can kill you. Oh, and my name is DOOM!" he then emits a mass of electrical energy and hurls it toward Reed, it hits him and knocks him out cold. Ben immediately begins attacking Doom, Ben is shocked by Doom's advanced strength and notices that his metallic skin has increased his strength, Sue attends to Reed and orders Johnny to go and help Ben.

Johnny goes to find Ben and Doom fighting outside, seeing Johnny as the wildcard, Doom immediately destroys a fire hydrants and blasts it toward Johnny infused with his electricity. It cools Johnny's fire out while electrocuting him causing Johnny to also go unconscious. Sue manages to wake Reed up and the two go outside to help Ben and Johnny only to see that Johnny's also unconscious, Sue then also attends to Johnny while Reed attacks Doom, Reed dodges an incoming attack from Doom and wraps himself around him restraining him. Ben uses this as an opportunity and punches Doom square in the face and sends him miles. Johnny then wakes up and tells the team he can't flame on due to his still being wet.

Doom comes back and is ready to kill the Fantastic Four, Sue tired of all the fighting creates an air bubble around his head and knocks him unconscious. The Fantastic Four bring Doom back to the Baxter Building and imprison him there, Reed feels guilty over what happened to him and decides to find a cure for Victor and Ben.


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Transportation: Fantasti-Car
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